How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing and EMAIL Automations (2024)

hi Anastasia here in this video I'm going to guide you through how to use email marketing as an affiliate marketer and earn thousands of dollars every month I'll show you an easy way to get people's emails and even let you see my own email marketing funnel stick around till the end of this video because it's packed with valuable information the video has two main parts first how to collect emails and second how to build an email marketing automation from scratch so grab a pen and a paper because this is a completely free tutorial that can actually help you make money so how does email marketing work email marketing is a powerful tool in Your Arsenal as an affiliate marketer and here are just a few reasons why you should start building your email list number one is that you're building long-term relationships email marketing helps you build trust with your subscribers by consistently providing value you can build a loyal audience that is more likely to respond positively to your affiliate promotions over time the second reason is that it's easy on your wallet email marketing doesn't burn a hole in your pocket like bad advertising does for example for affiliate marketers especially if you're just starting out or running on a tight budget this is a big win and then another reason is that you are the boss unlike social media where your posts might get lost in the algorithm changes your email list is your kingdom you make the rules and your messages land straight in the inboxes without any sneaky algorithm playing hideand-seek now how does the affiliate sales funnel look like for your email list the first thing that you need is traffic sources such as social media search enges maybe you have an affiliate marketing website or maybe you post on platforms like medium YouTube or you could even run ads to get traffic and the second level here is your landing page here you have a page on your website designed to capture visitors email addresses the page usually offers something valuable to the visitor like an free ebook um a discount code or a newsletter subscription in exchange for their email address this offer is often referred to as a lead magnet the visitor enters their email address on the lending page to get access to whatever you offered then the visitor's email address is added to your email list this list is used to send out your email marketing campaigns and as soon as the visitor signs up they receive a welcome email in this email you usually should thank them for subscribing deliver the promised freebie or lead magnet and introduce them to your brand now after the welcome email the subscriber begins to receive a series of pre-written emails that are sent out at the intervals that you defined for your automation these emails provide value for example useful information some tips or insights related to the niche or the topic that you're covering and the goal is to build trust and engagement and once the relationship is established through the initial emails you start sending emails that beach the products or services that you want to promote this can be direct sales Spees or subtle recommendations integrated into valuable content the ultimate goal of the funnel is to guide the subscriber towards making a purchase through your affiliate link now there is also another step called followup and retention so after the purchase the funnel isn't over you can continue to engage the customer with follow-up emails and related offers to encourage repeat purchases and loyalty now the first action that you will need to take is to set up an email marketing platform I will show you today the the whole process in moand I've been using it for my blogging list for automated sequences for affiliate marketing and it's honestly great for those who don't know Mand as an all-in-one platform where you can create email forms to collect emails make landing pages create email automations and a lot more now instead of me just talking about all its awesome features why don't you try it out I'll put a link in the description for a third Day free account in Mand and you can try all of their premium features no need for credit card details or anything so I'll open my Mand account to show you around but first let me tell you something real quick if you're sending emails from Mand with your regular email address like Gmail for example your messages will probably end up in junk mail ideally you should use a professional email and to set it up on mend just open senders in your account settings then add a new one it could be something like my email for example hello Anastasia now if you don't have a domain name then you will need to get it you can get a business email with a custom domain name from any domain register company personally I've been using name chip for this but there are other similar options next we're making our first email list head over to contacts and click create a list name it something that makes sense to you if you're promoting an affiliate offer then you could name it after that offer and if it's for your brand in general you could name it after the campaign maybe now find your freebie or lead magnet this is the cool thing that you give away to get people's emails for many digital products like online courses it's common to invite people for a free class for example if there is nothing that the seller can offer as a freebie then you could arrange it on your end it should be be something that people cannot resist something that promises Real Results or meets a deep need of your audience whether it's an ebook or a free online class you need to make sure that it's clearly shown how it will improve their lives here is a golden tip remember that people aren't just looking for information they want transformation so instead of just saying here are the most common mistakes that beginners make say boost your sales in three easy steps sounds way better right to find a great lead magnet you need to check sites similar to and I found awesome stuff here like ebooks courses all sorts of digital content in different niches so you get a couple of free credits when you sign up here again I will drop the link to that one below all right now we're getting to my favorite part making the landing page head over to growth tools and then to landing pages to start creating your first one what's cool about Mand is that they have lots of templates not just for landing pages but also for your News letters they're super sleek and whether you are new to these or have some experience I always say go with a template it's way easier than starting from scratch check out the templates and pick one that fits your Niche and there are lots of templates like if you go to lead generation you'll find many templates for different niches you can also get great ones for promoting ebooks or webinars so when you want to customize elements on your landing page just click on them and like you can change t

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