4 Ways to Make Money Online with ChatGPT AI ($100 Per Day Working from Home)

hi I'm Anastasia and I'm about to show you how you can make hundreds of dollars a day online using Chad GPT and you don't need any skills to do this why because Chad GPT is going to do most of the work for you you just have to ask the right questions and get started if you're not familiar with Chad GPT by now where have you been this tool has the world going wild because people have been using it to build businesses in less time it's making people a lot of money it's simple to use it's free to use and I've made money with it so I'm going to show you how to do it and the first way you can use to make money starting today is to create and sell ebooks did you know that people literally make six figure income selling eBooks working just a few hours a week check out this story on Business Insider of how a 30-year-old mom made $120,000 in passive income in 9 months selling digital products online and only working 5 hours a week her main product and the first one that set her on this path was an $18 ebook and she only uses her Tik Tok account to promote the products and today I'm going to show you how you can make similar kind of side income fast thanks to CAD GPT I'm not talking about complex ebooks that require serious resources or extensive research I'm talking about a simple ebook such as a recipe book one of the popular topics currently is keto recipes so go to Chad GPT and ask give me 10 keto recipes by the way I'm using the paid version of Chad GPT well because I'm already paying for it but you can also use the free version is just a little slower but still works just fine and voila it will prompt to generate 10 different keto recipes with ingredients list and even with a step step-by-step instructions you can further specify by asking Chad PT for breakfast lunch or dinner ideas right now in my example Chad GPT went ahead and started generating the full recipes right away this may or may not work the same way every time so you might need to ask Chad GPT to provide you the cooking directions if it doesn't generate them initially next head over to design platforms such as canva.com you can use canvas free version by the way too search for cookbook templates and then I recommend you to focus not only on how the cover looks but search for templates that include more than just one page you can hover over the template and canva will show you how many pages it has in some cases you can get 12 or 16 Pages which is great because you also need those other Pages specific for a cookbook you need those internal pages to be structured to include ingredient section instructions nutrition the photos of the recipes so you're better off with a template that might not have the best cover but the internal pages should work for what you need the cover is just one page and you can add any other cover to your project later now tweak the template to your liking adapt the title modify the chapters according to meal types and add the recipes update images to match the dishes that you're discussing on each page you could search for appropriate photos in canvas media library then you could just drag and drop the images where you need them once your ebook design is complete you can go to Amazon Kindle Direct publishing click on Create and then upload your newly crafted ebook you can generate multiple ebooks to earn a significant amount of money passively if you need more details on any of the steps just let me know in the comments below but that's the basic of it simple right and if you want want to actually try this side hassle I recommend you to do what I did first learn from this guy Nick nebelski who has published dozens of his own books on Amazon and has a great course on skillshare the course will do what it promised it will help you with all the steps that you need to publish a book with Chad GPT with AI image generators like mid Journey or Leonardo and with canva I want to thank skillshare for sponsoring this part of the video as that gave me an opportunity to show you this amazing course that I took he goes over the whole process from idea generation with chat GPT to making a book outline you will also learn a lot about generating images for your books with AI tools and you will make a book cover in canva following the video lessons Click by click and if you've never used skillshare it's an online community filled with thousands of classes for people with a creative spirit and curious mind you can delve into subjects like online marketing design photography videography freelancing and many others grab the link in the description below and the first 500 people to use my link will get access to one of the skillshare's best offers 30 days free and 40% off your first year of skillshare membership and the next way to make money with chat DPT is to create faceless YouTube channels you can cash in using Chad GPT by setting up a faceless YouTube channel and people are making a lot of money without ever being on camera simply by adding voiceovers to stock video clips this channel in the travel Niche for example currently gets over 2.3 million views monthly surprisingly from what I've gathered it's among the smaller faceless channels here is some perspective in the four years that I've been producing content my channel has got the amount of views that this faceless channel gets in just two months and by checking platforms like social blade which may not be spoton but it gives a ballpark figure this faceless Channel's estimated earnings just with Google ads might be up to $8,000 per month want to get in on this here's a smart trick use chat GPT to craft your video scripts and voiceovers not just that you can also generate catchy video descriptions and titles with trending keywords this helps your video pop up high in search results on YouTube attracting more views and generating you more ad income for instance let's ask Chad GPT to script a video about the best places to visit in Portugal where I live can you believe it doesn't just give me just a text but an actual script with an intro and some comments for the video editor once you get your script chat GPT can also suggest for you a catch a title and description of for your video you can ask it to include the focus keyword in our case it's the best places to visit in Portugal just check out the title it suggested exploring Portugal's hidden gems best places to visit in Portugal the description is pretty long but very well optimized for keywords now I think that the title could be a little more click baity for YouTube so I'll ask chatty PT for five different variants for this title here you go I like the first title the most discover Portugal magic top five places to visit right now this level of creativity could take days for many creators but here it's done in minutes want to streamline this even more then you can use an invidious text to video AI tool just go to ai. nvidia.com video and a few minutes later AI will generate for you a video using

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