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I couldn't just handle being a mother being a wife and being consistent on YouTube Nobody actually prepared me for that trust me nobody prepares you for whatever it is that is going to come when you have a baby I don't know sometimes I feel like maybe it's not a mere maybe it's me maybe I'm lazy maybe I don't want to film if my husband say I should sit at home then I'm not going to be in the relationship is it like a rich kid you said you wanted to buy a Mac and then you bought a Mac no I never had like a dream wedding so it was very easy for me ah mommy hey Daddy me women when they get married when they have children they kind of like fall off the cliff hey guys what is up welcome back to the channel I should be covering my face right now I'm so sorry it's been like forever it's been a minute it's been months since I sat down to film a video like this or just film a video for or YouTube and to be honest I really really really miss human videos for YouTube because if not for anything for you guys okay I really really missed women but a lot has happened it's been it's been an amazing past couple of months but overall it's been a whole lot for me ah I don't know how to start this video because I just did that okay before I put out anything here on YouTube I need to like sit down do a video like this talk about things but I sincerely do not know where to start from but first off I want to appreciate each and every one here on YouTube that is following me on Instagram because at least you know that okay I'm alive I'm well and I'm posting content on Instagram it's not like I ditched YouTube completely YouTube is forever Gonna Be My Baby YouTube is that platform that I fell in love with first before Instagram before Tick Tock but surprisingly my Tick Tock is doing well um like maybe 200 or 300 close to like 300 people close to like 50k or 45k I don't even know but I know that my Tick Tock is doing really well my Instagram is a little over 5 000 followers which makes sense because at least I have active followers yeah but I just by the way that's just for you to know that okay I've been posting on Instagram and on Tick Tock I've not just been posting on YouTube because I've not had time to film amongst many other things I think the last time you guys aired from me was probably before I went to South Africa right I went to South Africa I spent two months and it was one of like the best times one of the best days times that I've spent with my baby and my husband although it was a whole lot because um it was just my husband and I we didn't really have anybody assisting us oh and then there is his friend that you know Dr Lulu shout out to you she was really helpful and then a friend of ease Lina they were really helpful they were helping with a mirror sometimes if I have to film they'll Amir is so Troublesome now like he's a boy so I mean I think it's expected but nobody actually prepared me for that trust me nobody prepares you for whatever it is that is going to come when you have a baby nobody prepares you for you know the slippers nice the changing of diapers the just the troubles and everything and to be honest it was like as much as I feel like it's a good thing I mean to experience the joy of motherhood it just really tells on you at the end of the day because especially if you don't have people assisting you when I was in Nigeria before I traveled I had my sister sometimes my mom sometimes my friends sometimes my just someone here under that assists me but the minute I went I traveled with amiru so is that place and we're together I was just my husband and I and then thankfully they were on holiday so he was able to stay at home most of the time with us but still ah bruh it was a lot I can't even lie it was a lot and to be honest I was just posting on Instagram and on Tick Tock just to know that at least I'm doing something I'm not giving up completely because for YouTube especially with my finance videos I need to kind of like script out content plan ahead I can't just sit down for Instagram views I can just plan 10 videos in less than in a day but for YouTube it has to be like detailed and everything so I couldn't really function properly and that's why you see that Sometimes women when they get married when they have children they kind of like fall off the cliff I've heard stories that you know people just get married have children and then they fall off the cliff not because they want you or because they don't they feel like I think it's just majorly because they have a lot of responsibility they have a lot of things to do and they just be like so what is the point of doing these things if I'm not even going to do it right so I think for me that is what I've learned and because I actually love doing this I love filming videos it doesn't matter what I'm doing it doesn't matter what I'm talking about I genuinely love it as always been my first baby it has always been something that I feel like that I know that okay every time I pick up my camera I would be able to shoot and I feel so comfortable in front of the camera for me to just ditch it and say oh no I'm not doing this again in fact I feel like I'm going to do this thing for a long period of time so yeah everything why I stopped posting videos is basically because I couldn't just handle being a mother being a wife and being consistent on YouTube that is not to say that okay because now I'm in Nigeria I've stopped being a wife or maybe like it's not like there were a lot of things to do I for one person I'm not a good cook so it's not like I cook every day it's not like I clean every day but I'm here alone having a baby alone is just it adds not to crack I don't know how people do it I watch kelechi on YouTube kelechi is my is one of my top three favorite YouTubers in the world I don't care where you are from kelechi is like my top three killer cheat dimmer and the third person is just maybe I just shuffle them here and there but um why people right so I think it literally she's like the way that girl does like the way the way she kind of like you know makes everything seem easy she like she creates content a lot she makes her hair she takes care of her baby she's always doing this always doing that I feel like she's a Super Woman and I'm not and one thing I've gotten to understand is that you cannot be like every other person you are a different person you are a different being because your sister is doing well at something it doesn't have to doesn't mean you're going to excel at the same thing so I've learned to kind of like take things at my own pace no stress nope see there are things that like if you know me very well I don't stress like okay I stress but I don't stress stress on many things I did my wedding sometimes last month and a few of my friends were telling me that I was like the comments or the coolest bright that they've ever met or like you know the way brides are usually her on their wedding like o

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