HIGH PAYING Online Job/ Side Hustle (No Experience Needed 2024)

recently I received an email from one of my subscribers who was informing me about an exciting opportunity to make money from home now this opportunity provides free paid training flexible hours you do not need to have prior experience and they pay you $20 an hour in this email that my subscriber sent me he gave further details so I want to go ahead and read this email to you guys I saw your channel and I'm impressed by your content and reviews I've been working for data annotation for three months and I have been earning $2 to $300 per week I also work a full-time job but I do about 10 hours a week part-time with data annotation they pay every 7 days through PayPal I review AI response results and research the accuracy of the AI chat Bots I also help write prompts and commands for the AI chat Bots this does not require programming knowledge the minimum I make per hour now is $20 you can increase your income if you take on writing tasks they reward creativity I do want to say that there is a trem tremendous investment going on in AI right now and that means that there is a lot of money being allocated to develop and perfect this technology this means that there are jobs and positions available when the rest of the economy is tanking I do technical support full-time for a major tech company I have been there about 10 years but sometimes with inflation it helps to have extra money I have never seen so many available tasks as I have at data annotation I have worked in the past part-time for several other companies online including app lionbridge leap force and I was also always struggling to find work with them data annotations has thousands of tasks every day that are not getting completed now I will say this is brain work you have to focus and concentrate and it is detail oriented but they do not rush you they do review the quality of your work and this is why I keep my hours low because I have used up about 80% of my brain power doing my full-time job by the end of the day if anybody has any interest in this type of work now is the time to get into it and get some experience I just wanted you and the people out there to know that this company really pays wow I was really thankful to receive this email now I did decide to sign up for this myself and what I want to do is walk you guys through how to sign up for yourself what it asks for what type of assessment that they give you to get signed up all of that stuff now this is what the website looks like on the iPhone if you scroll down you can see this portion that talks about success stories I highly encourage you to check out the portion that talks about success stories because you're going to see other people who are making money from this so I encourage you to check out those success stories to give you more confidence and signing up I also want to mention that this has been featured on BuzzFeed Apple news Yahoo news and independent I want to take a moment to mention today's sponsor Aura now if you know me and if you watch this channel you know that I despise two things scams and spams if you're like me and you're tired of receiving those spam phone calls to the point where you don't even answer your phone anymore or it can help now this is is my phone before I started using Aura and as you can see the spam phone calls were out of control I don't even know how these people got my phone number to begin with after partnering with aura I learned that data Brokers are making a ton of money off of selling mine and your private information to robocallers spammers others who want to learn more about you like where you live so what Aura does and why I wanted to partner with them is that they identify these data brokers who are exposing your information and they submit opt out requests on your behalf so legally d Brokers are required to remove you when requested however they do make it very difficult so what you can do is let Aura handle it for you or also does a lot more to protect you and your family from online threats that you can't see on a daily basis it's really easy to set up and you do not have to download a ton of different apps to get things like parental control VPN antivirus password management identity theft Insurance and more and you can get everything at one affordable price so let Aura do the hard work of keeping you safe online so that you can focus on other tasks with peace of mind you can either let people continue to exploit and profit off of your private information or you can go to www. ora.com Kimberly Mitchell to start your two-e free trial this is also going to be linked in my description box down below thank you again to Aura for sponsoring this video so on the main page of data annotation. Tech you're going to see this signup tab here on the right all I did was clicked on it I answered some of these main questions it took me about 5 minutes to create my account one thing I want to point out is that they have a ton of country codes to choose from When selecting your phone number so as you can see this is not just for United States of America they have lots of different country codes to choose from when you're signing up with your phone number now one thing you are going to need with this side hustle or part-time job is knowledge of the tech world so you need to be a little Tech saaby in order to do this the company also points out that they look for individuals with good writing skill so you will want to take your time make sure you're using proper grammar make sure you're using proper writing when you're going through this initial assessment because if you don't give that proper writing they're more than likely not going to accept you for the work okay so I just want to show you a few questions that they ask on the assessment and what to prepare for and what to expect whenever you're doing it so they kind of are wanting you to identify things like hate speech they're also wanting you to identify whether or not the AI chatbot gave an appropriate response choosing between two responses of which is more appropriate according to the chatbot prompt things to that nature so you're again want to make sure you have good writing skills because you're going to have to be writing in two to three sentence answers on the assessment after performing that all you're going to do is go ahead into your profile and continue to set it up add your PayPal information your PayPal email address that sort of thing set up your skills on your profile so they know who it is they're working with what to expect from you so that they know what type of tasks to give you I will keep you all updated on me and getting approved I'm still waiting it's only been a couple of days since I started with this so I'm still waiting on that approval and I hope to get approved and move forward with it I will keep you all updated if you have any questions please leave a comment down below as always thank you so much for your support and I look f

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