EARN $100 DAILY *LAZY WAY* Creating Videos With Your Phone! (Make Money Online 2024)

are you tired of struggling to make ends meet feeling frustrated with complex money-making schemes and missing out on the things you love due to financial constraints do you wish you had the skills to unlock a simple yet effective way to make money online without the need for significant upfront investment or specialized expertise picture yourself Breaking Free from the cycle of financial stress gaining the ability to afford the lifestyle you desire and enjoying more leisurely time this video will be a GameChanger for you what if I told you that by the end of this video you could discover a step-by-step approach to making money online that aligns with your desire for Simplicity and Effectiveness you'll witness a live demonstration showcasing a method so easy and accessible that it might just be the solution you've been searching for join us on this journey and imagine the possibilities Financial Freedom the ability to take those dream trips and the empowerment to live life on your terms don't miss out on the chance to transform your financial situation and reclaim the time and freedom you deserve ve let's dive into the video and uncover the secrets to making money online effortlessly with just your phone no appearance needed on camera and no need for a computer to demonstrate the potential profitability of this method I'm about to show you let me share some real life examples of individuals who are already earning income through this method take for instance a YouTube channel known as body Hub where creators share health related videos using mainly stock footage and voiceovers this channel Garners nearly 2 million views every month leading to substantial advertising Revenue another case in point involves this video on a different Channel despite having just one topic it has managed to accumulate a whopping 2 million views showcasing the versatility of this approach across diverse subjects and topics these examples underscore the tangible success achievable with the method I'm about to show you making it a viable option for those looking to generate income online the common link among these channels lies in the use of stock footage to create videos and the key to to their success lies in their focus on spoken content when you join YouTube's partner program ads are added to your videos and you get a cut of the ad Revenue personally I make several thousand dollars per month solely from this Revenue Source by managing a few channels following this approach subscribers likes and comments may seem impressive but what truly matters is the number of views and more importantly the monetized views each month if you're skeptical and want to see this method in action I'll Now guide you through the process of creating one of these videos using just your phone the first step to starting this process is to pick a topic or area of Interest also called a niche the best choices for a niche usually revolve around topics such as health wealth Finance relationships and psychology there are also what we call High CPM niches which are topics that advertisers are eager to advertise on and compete for ad space on which results in higher paying ad Revenue these niches tend to earn more money from ad revenue for every thousand views they receive on the screen you can see a list of high CPM niches you can pause or return to this list whenever you like for this example let's choose the health Niche to confirm that it's a good choice simply search for health related videos on YouTube as you can see there are channels in this Niche regularly getting over 100,000 views per each uploaded video you want to verify that whatever Niche you choose that there are plenty of channels whose videos are receiving hundreds of thousands of views this is a very important step the health Niche checks this very important box so we are good to go all right let's start by brainstorming our initial video concept navigate to a well-known Health focused Channel such as body Hub to gather inspiration once there peruse their video library and arrange the content based on popularity pay close attention to the videos that have accumulated the highest number of views we are diving into the Health Fitness Niche which is a sub niche of Health but that's okay because sometimes picking a sub niche can help zero in on specific topics and ideas you can build your channel on by doing this you'll be able to pinpoint some tried andrue ideas that resonate with the audience any of these high performing video Concepts listed here could serve as an excellent starting point for your own content for our upcoming video we can zero in on the concept titled five foods to eat to quickly gain weight and build muscle this particular topic not only aligns with the trending interests of health conscious viewers but also addresses a common concern which is weight gain and muscle building it's a straightforward yet impactful idea that has proven to attract a substantial audience utilizing these widely accessible and relatable themes will likely enhance the visibility and engagement of our video now let's put together a video using an app called invido AI you can easily find this app on the app store or you can visit their website at nido.org off open the nid AI App log in and just type in your topic if you're feeling a bit indecisive no worries you can also pick from pre-made suggestions like YouTube explainers or YouTube shorts in this simplified approach we're skipping the part where you write a script instead let invid AI handle the video creation process simply input create a YouTube video about the top 10 foods to quickly gain muscle hit generate a video and give it a few minutes to work its magic once it's done you'll be given choices for your target audience and the overall Vibe of your video we went for a health conscious and professional feel choose YouTube as your platform click continue and voila your video is ready to roll in our case it took just 8 minutes and 15 seconds easy peasy you can leave the app running in the background to generate videos while you do other things when the video is ready you can watch it to make sure you like the results if you want to edit you can add subtitles or use the editing features to recreate parts of the video change the music or even recreate the entire video if you choose so you can also replace scenes or upload your own the app is available on a browser too so you can work on it from your computer as well you have an AI Video Creator assistant on your phone to help you create content easily and on the Fly Just export the video and if you're on a paid plan you can remove the watermark paid plans start at only $20 per month so it's definitely worth the price be sure to click on the link below in the description or in the comment section to download the app to get started creating cool videos using your phone now let's move on to the third step in this process which involves putting your content on You

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