How to Make Money with ChatGPT Store ($0 to a Millionaire in a Year!)

okay so here is the huge news of the last few weeks open AI has recently launched the GPT store and now you can make your own AI tools and sell them on the GPT store can you become a millionar with your custom GPT well let's do some simple math together as I'm recording this video Chad GPT has 180 million monthly users if you take just 1% of this user base it's a million and 800,000 users sell them access to your custom AI for just $2 for 12 months and you will have over 43 million in sales by the end of the year so how do you get started if you are a chat GPT plus subscriber click on explore gpts the store features lots of models we can see here canva and there is a whole section of gpts for images built on Del scroll down more to see other categories like research and Analysis productivity lifestyle and education and to start building your own custom GPT agent go to my GPT section and select the option to create a new agent submit the agent's name description and conversation status you can even use a chat-like interface and build your tool just by answering a few questions this is perfect for beginners like me you see I just sat here that I want to build a GPT that's a tourist guide for Lisbon then Chad GPT will suggest the name for my GPT it will generate a logo image for it and by the way I love the image it made for me then chat initiates for you the rest of the steps and it asks me what my guide will be focused on mostly on historical sites or food or something else I said let's focus on historical sites while you're building the tool keep an eye on the right side of the window that's where you have a preview of the GPT you can already interact with these questions that users might be asking your GPT if a user asks GPT for the best places to visit in Lisbon here is the answer your GPT can provide with the list of the best destinations now chat GPT will also give you suggestions on how you can improve your GPT for example I can ask this GPT to be more focused on the hidden gems in Lisbon for those who are not visiting first time and they want to see not so obvious places again look at the right to see the adjustments that GPT made already based on this request the questions here reflect now exactly what I asked for once you're happy with all the settings of your tool release it on the GPT store it will first go through an automated and human review process to see if your tool is compliant with the terms of service as for the monetization open AI plans to launch GPT build Builder Revenue program the only thing that we know for now is that as a first step us Builders will be paid based on user engagement with their gpts it's speculated to be different from Apple Store's 70 to3 model potentially more in favor of open AI since they provide much of the underlying technology now let's explore some GPT ideas that you can build and profit from even if you have no technical background let's start with coaching personalized AI coaching has great Potential from Fitness and Nutrition to Career Development A GPT coach can provide tailored advice and support for example a GPT that estimates nutritional intake from a photo of your meal could offer customized dietary recommendations now let's think about creative Industries a GPT could assist writers musicians and artists in overcoming creative blocks it could also help generate art and designs for those that are Laing design skills producing unique visuals for ads presentations and so much more speaking of solving the problems that content creators have I spend personally more time than you can imagine doing research and planning my future video topics sometimes it's just so hard to break the creative block so I found a course from lambros that shows how I can streamline the process of creating a Content strategy with Chad GPT I also found his lesson on turning long form content into short form with Chad GPT very helpful this lesson was part of the learning path about Chad GPT on skillshare learning paths help you save time searching for courses because every path gives you curated highquality courses on your topic of Interest the classes are ordered to take you from beginner to Advanced and the learning path that I took is called how to become a more efficient content creator with chat GPT it includes five classes and will take you about 6 hours in total to watch all the lessons skillshare is the largest online learning community for creatives with thousands of classes led by industry Pros across filming illustration design freelance productivity and so much more the first 500 people to use my link in the description destion below will get a one- month free trial of skillshare start learning today now I just want to thank skillshare for sponsoring this portion of the video and it makes a lot of sense that the next area I'd like to cover in which you can build your custom gpts is education the education sector is undergoing a digital transformation and AI is at the Forefront imagine creating GPT models as personal tutors to help students learn languages or complex subjects tailoring these models to different learning styles can make education more enjoyable and effective the next Niche that can be highly profitable because you would often work with businesses rather than individuals as customers is digital marketing and content is crucial in digital marketing a GPT model acting as an all-in-one AI marketing agency could revolutionize the field it could create SEO optimized blog content eye-catching ad designs personalized email campaigns and engaging social media captions tailored to specific audiences the next Niche is business efficiency think about creating a GPT tool to optimize business processes as I run a business myself trust me that these days most business owners are happy to pay for something that saves their time a couple of ideas for gpts in this area would be automated report generation and this GPT could quickly generate comprehensive reports giving you more time to focus on strategic decisions another one would be streamlined workflow management it organizes tasks and schedules it makes sure that everything runs like clock work saving business owners time and hustle now let's think about gpts for data analytics the data analytics Market is booming a GPT that turns raw data into actionable insights could be invaluable a few ideas for you to consider could be Predictive Analytics and this GPT model could predict Trends and outcomes helping you stay out of the curve in your industry another idea would be simplified data visualization GP it would create clear concise visualizations making complex data easily digestible for anyone in your team than industry-based gpts in sectors like Health Care finance and legal a GPT that speaks the industry's language could be a GameChanger let's talk about Healthcare in healthare the GPT could interpret medical research suggest potential diagnosis based on on symptoms and explai

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