5 Easiest Side Hustles to Start in 2024 (Watch for $318 / Day)

so what if every minute you spent watching this video could earn you money I know it sounds crazy but it's actually true and I've got a list of five side hustles that are super easy to start they literally take less than 1 hour a day and they're surprisingly profitable so stick around and let me show you exactly which ones I'm talking about so you can start boosting your income and I know what you're thinking but Laura you said we could make so much money just from watching your video how is that even possible or you're probably thinking I knew it was too good to be true or maybe you're thinking this is a scam or that I'm only saying that to get views on my videos right look it does sound like one of those two good to be true deals I understand but here's the thing the money isn't going to jump out of your screen into your wallet I mean I wish that was possible and that it worked that way but we're not there yet what I'm offering you right here is a road map to the side hustles that have the potential to add a lot of money to your personal income so think of this video as a treasure map I guess because I'm going to show you where to dig but you've got to pick up the shovel and do the work yourself and now you're probably wondering how can I possibly find extra time in my already packed day for a side hustle well let me ask you this do you find time to brush your teeth every day well I hope you do it's small but it's an essential part of your routine right well just like brushing your teeth starting a side hustle can begin with dedicating 30 minutes a day it sounds really little super minimal but here's the magic right consistent intentional action even in small doses can compound over time and it's not about carving out huge amounts of time to begin with I know in fact a lot of people make this mistake and honestly it's the worst thing you could do it's about using those little pockets in your day intentionally okay so for example instead of scrolling through social media or watching another Netflix episode well those 30 minutes can be dedicated towards something that can grow right basically like Watering your plant something that can bring you extra income and here's the best part as you start seeing the fruits of your work then you'll naturally feel more motivated to gradually increase the time that you dedicate to it and you will do that and you won't be willing to skip it just like you don't skip brushing your teeth right it'll become part of your day so let's into these five side hustles because each of them can be kickstarted with just that small Daily Commitment literally half an hour of focused intentional effort number one this is a side hustle that can earn you between 30,000 $70,000 per year ever caught yourself lost in the endless Scroll of short Snappy videos online well that is the world of opportunity for you and it's super entertaining and it's also a Gold Mine this is where creativity meets the digital age and it's just a matter of few seconds of really intentional content that can totally boost your success and your income so for example Zach King you probably know him already he began with super simple creative videos on Vine and now has millions of followers on Tik Tok and I think on Instagram as well and he has this unique blend of magic and digital illusion that completely captivated everybody online and his success shows how powerful micro content can become when you blend creativity with digital savviness so obviously now you're thinking okay so what's in it for me I know Zach or I've heard of him or maybe you haven't at all here's the thing creators in this space as I mentioned make between $30,000 and $70,000 a year sometimes even more and essentially all that it is is your ability to create content that clicks with your audience so what is micro content creation it's basically crafting those quick and engaging videos or images that tell a story in just a few seconds up to a minute and the kind of stuff that makes someone stop mids scroll and think wow I need to see this again that is what you're looking for so you can start out super simple just with your smartphone and a little bit of creativity and then you can evolve this as it starts building and one thing that you do need to remember is that it's not just about making fun videos it's about understanding your audience and trying to stay ahead of the trends and really always enhancing your skills right so take Zach King as an example and see how you can bring the same type of creativity to something that you already know how to do really well and how you can embed that into some micro content creation now here's an important question for you for our example number two imagine that you're playing a crucial role in truly shaping the future of technology but you're doing that from the comfort of your own home I know this is a role where feedback and insights can make a huge difference and you don't really need to be a tech Guru to get started okay so don't don't panic if you're not there so let's take an example that I came across recently Sam Sam always had a keen interest in Tech but never thought of it more than as a hobby then he stumbled upon a gig related to testing new apps for developers so using his eye for detail and his willingness to give feedback thoroughly he became a go-to tester for lots of app developers Sam story is super unique but it's actually a really great inspiration for anyone who wants to look for opportunities in some things that could seem really easy so you might be wondering what am I talking about and how much money can you actually make with something like this well people like Sam are actually making anywhere between 50,000 and $100,000 per year all by testing and providing feedback on new apps so what exactly is this opportunity you're probably thinking well it is mobile app testing mhm yep you heard that right you can get paid to test out apps and help developers fine-tune the software before it hits the market and getting started is literally as simple as signing up for app testing platforms and having a Keen Eye for usability and functionality so if you like doing that anyway then think about this opportunity because it's really really interesting how you can combine your let's say analytic skills and looking for ways to improve things and being able to provide constructive feedback so if you enjoy doing that anyway and you're Keen to test new apps as they come out and you're Keen to see what works and what doesn't work then look into this side Hustle because it could be something that will make you a good amount of money in your spare time number three this is another really really interesting one have you ever listened to maybe an ad a commercial or um an Audi book and you thought I could do that I probably could do it better well you might be on to something really big there okay this is voice over work and that I want to talk about and it is somethin

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