My Response to COPYCATS: What to do when people copy your ideas, thumbnail and video on Youtube

a week ago I found a whole bunch of videos that look really similar to mine similar titles similar thumbnail and even straight up plagiarism of my description actually I was so shocked because the guy who plagiarized my description is a coach for creators and YouTubers I know this happens all the time to bigger YouTubers and even though I'm like a small one and people didn't like plagiarize the whole video or anything I still think this is worthy of a discussion because I think it's just not right to be copying somebody else's work in a really obvious way so in this video I'm going to share my thoughts and also the mindset shifts that I've had to make since I've been very very pissed about this and also tips for creators on how you can take inspiration from other creators without plagiarizing or copying so why this stirred up so much for me last week was because I wasn't mad about people copying my thumbnail and my titles I was mad because I just felt like it's so unfair that so many people are jumping on this trend of making a first first month on Etsy video on their YouTube channels and for a lot of them their first month on Etsy video or second month on Etsy video is the best performing video on their Channel and their channels have taken off because of it and for me I was so bitter about this because I was working on my YouTube for two years I was feeling like oh my gosh people are just jumping on this trend because they saw oh Dina blew up because of this so maybe if I make a video that is similar then I can also blow up on YouTube yeah I just felt like it took me two years to get to this point now these people are doing the same thing that I'm doing and they're growing their Channel and they only have like 10 or 20 videos okay so I'm going to talk more about this later but I do want to say that I'm not the first one who made a first month on Etsy video when I had the idea to make a first month on Etsy video I actually was really hesitant about making the video because I thought wow I only made 10 sales does anyone even want to listen to what I have to say about starting an Etsy shop and so I did research are there other YouTubers who have made a first month on Etsy video and there were some of them but they weren't really really recent and I think I saw one that was like oh I made thousands and thousands in my first month and I was like oh my gosh that's amazing if they actually did that and I wanted to share just something that felt more realistic and attainable for the average person starting an Etsy shop if you search first month on Etsy and you filter by date you'll see that before me there were only a couple videos but after me there are 20 30 40 videos I can't count but you can see there is a lot and a lot of them have a similar title similar thumbnail as mine and I would say at least eight of them have the Sparkles that I have in my Etsy video another reason why I'm so bitter about this because recently like in the past one to two weeks my channel views and my income have been going down and I honestly think it's because there are so many of these first month on Etsy second month on Etsy third month on Etsy videos popping up so I'm kind of getting drowned out in all of these videos so I do think it is negatively affecting my Channel but I think it's not necessarily a bad thing because I personally don't want to be a 100 Etsy Channel I want my channel to be about chasing your dreams and personal development gaining confidence and starting a creative business so even though I was really mad about all of these people taking inspiration from my video and copying the concept the thumbnail and the title and the description I get why they did it because I have done the exact same thing so about a year ago my YouTube was just not growing and I made a bunch of videos that were on like topics that were trending like my first paycheck on YouTube how to get monetized on YouTube Dane the life of XYZ so I made all these videos because I saw other people blowing up and so I thought I will do my own version of this video and then maybe it's gonna help me grow my channel so even though I was mad at these people who copied I get it I was in the same place before I desperately wanted to grow my channel so actually I thought a long time about whether or not I should make a video about this topic because I feel like I have been sort of guilty of doing that too well I guess I was guilty but I don't think it's a bad thing to jump on Trends I think that's a very good strategy actually on YouTube it's actually very smart but I think there needs to be a balance between creating your own version of that topic and copying elements from that other person's video or thumbnail or title or like plagiarizing the whole thing even one of my friends who just started a YouTube channel told me that he's gonna make a my first month on Etsy video and I just couldn't bring myself to be mad at him like I was so mad at the other people because like I don't know them but for my friend I was like I get it I get why he wants to make this kind of video I was there as well so I have some lessons and takeaways and mindset shifts that I want to share with you around this topic and these are the mindset shifts that really help me to feel okay about this situation and if you are a Creator too then I hope these can help you as well so the first one that really helped me is I need to be at peace with people copying me because this happens all the time I'm two big YouTubers a lot of people have talked about plagiarism on YouTube and this is like the first time that happened to me so I'm not used to it at all but I know that in the future this is not going to stop happening people will keep copying my thumbnail my ideas and I have to be okay with that and know that this is just the reality I watched a couple of other YouTube videos on this topic and people have legit ripped off entire videos like from Mr Beast and other big YouTubers thankfully this hasn't happened to me yet but it is a huge thing that happens all the time on YouTube the next thing that really helped me is repeating to myself that they can copy my content and my ideas but they can't copy my brain and my Essence so I really love this because when I found out that people were copying me I felt like they were taking something from me they were stealing something or they're gonna steal all my views or like I just felt there was a lot of lack instead what I do want to believe is that there is more coming for me and if I'm the one who started this trend like I'm going to have more ideas in the future I'm going to continue to grow because of my personality because of my ideas because my brain because of how I think and maybe people just want to see me I don't know and actually in my I blew up now what video getting out of a slump a lot of people told me that they found me through the Etsy videos but they actually stayed because they like watching my

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