Remote Work from Home Positions Worldwide $35 Per Hour 2024

I have found a ton of remote work from home positions and websites that host these types of positions worldwide so in my community tab recently I asks you all to share your exact location if you left a comment on that Community post there's something in this video for you so without further Ado let's get into it on sorld wide you're going to find this homepage based on my comments just about every single location that was commented can be found here but for example I want to click on something very specific and show you guys how the platform Works how to look for your specific region so I'm just going to go ahead and select the Philippines here and after selecting the Philippines you're going to want to go up here on the right and select your city or province that you're located in and then on the left you're going to want to select remote and it's going to bring up only remote positions in your area that you selected and then immediately here you can see that this position is open titled live chat in or email support agents this is completely remote work from home position I know a lot of you had mentioned you wanted live chat where you just had to chat back and forth and be a chat agent this is something immediately that popped up for the Philippines additionally right here remote work photo collection and annotation so most of these jobs are going to be entry level there are some that are going to require some experience and there are a variety of different types of roles depending on what it is that you're looking for in the job market so what I showed you there was just the Philippines so let's go ahead and select a different location I had a lot of people commenting about South Africa and the African region so let's go ahead and select South Africa and then I did have somebody specifically ask for this specific location so I'm just going to select find jobs and then after that again go ahead and select remote as you can see 250 jobs in this specific area that are remote so what you're going to do again just scroll down here's one for call Center Hotel reservations remote and then let's go ahead and click on that and then it gives you the exact website you can apply directly from if you scroll down you're going to be able to see every single thing that they're wanting you to submit what all they require all of that good stuff so again just go to your specific area select what it is that you're looking for and go from there in order to apply for these jobs on indeed you're going to want to just go in create your own account and then have your resume ready indeed does give you the option to go ahead and create your resume right there on your account so you can do it either way you can create it right there on indeed or you can have your resume that you already have written up and upload it into indeed to apply for these positions okay up next is Tellis International AI Data Solutions what that is specifically is Tellis contributes to improving Ai and technology and digital experiences for people all around the globe handling all types of data so text images audio video and Geo across 500 plus languages and dialects so they do hire worldwide so under Tellis careers you're going to see a long list of locations that they work with and hire from so many of the people that commented on my community post out there are located here as you can see under the locations portion of their careers page a lot of their jobs are entry level and they do have higher paying wages that I found here on their website the third option I have is a single job listing but I found it to be incredibly interesting and I think somebody out there will also find this one interesting the name of this specific position is called Pinterest virtual assistant this is completely remote and the reason that this one stood out to me is because it is really beginner friendly you do not have to have any experience and you just have to be over the age of 18 with internet connection this is also available worldwide like I stated so if you want you can just head over to upwork if you're not familiar upwork does have available job opportunities for Freelancers so you can get on there and they actually have a job opening page on upwork for services such as a virtual assistant on Pinterest so this I will have Linked In My description box down below this is one specific job that I thought was really interesting and that some of you out there may find interesting as well but there are other job opportunities available that are remote worldwide on upwork in order to get started with upwork you're just going to want to go in create that free profile and then upload your resume put on your profile what it is you're looking for job experience that type of thing and apply for some of those positions all right up next if you're located in this specific area on the screen I had some comments regarding this area a specific way to find remote jobs is going to be by going to the link in my description box I'm going to have it labeled with your area so in this link you're going to find very specific jobs for this location that are remote through Linkedin so just for example this one specifically here is called a virtual assistant it's going to provide the requirements what they're looking for with the roles that they're listing how much they're paying all that good stuff and then you can apply on their website as well just make sure you have that resume uploaded and ready and have it SEO keyword optimize what that means is placing keywords that are found in the job description in your resume this will help you to get discovered and this is going to also help you to get placed in the specific jobs that you're applying for up next I went ahead and signed up and paid for a subscription with is a website that's specifically geared towards finding remote work from home positions and it vets and scans these websites to ensure accuracy of the job descriptions to make sure it's not spamming you all that kind of stuff look at all of the that are available and that they work with this was about everybody who commented on my community post tab there is something in here for you on now is $295 $2.95 for a 14-day trial however I signed up for that because I wanted to show you guys how this works in just all of these amazing places it works with pretty much everywhere so you're not going to waste money on this so I'm going to go ahead and just select an area to kind of show you how it works I have over here selected 100% remote work you can also select hybrid remote work etc but I have 100% remote entry level you can also select schedule full-time part-time all that good stuff so this is what it brought up policy associate sales associate let's select that one this as you can see it says 100% remote this company is committed to remote only 100% emplo

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