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or browsing a website or whatever they're doing online to make tons of money and this company isn't alone just last week we talked about 16 companies dominating the top search results of Google making billions and billions of dollars and today we are going to do a deep dive into a company that is one of the behemoths in this marketing space and I know for a fact as you'll see if you pay attention to this entire training take notes and watch the little nuances you are going to see exactly step by step with nothing left out how to make money online with intent bbased marketing we're going to take a look at the facts the data and everything in between we're going to show you how these companies work how they create content and how you can swoop in and make money for yourself we are going to take a look at these Brands and exactly what they're doing we're going to take a look at their rankings on Google how they're making money and how most Affiliates like this example here trying to use AI fail miserably not only when it comes to content but also when it comes to making money which to Google is just as important only the other gurus aren't telling you about this so pay close attention because here is a screenshot from when I worked with a segment of this company years ago back in 2006 to about 2009 10 even going into 2011 I worked with this company in a big way they actually took me out we went dancing they took me to fancy dinners they treated me like a king because I was building their brand and making them money hand over fist and today we are going to look at how these companies are making money so that you can duplicate the process for yourself it's actually not that hard to do we're going to show you how to use AI to make the process a lot easier smoother and with a lot less work yes ladies and gentlemen what you are about to see is based on cold hard data and facts we're not talking about some Guru who got lucky and did one thing once we're talking about gigantic companies that you can emulate glean from and Sh find loopholes where you can do a job better than they're doing in little micro niches because let's face it you don't need that big of a percentage of $3 million a day to make a really good living and I know this firsthand this screenshot from my first year working with the company shows all and it was actually very easy I found things people were searching for answered the need and sent them to products and services and links that I thought would be extra helpful for the user and while other marketers are telling you just set up a Blog and put media Vine or AdSense or aoic on it yeah that signals a huge red flag that you don't really care about your visitor you're just there to make money and not only that but those companies pay a fraction of what you could be earning with what you're about to to learn today so get ready smash a like button let me know in the comments that you're excited and pay attention to this entire training because what you're about to see could make you tons of money online it certainly has for me over the last 20 years come on let's get started all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show today we got a doozy for you we are going to do a deep dive into a very fascinating company that I worked with years ago in a different way it wasn't fullon with the big company but I was with a segment of the company and it was a very very good experience and I want to talk to you about that company and how it works so that you can understand what's going on in the world of search engine marketing because let's face it there are companies out there that are making more money than you ever thought possible doing this in a programmatic and systematic way to build an audience very important stuff now when we go through and look look at this it's important to note that a lot of people today in the search engine marketing world are really Doom and Gloom they're like hey you know what search engine marketing doesn't work my site got hammered all this other stuff now we talked about that in some other videos and I'm going to link to those videos in the description below so that you could watch those and I highly recommend it if you want to make money online this is the place to be we put a lot of thought and effort into these videos including you know gleaning on my 25 years experience and 20 years experience working uh with this company so it's very important what we're going to do today is a deep dive into the Hidden World of search engine marketing now if you were to take a look at this I had AI help me with a little graph here and we made some little houses now I will have you note that these are not to scale uh but they do give an example and they are pretty close to scale if you were to look at it if you were to compare the $3 billion a year or more that some of these comp companies are making you're going to see that that is the big giant skyscraper compared to if you want to make $50,000 a year that's like 0.7% or if you want to make you know a million dollars a year that's still only 0.3% so we're seeing that there's a lot of money here and if you understand that type let's get the money because I want to show you this in a real world way to say hey look this is what's going on now you saw last week we talked about the 16 companies that dominate the Google search results which is a report that is absolutely huge I believe this report was put out by uh creat Le um and and some other company as well you could see the news report on it all kinds of crazy stuff there now when looking at these and case in point I actually have a software that I'm going to debut that is going to be based on this stuff as well so if you're excited about that smash a like button let me know in the comments we're going to reveal that next week I think it's going to be a game changer for understanding this type of business but what we're seeing is that there are a lot of companies that are making lots of money with search marketing and many of them have many different properties that span gigantic niches like Meredith has all recipes and Martha Stuart and parents and big niches even fit pregnancy and different things like that and what we're going to do is we're going to take a look at how these companies are working we could see here that one of those companies Gawker Media made like 70 million or 75 million in annual revenue VOX media $3 billion a year future media just shy of a billion dollars a year evolved media 61 million and of course we see uh IAC interactive which is the one that we're going to talk about today with like $4 billion a year now there's some quotes we're going to go through and some things to look at that are very important when it comes to understanding this business as a whole one of them was from their CEO he said our content alone tells the advertiser what the user wants so while most people out there are trying to use programmatic ads a

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