6 No Interview $60 / Hour Online Work from Home Jobs

here are six websites where you can get a remote job and get started right away there's no special training required just a minimum time investment and the best part is that you don't have to go through a grueling interview because we've all been there we all know how exhausting it is and sometimes even after multiple rounds there's no guarantee of Landing the job I mean ask a yomi sarira she's a 32-year-old who shared her story on CNBC but I think so many of us can relate to that she went through nine interviews only to find out she didn't get the job I mean but stay tuned because in this video all of the examples that I have prepared for you do not require an interview so who knows maybe number five or number six might be exactly what you've been looking for number one that I have on the list for you is becoming a virtual assistant for a company called Fancy hands this is a pretty straightforward gig that allows you to handle multiple tasks from organizing schedules to sorting emails from making travel plans to even some data entry and I think it's pretty cool because is it allows you to go behind the scenes with your clients and help them stay organized stay focused and you can do that without stepping out of the comfort of your own home and if you're wondering how do you get started it's pretty straightforward because fancy hands make it super super easy essentially all you got to do is go through this quick assessment so that they can check your skill set level and trust me if you're here you're going to ace that because all they ask is basic internet knoow managing calendar that sort of so once you nail that you are ready to start it's pretty straightforward with no long waiting times and no complicated interview processes and when it comes to earnings that ranges obviously depending on how much time you can dedicate and the level of your skill but you can expect to make somewhere between $ 32,000 to $48,000 per year it's also really flexible which means that many people are able to do this on a part-time basis and make it fit around their lifestyle so if you been looking for a remote job or an online job especially something that allows you to work part-time then this might be a one way that allows you to get some extra cash so look into fancy hands I think it could be worth a shot and it could be a great way to get started without going through a lot of struggle in the beginning number two here's the deal I have heard you loud and clear many people comment on my videos saying that they are frustrated about platforms like Fiverr and upwork because they're oversaturated because they're highly competitive and it's really really difficult to break through in the beginning and I get it I I understand I know it I've been there but here's the thing there are other places where you can have your skills shine and you can be ahead of the competition so for example if you have a passion for writing and you want to make some money then there are lots of websites that are dedicated two writing gigs for example one that I think you need to give a try to is called called contenna it's a fantastic platform to get started with your freelance writing career and what I believe sets them apart is that you can start earning pretty decently without the hassle of submitting proposals and scheduling interviews as you probably have experienced on appwork for example or some of the other freelance websites and you can join again pretty easily it's quite straightforward and it probably only takes a few minutes all you need to do is go and sign up and then start being discovered by top paying companies who are actively seeking for skilled professionals that are able to help them writing so whether you're interested in a full-time role as a medical writer for example or an SEO editor or something that I don't know is entirely flexible and allows you to work part-time then this could be something that you want to give a try and when it comes to the payout well I've seen many people commenting on Reddit saying that they made as much as $5 to $6,000 maybe that's a little bit much for the beginning but I think you can earn a decent income so if you want to be recognized for your skills and if you feel like there has to be other way to make money writing then you can definitely give contenna a try the best part is that not many people are aware of it so you would be able to get ahead and be able to take advantage of their offering right now okay so the next one that I want to talk about is a company called one Forma and it's a very interesting combination of translation and data entry so if you speak multiple languages then you will definitely qualify for this one and as I said there is no interview process all you need to do is apply create an account on one Forma and you are good to go and if I look at their website you are able to get translation correction and data collection jobs and what I think is really unique about one Forma is that you are using your current skills to help collect data validated and Tra train AI models so I think this is a really nice way for you to really contribute to the development of technology in terms of how much you're able to make then obviously the potential salary ranges between 48 and $81,000 annually based on our research depending on how many of these jobs you end up getting but what I think is really nice is that majority of the jobs that I see on one Forma are remote and many of them are freelance job so you would be able to work from anywhere in the world no matter where you live all you need to remember is that you need to be able to receive payment either through PayPal or Pioneer so make sure that those are available in your country okay so here's another one that I believe is a nice Hidden Gem up to this point so if you're the kind of person who cannot help but notice something that doesn't work with an app or with a website or if you're always thinking man I could have done this so much better well you are going to love this because you can turn that intuitive sense into some really nice extra money this is a company called Playbook ux and essentially they are a company that offers payment for anyone who's willing to test and provide valuable insights regarding mobile apps or websites that are looking to enhance their overall user experience so other than the fact that you would be able to put on your resume that you've been a ux tester which I think is a pretty nice angle that you could take to spice up your resume but it's also really really easy to get started with them essentially all you need to do is sign up complete a practice test browse through available tests that are available pick one and then share your feedback that is all you need to do to start getting paid and by the way they use PayPal to make the payments in terms of how much you can expect to make well you can make up to $90 for an hour and a half of a moderated interview whe

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