Create 5 Passive Income Streams With The New & Easy Google Method: Make US$550 A Day Worldwide

this is page it covers a broad spectrum of topics including celebrity scandals entertainment news and high-profile social events this is and this is where many trending topics get their start online this is a popular entertainment news website that primarily focuses on celebrity gossip and Hollywood scandals do you know Stars what all these websites have in common one they are cash cows that make passive income which means they're making their owners money while they sleep two they have Trend driven content because the posts that are typically shared on these websites they go viral three the content shared on these three websites it's some of the most searched for titles on Google and four there's Community engagement on all three of these platforms because they allow people like you and I to interact all I can hear when I think of websites that have all these characteristics is Ching money all the way to the bank and while I don't have an appreciation for the gossip on many of these websites I respect the hustle that said in this video I'm going to show you how to create a single platform form leveraging Google and AI tools that has the potential to generate us550 a day from five distinct streams of passive income and that incorporates the best of page and in one place welcome back to the Rockstar Academy thank you for clicking play when my video popped up for that I'm grateful and thank you for those who have subscribed and who are rock stars rock stars if you are ready to get the best of Reddit TMZ and PID write $550 in the comments so that we can start manifesting the money that we have our eyes set on that said let's move to step one and it is to create the platform that we're going to leverage to make these five streams of income we're going to need a simple WordPress website and before you say buta WordPress that sounds complicated relax rockstars because we're going to leverage the simple and beginner friendly way to get this done now we're going to need a WordPress website that has a good hosting plan as what you don't want to happen is for someone to be there waiting for your website to load so long that they can go and take a bathroom break and come back absolutely not you also want a website that is easy to use from your phone and from your tablet because that's how most people consume content these days and rockstars the website hosting provider that does all that and more is hosting and hostinger is a web hosting provider known for its affordability and wide range of Hosting Services it's suitable for beginners like you and I because its interface is so easy to use now to get started with hostinger you're going to go to the description of this video and it's the link at the top and with that link I'll tell you later how to get some additional discounts the link is rock stars and when you land on the homepage after clicking that link just select WordPress from the menu click on manage WordPress and then claim deal now after you select claim deal you'll be able to launch your cashco platform for as little as $3.99 per month and you'll get everything that you'll need for all five streams of passive income that we're going to generate now if you choose choose the business Builder you'll get access to woocommerce to sell products on your website so we're getting everything we need for that low rate and keep in mind this rate is before the additional discounts that I'll show you how to capitalize on and here is where you're going to choose the length of time that you want to host your website for obviously the longer the time frame the more money you're going to save and while choosing 48 months will give you the best discount at $3.99 per month you can actually start with 12 months for $4.99 which is only a dollar more and this of course is before the additional discounts and you can do so if you're on a budget because you'll still save significantly by choosing that option now go ahead and enter your personal details and scroll down for the additional discounts rockstars you see right where it says have a coupon code and it's written in purple yep right there enter the word Rockstar and as you can see here the amount you will pay is heavily discounted and during the sign up process you will have the option to register a domain name or you can use an existing domain that you may have somewhere stashed by integrating it here if you need a new domain just search for desired names and check for their avail a ability and you can use this prompt in chat GPT to do exactly that type give me website name ideas for a website that will feature Trend driven content that has the potential to go viral and that facilitates Community engagement and rockstars I'll share this prompt in the description so you can easily copy and paste it into chat GPT using the free version now as usual chat GP delivers and I'm going to take one of these names from chat GPT and modify it so I'm going to go with pulse hub for my domain name just follow the steps to register your website domain and then we're going to install WordPress once you have access to hostinger dashboard click on autoinstaller on the left sidebar menu and select WordPress from the options as I'm showing you here on screen you're then going to follow the simple instructions there and launch and create a username and a password click the install button and then you'll pick an active theme from the options that are available and this is a WordPress theme and rockstars I'm going to link in the description of this video an article that explains step by step how to install a WordPress theme and and you're going to find that it's extremely user friendly when you follow that article now you can customize the appearance of your website to meet your needs as well as your brand needs and with those steps rockstars your hostinger WordPress website is ready and again it's going to act as the primary platform for you to activate these passive income sources now let's move to step two and this is where we're going to get our Trend driven content leveraging Google and AI so search Google for Google news and on Google News you're going to select entertainment from the menu as I'm doing here you will see the latest Trend driven content and all you're going to do is select a topic because everything here is trending as Google news is updated frequently at different intervals throughout the day so as an example we're going to choose this article which is quavo or quo however it's pronounced goes new clear on Chris Brown in new dist track now rockstars I'm choosing this title not because I have any idea what it's about or who quavo or quo is but because it's trending because what you have to remember is this platform is going to do well when you share what people want to see not what you're familiar with or what you like because you're not sharing content for y

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