10 INSTAGRAM HACKS YOU DIDN’T KNOW EXISTED | How to get the swipe up feature without 10k & more!

would you believe me if I told you that there is a way to stop Bots from commenting DM to collaborate on your photos did you know that there's a sneaky way to have the swipe up option without having 10,000 followers or that there's a way to change the cover of your highlights without uploading it to your stories you could even change the speed of your Boomerang after you record it oh my gosh you guys I seriously cannot wait to share with you 10 Instagram features that you might be overlooking and these things are going to change the game what's up everyone it's it's Modern Millie welcome back to my channel where I post videos every Wednesday teaching you the latest strategies and Trends on social media to help you grow your brand so make sure to give a Little Love tab on that subscribe button if learning Instagram hacks is something that excites you so let's get into this video's shout outs thank you so much for all of your love and support keep doing what you're doing guys cuz you are absolutely killing it if you want to get a shout out in my future videos screenshot yourself watching this video and tag me on Instagram stories or leave a comment below and subscribe to my channel as always time Stamps will be in the comments below because I know how valuable your time is and you already know why you're here so let's get into it we are going to start with the boomerang feature that I already mentioned at the beginning of this video you might not be able to see it too much in this Boomerang but the milk that I am pouring is actually going in slowmo tap right here to create your Boomerang we'll do just something simple okay so I just created My Boomerang but as you can see in the top of your screen you have the boomerang button again so click on that and at the bottom you can actually trim your Boomerang from the sides if there was like an awkward pause that I could cut out I could just drag it over a little bit and then choose where I wanted to wanted it to end just like that another thing that you could do is you can actually slow down the speed of your Boomerang by tapping the little timer icon it goes in slowmo so I'll shorten it there you go it's in slow-mo another effect you can add is the echo effect which looks like this or you can do The Duo effect which which it's hard to see but it kind of like rewinds really fast in the video so you have the classic which you could crop the slow-mo Echo and Duo another thing in Instagram stories that you're probably overlooking right now is utilizing the countdown sticker usually when I use the countdown sticker I'll create it with a video but just for demonstration purposes I'm going to stick with a photo so I'm just going to take a quick picture there we go right here in the top you have the little sticker button in the bottom right you see countdown this is a great feature for businesses if you're about to launch a product or Entre rers if you're about to launch your website or a new YouTube video a new blog post you can get people excited by creating the countdown let's call this one new YouTube video what you're going to do is you're going to set the day and time if it's an all day event you could just leave it there but usually it's a specific time for me so I will do Wednesdays at 900 a.m. app to be reminded and we'll make that prettier basically when you're using the countdown feature other people who are watching your stories they can click to be reminded which will send them a notification when that timer goes down this is a really great way to pop into people's minds get in their faces send those little reminders you'll be surprised how many people actually turn on the reminder because they want to be notified when your product or your video or your thing is launching so this is definitely a feature that you should be using to get in your audience faces and Instagram automatically sends them notifications so it's such a great tool that you should utilize while we're on stories let's just stay on this topic for a few more features another feature that is totally overlooked but should be utilized is the green screen filter that Instagram has made so if you don't have the green screen filter all you have to do is swipe all the way over to search for the filter search we will search green screen Instagram I searched green screen Instagram and it's this one green screen screen by Instagram so when you use this filter as you could see I am surrounded by a green screen but what's really great is that you can add media and you can select photos or videos to have as the background I can zoom in and I could record a video like this answering people's questions pointing to those comments and it's a really great tool to just have fun utilizing that green screen a lot of people on Tik Tok do this with a filter and it is now on Instagram or it has been but people just might not know about it like I said you could also have video so here I am drinking this milk yes you could have video as the background of the green screen and it's super exciting another feature or another hack on Instagram stories that you could do is making certain things kind of disappear or go unnoticed in your stories for example hashtags are a great way to be found on stories so if I wanted to add a few hashtags to the story without people seeing those hashtags this is what I would do just took a random photo so if you want to do outfit of the day makeup look work from home YouTube video there's a few ways that you could hide this I usually use the typewriter and I'll bring it small so what you could do you could click on the text use the dropper to select where you want the text to be placed and use the same color so it kind of Blends in and it's harder to see so you could do something like that or you could completely drag it out of the frame it'll still show up in those hat tags but it won't be visible you can do this with location stickers dragging it out of the frame with tagging people dragging it out of the frame you could even do that with music let the music be attached to the story and drag it out of frame now of course I don't do all these at once but it is a great way to hide certain tags if you felt like they were more distracting than helpful for your story the next one is actually replacing a hack that I see going around a lot the hack that I'm replacing I will show you for example if I have a picture and I wanted to add another picture on top of it what a lot of people are doing is they're going here to copy photo and then they go back to Instagram it creates a sticker and then they add the sticker and then they could layer pictures that way this is great this is a great hack however Instagram actually has an easier way to do it in the top middle button the square when you scroll down you will see a new Gallery sticker option so right here is the gallery option it'll open up all the photos in your camera roll and then from there you could se

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