How He Makes $517,324/Month with Digital Products

so I was in Dubai the other day and there I actually met a guy that's doing over half a million dollars a month by selling digital products and info communities so I paid him $7.8 th000 to teach me exactly what he's actually doing so in this video I will share with you everything that I've learned so that you don't have to spend over $7,000 and quite honestly once we've implemented what he found me we started making a lot more money with this one single account I did over $800,000 not specifically just thanks to him but it definitely helped me increase the revenue a little bit I'm Dave Nick and for privacy reasons and for legal reasons as well I will not Ral this person's name but this is the private document that they've shared with me where they basically showcase the entire breakdown of their business and how they actually generate over half a million dollars a month with digital products in info communities and also bear in mind that for legal reasons I had to change the documents so this is just a replica nothing is the same as in that document but it's just going to give you a rough idea as to how they're actually approaching this entire business and I will walk you through the process of what they are actually doing but they're definitely tracking everything like scientists and taking this very very seriously most people when they start their online business they just have asset and they do it for 20 minutes a day they don't really care about it but in order to actually make big numbers you really really have to take it seriously now this is actually everything that this person is doing to make over half a million dollars every single month this is the entire system that they are using and yes I'm showing you this as a Cana presentation because I just want to show show you how simple this is so basically they have traffic they use organic and paid traffic as well and they send people to a sales process so they have a sales process a vsl sales page chatbot etc etc once they convert people and they convince people to invest in their offer they provide value they provide immense value that's the most important part because most people just create some lowquality products and lowquality communities and lowquality assets and don't really focus on the value they don't care about that even though that's the bread and butter of their business and the more people that are satisfied when they buy the more people will hear about it and then more revenue for you and the most important part is actually getting the results for the people that actually purchase that product or service so for organic traffic you can use YouTube Tik Tok Instagram Twitter threads pin you can create those posts and I will show exactly how then for the sales process that can either be first of all building a free community for example and then sending people into a free community where you're nurtured your audience and then you upsell or you can use email capture value video sales button and CTA or callaly action for people to actually purchase then you overd deliver the value when the client invests in your offer and this is the most important part you want to blow them off with value you want them to think like oh this cost $1,000 man this is worth at least 10,000 like you lit really really want to overd deliver and get them the results that they signed up for another reason that you want to get them the results they signed up for is because every problem that you solve just creates another problem so if you're selling a product that for example helps them get a sixpack perhaps the next problem that they're going to have is that they need new clothes or something or for me it was like if I help people make $10,000 a month with YouTube automation once they make it the next problem that now is created is taxes and they want to move and they want to go to Dubai well now we have this agency that helps them do that and then I get a commission from that once they have an agency in Dubai the next thing they need is like okay I need a place in Dubai so now we had promote the offer that is actually related to that so it just creates a new problem but that's why it's so important important that you actually deliver the results you actually deliver value and get them the results that they signed up for in the first place if you're promising that you're going to improve their life with yoga classes make sure that you overd deliver add as much value add as much content add as much digital products and assets that they can just be blown away with it now here's how to actually first of all create a blueprint so that's like the thing that you're selling you're selling a blueprint to do something whether that's going to be if you're going to teach them how to do video editing you're teaching them how to go from A to B how to become how to go from a beginner to a professional video editor you're teaching them how to do yoga you're teaching them how to do weight loss or you're teaching them how to be a fitness person how to be healthy how to get a girlfriend how to get a partner or how to make money online whatever that might be you're sharing a blueprint you're achieving something and no matter who you are there's at least something that you have experience with that you can now teach in a form of an online course or a PDF guide that you write and here's how to actually create a blueprint you want to answer these questions first of all what is going to be the offer so what is going to be that you're going to be selling to people people is it going to be a step-by-step online course it is going to be a coaching call is it going to be a PDF guide what is it going to be that you're going to sell step number two what problem do you actually solve and how big that problem is so honestly speaking what problem will you be solving when people watch your content what is their problem why what's stopping them from doing this from getting the results they desire on their own make sure that you are actually valuable to those people that they can't solve that problem without you or that you can do it way faster for them who is going to be your Avatar so who is your target audience and really really think about that person who who specifically will you be targeting are they male are they female are they both what industry are they in really really write down in the paper every single detail about that person because then it's going to be a lot easier to Target them through the sales page that you're going to create and through the content that you will create who are going to be your competitors or who are your competitors in that industry and then really do a competitor analysis write down how long they have been in the business before you what is their strategy what plat forms are they on what can you learn from them what should you avoid what you dislike about them what are you doing or what are they doing wrong and what is

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