How I Make $3520 Per Month With Affiliate Marketing Using AI (Not Clickbait)

last week I made approximately $1,694 with affiliate marketing using this brand new strategy that no one is talking about this doesn't require any money to start and we're going to be using 100% free traffic you don't need to have any previous technical skills or knowledge as we're going to be utilizing AI to do all of the hard work for us and I can guarantee you that if you watch a stepbystep tutorial and actually follow the strategy I'm going to show you consistently you will see amazing results honestly guys this stuff is not rock science I know some people make it seem like make money online is like a facade or it's not a real thing but all you have to do is just follow a proven formula that has work for people in the past and then just duplicate what they've done so take a look at this I started this method last week and I've already made over 1.7k on this brand new ClickBank account and if we look at the top right here you can see the commissions are coming in consistently yeah there might be a few odd days when I don't make any sales but when the sales do come in it's a good amount because of the type of product I've promoted and more importantly how how I'm promoting them I believe in the following weeks ahead the sales will be very consistent and I should finish this month out with a total of $4,000 made in commission and this is not bad at all considering I didn't have to spend any money on ads so for those of you out there who haven't made any money online or any sort of significant money online this is something that you can get started with today I'm actually going to go as far as saying this is one of the most straightforward ways there is to make money online on the internet right now and if you do it the way I'm going to show you you're going to be really ahead of everyone because no one else is doing this right now now before we get started here I just want to take the time to announce the winner of the 100K giveaway from the last video honestly I'm really shocked from the reaction I got from you guys at the time of recording this the video is sitting at 36,000 views and we have over 2,000 comments so that's over 2,000 people that have entered this giveaway here the support and love that you guys show me is so unreal I feel so blessed to be in this position to have a great Community like this God bless all of you that have entered this competition I honestly wish I could actually give more of you guys this prize but let's go ahead and go over to this website right now to show you guys that this is the 100% legitimate giveaway this toour right here is going to pick a random commenter from the video I have no control over this all I'm going to do right now is just paste the link right here and it's going to show us the winner of this giveaway so here we go I'm just going to paste the link just like that I'm going to go ahead and select filter duplicate users and from here all I need to do is just hit on get YouTube comments and then you guys are going to see the winner good luck to all of you guys I think we need to click right here so start raffle and pick winner so here we go and then just like that there you go we have the winner on the screen right now I don't want to butcher your name but congratulations to you you just won $300 a oneon-one coaching call with me and you have access to my private group all you need to do from here is just head over to my Instagram DM me and my team will send you across all the details so you can get access to everything for those of you who didn't win don't worry as I'm going to be doing an even bigger giveaway next month all you have to do is just make sure you're subscribed with that notification Bell turn on so you don't miss any of the announcements and with that being said Thank you guys all again and let's continue with today's video so getting started here the first thing you need to do right now is head over to this is the affiliate marketing place that I've been using to test out this new method and it's one of the biggest ones out there with millions of different products to promote if you don't have access to this then don't worry you can use other platforms like impact Warrior plus dig store 24 it's pretty much all the same thing they all have products that you can promote so don't just feel like you only need this platform because to be fair it's not my favorite one so you can use this strategy on pretty much any network out there now usually at this point what other people tell you on the internet is to find the most popular product or find the one that's paying out the most commissions or sort it by gravity I hate to break this to you but this is terrible information and this is probably why most beginners fail with affiliate marketing I want you to think about it like this right let's say you was going fishing for the first time and you just had like a basic rod and a little boat right and you're out there in the lake or in the sea looking to catch some fish would you go in the area where there's people that have been fishing for years they have tons of experience they have bigger fishing rods and they're over there catching these gigantic fishes no you probably wouldn't go in that area where they are because you know that they're experienc and they're going to catch way more fish than you ever will because they equipment is better they have more experience and they have a bigger boat right so why is it that when new people start affiliate marketing they try to promote the best products the you know the highest selling product that have all this competition on it when the reality is that they don't stand a chance in making going to sell with these because it's so oversaturated right try to go for products that are a little bit less popular or new emerging that so that you can actually stand a chance of making a sell you want to go for those products that are you know low in saturation but they're good products that people will buy and this is the absolute key to standing out in this market right here and make money especially as a beginner if you're using ClickBank then an easy way to do this is to head over to CB and I know what some of you guys are thinking right now this website looks crazy complicated but don't worry about it as I'm going to do this walk you step by step through this entire process all you need to do is go over to the left hand side here where it says CB new product and once you click on this section you're going to see all of the new affiliate products that are listed here as you can see at the top here there's 17 new affiliate products that are listed on the ClickBank marketpl these are all brand new Hot Products that the market hasn't seen yet and this is the gold mine right here this is what I've been using to generate sales I'm not promoting any sort of old products that have been on ClickBank for like 3 4 years now these are all brand new high conve

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