This Faceless YouTube Channel Strategy is INSANE ($30,000/month)

I'm almost certain that I found a faceless YouTube channel yesterday that's making five figures every single month and it's doing it using a method that's never even crossed my mind and in this video we're gonna break everything down and show you exactly what they're doing now to start I want to talk a little bit about how I actually discovered this YouTube channel because I don't think I would have ever ever figured out that this channel even existed if this hadn't happened three days ago I was playing pickleball which I talk about a lot on this channel and I really hurt my back and when I say really I mean really I was laying on the bed so so miserable just staring at my phone wondering if it would ever stop and suddenly I saw this ad yes I can now confirm Mark is always listening now being in the pain that I was I was still willing to click the ad so I clicked the ad and it took me to this landing page right here after spending a little bit of time exploring this let's be honest fairly Shady looking landing page I decided there's no way I would purchase this product without at least getting a look at some reviews first so I headed to my trusty friend Google to figure out what other people were saying about this product and that's where things got really interesting as does basically everyone in the world I clicked on the first video to see what exactly I was getting into and I watched a few seconds of this video right here so pay close attention and watch this video Until the End because I'm going to tell you the whole truth about hyperbolic stretching now I'm someone that does a lot of affiliate marketing a big portion of this channel is dedicated to affiliate marketing and I've been in the business for a long time and can say that I've seen pretty much everything but this really got me curious wondering what exactly was going on here now this is the channel it took me to which was really weird you can see none of these videos seem to have anything to do with the main video that I was just looking at in fact everything that I'm seeing right here is seems like this channel is made exclusively for kids or maybe some adults with some slightly different interests than the rest of us but nothing on their main Channel page gave me the indication that they would be promoting products like the one that I had just run across about hyperbolic stretching so I decided to click deeper and look at their actual most recent videos now you can see here once I click into the most recent videos this looks like an entirely different YouTube channel this doesn't look at all like the channel that we were just on and if we look at the time stamps here we've got a video 14 minutes ago 29 minutes ago 39 minutes ago 44 minutes ago this channel is putting out videos every 5 to 10 minutes and I'm going to scroll about 10 different times and you can see here they've been doing this for a while we've got one day ago one day ago one day ago they're all one day ago this channel is pumping out literally dozens if not hundreds of videos every single day but even stranger still if you start to look through all these videos they're putting out you can see every once in a while they're still putting out these same videos that we saw on their main Channel page right here you can see it's a video for kids now this really got me confused I thought maybe originally that someone had actually purchased the channel when I was putting out all those kids videos and they thought hey I can just take all of this clout that this channel might have and use it to promote affiliate products or something like that but that's clearly not the case because they're putting out the original videos while simultaneously still continuing to put out these promotional videos for different affiliate products so you can see right here we scroll back up the channel is called Galena baby I think I'm pronouncing it right who knows can't guarantee that but I do know that Galina means chicken in Spanish and baby means baby in English and so I assume the name of this channel is chicken baby and in this video we're going to explore exactly how they're coming up with their videos how they're pumping out so many videos every single day exactly how they're monetizing these videos and then we're going to show you a few different little tips and tricks that I figured out while watching them before we start we're gonna need two disclaimers the first one I am definitely most definitely not endorsing anything that I'm showing you that this channel is doing I'm fairly certain that there's some things here that's going to get them banned at some point and the second thing is I'm not making any accusations against them a lot of stuff that I'm doing I'm actually just guessing based on a reasonable knowledge of the industry and having been doing this for quite a while so everything that I'm saying about what they're doing here is no facts it's just my opinion based on what I know so first off let's talk about where they're getting their traffic you can see it they're getting quite a bit of views in fact almost all their videos have thousands of views which is quite a big surprise to me especially for some of these products that I've never heard of but as you dive deeper you can kind of start to understand why first yes they are getting a ton of their traffic directly from YouTube but I don't think that YouTube is actually the main source of most of their traffic I showed you earlier how I actually was able to discover them through a Google Search and we all know that Google is actually used quite a bit more than YouTube and so I started to do some exploring into Google and I actually started to type in all those product names of these products they're promoting into Google to see what happened and you can look and see right here they're actually showing up in the Google search for almost every single product that they're trying to promote and even crazier than that they're showing up in the Google search four times sometimes every single slot for a lot of these products that they're promoting they're wiping out the competition making it completely irrelevant in fact you can see one right here Alpine ISAC this is their most recent video and you can see right here they put out a video nine hours ago eight hours ago four days ago and five hours ago they've got four more videos about Alpine ice hack and the only thing you can see when you go to Google is that so we're going to dive in and see what it is they're doing that's making them completely dominate this keyword first you can see their title right there the keywords they're going for is Alpine ice hack and you can see Alpine ice hack Alpine ice hack review Alpine ice hack weight loss they're using that keyword three times in the title that's probably only about 100 characters long so I can have a look here at the description right here you can see it starts out with alpine ice hack it actually sa

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