This ONE Automated Side Hustle Makes $400+/day (HOW TO START NOW)

in order to make $122,000 per month you need an income stream that's going to make you $400 per day and this is way more in reach than you may think hey future millionaires my name is Isabella I am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses and today I'm going to be talking about an income stream that anyone can do that can potentially make you thousands of dollars monthly with limited work on your end and there's even people out here that are making thousands of dollars every single day doing this exact same side hustle I love this side hustle because you can do this from anywhere in the world you do not have to show your face and you can start this with Zer there are YouTube channels on YouTube that are completely faceless and making thousands of dollars per month these channels are getting millions of views with thousands of followers just by creating simple videos about different topics motivational videos educational videos travel technology just to name a few of these topics and most of these videos are just random stock footage Clips put together together with the voiceover behind them take a look at this YouTube channel top five which according to Social bed is making ,000 or more per day and nearly half a million dollars per year here's another Channel tropia you can see here that they've racked up millions of views across their videos and if we go to social blade you type in the channel name and you look at these earnings you can see here yourself that they're making as much as up to $400 per day and making around $1,00 per month there are so many faceless YouTube channels across YouTube doing the same exact thing and if they're doing it why can't you people are using this tool that I found which turns one simple idea into a full-blown video for you with an engaging script background music subtitles relevant footage and even your own cloned voice over the power Behind these channels is once you create a video that video will generate you money no matter how old it is there's videos YouTube right now that are 10 years old and that are still generating thousands of dollars monthly for that channel I feel like nobody talks about this because they don't want the YouTube space to become more and more competitive but you guys already know I'm an open book about everything that I do to make money online and I just feel like there's enough space in this game for other people that are really serious about jumping in this is called YouTube Automation and it's never been an easier time to jump into this business model than it has been right now now on my YouTube channel not only do I like to just chitchat about side hustles and talk about them but I like to show you how to actually get started and with this new tool in video that I found it's actually unbelievable how easy it is to actually start a YouTube channel and start making these videos for your own YouTube automation Channel using this one simple tool I will be providing you guys with a strategy that you guys can try yourself so you also can start making over $10,000 a month with these kinds of videos no matter what kind of videos you decide to make and it's so crazy how AI has never made it easier to actually start doing this when people search for something online the first place where they go is Google and the second most searched engine is YouTube this is statistically proven and you can look this up yourself and of course people don't just use YouTube for searching things but they also use it for entertainment purposes as well just like how people binge watch Netflix people are out here vinge watching YouTube as well so instead of being the consumer you should be the Creator and you can make so much money from it and this process is way more easier than you probably think so let me walk you through how to do this right now so this is in video Ai and I put the link for this tool down in the description box below so make sure you sign up with that link after you click the link in that description box it's going to bring you to this page the first thing that you're going to see is this box that asks you to type in a topic and instructions into the box so you guys have seen on YouTube these motivational channels are blowing up so today let's start a YouTube automation Channel about this topic motivation but we're not just talking about motivation we're actually going to talk about something more specific in the motivational branch of that Niche which is mindset so let's go ahead and ask the AI to create a 3-minute motivational video about mindset and just keep in mind as you're writing this prompt the more detailed The Prompt is the better so let's ask the AI make me a video around the differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and how switching over to a growth mindset can make you very successful in life include Vivid and creative examples to illustrate the points be funny and Casual use a heavy mail British voice and ab subtitles so when you're creating this prompt just make sure that you have these key components which is the topic of the video the tone of the voice the type of the voice over whether you want subtitles or not and just any other more specific features the more specific you are with the AI bot the better video it's going to make for you so let's go ahead and click this button and now you will see our video is now being generated and as this AI bot is working you can actually sign up right here and make an account it is free to sign up and I do already have an account so if you haven't already made one you'll just sign up here so after a few minutes the AI bot made us a video yours sometimes can take a little bit longer so if it does take a little bit longer just know that that's okay too just depends on the video that's creating now that video is done let's see what the AI made for us it is literally so crazy that the AI made this video this fast so once your video is done it will also bring you to this page and you can see below the preview of this video here there's an edit command box here you're able to make different types of edits using just simple text commands let me show you how this works so we can do things like add subtitles to the video and and it will add subtitles to the video or maybe you want to change the British male voiceover to a woman voiceover you can type that in here and click this button and it will literally make the changes for you you can even do things like changing the intro to a joke adding a call to action at the end of the video for those viewers to subscribe to you and the possibilities here are really endless for this edit command box but one thing that I have been using lately which is actually insane is you can even ask the AI to use your own voice the beauty of this feature is that you can use your own voice without having to actually use it and this video will then look like it hasn't been made by AI it will look a lot more per

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