How to Design and Print T-Shirts and Sweaters with AI Art (Easier than Midjourney!)

get ready for a gamechanging shift in the world of print on demand thanks to the arrival of AI tools designing products has long been a challenging and timec consuming part of being a print on demand seller in today's video I will show you how you can design amazing and unique t-shirt sweatshirt or hoodies designs with a couple of clicks using an AI tool integrated into a beginner-friendly design suit with an intelligent AI tool you can just submit a short text based prompt choose your desired art style and you can see here many options from image Art Styles uh clip art styles Vector Styles or pattern Styles and then just watch K's AI generate high quality images you probably have heard about mid Journey but I honestly think K is a better option in most cases because it's more beginner friendly and it's a full design platform so after generating an AI image you don't have to pay for an extra tool to remove any background or to get the image in a higher resolution you can do it all inside K just in a couple of clicks kle partnered with me for this video but I honestly have been using it for a while now and I bet you've seen it in many of my recent videos as well what makes Kitt even more interesting is their new feature that allows you to print the designs that you created on several types of products and deliver it to any address worldwide if you click on this little track symbol for the product catalog you'll see that you can currently print on t-shirts sweatshirts hoodies Ms and tote bags and this is the sweatshirt that I just received from K to my doorstep I designed it myself within maybe like 5 minutes and then kle printed and delivered it to me it feels soft and comfy in product details it says 50% cotton 50% polyester this is the S size actually it was the smallest option that was available and I love it and I'm sure my daughter will be super happy to see her favorite characters on this sweatshirt I will certainly wear it on the Christmas Eve and you will see now the entire process of creating this one from start to finish so I first opened templates in k because they have here an amazing collection of graphic design templates for different types of products I chose t-shirts and here you will see that the templates are categorized by the theme so you can also use a keyword search if you want something specific since Christmas is just around the corner I decided to make myself a Christmas design and I searched for this term then I chose this cartoonish design style because I thought that my three-year-old da daughter would love it the original text was in English but I live in Portugal and most of my family only speaks Portuguese so I quickly translated the text and edited it on this template it was super easy and quick then I thought it would be great to add a few of my daughter's favorite cartoon characters so here is what I did in kle we have this AI image generation feature I used it to generate a cute unicorn and then I added here a mini both are currently my daughter's favorite characters so I was sure that she would be so happy to see them on my sweatshirt on the Christmas Eve The Prompt that you submit doesn't need to be very technical or very detailed like you would do it on Mid Journey For example see my prompt is just for a unicorn and to use Christmas colors in the image that's because you can simply choose the style of the AI image out of K's options over here I think to match the original design template this Kawai style would work the best if you don't like the first option that AI generated for you you can always tweak your prompt at tiny bit and hit on generate button again also kle has this handy background remover feature so I just click here and this white background from my AI image disappears so I can and place it on top of the original template and it won't cover any parts on it with this white background anymore if I wasn't making this design in kle I would have to search for a third party tool just to remove this AI background that's a lot of extra clicks while in K all these design features are conveniently placed right at your fingertips I also can change the DPI to 300 over here and again if if I use something like mid journey to generate these AI images I would have to use a separate website to enlarge the image and make it good enough for printing these two additional pictures covered a bit of the original template but that's what I wanted to achieve anyway then I just clicked on this icon for product catalog and I could print it on a t-shirt but actually since it's winter and it's a Christmas design it made more sense to use a s shirt I can show you here that we have a great variety of color options but I thought that for my particular design with so many pastel colors just a simple white sweatshirt would be ideal you can choose the size and I used s but if you're not sure kle gives you a link here to a page with more details about the sizes that they use then I just added it to cart made the payment and it arrived to my doorstep in about 10 days you could use use Kittle to design and deliver products to your friends and family also if you're a Creator on or an influencer and you want to offer your audience some branded merchandise you can easily design print and deliver your products using kle print you can try kle using the first link in the description below and speaking of the merchandise I can actually recommend you to check out K's AI quote generator feature it works very easy and again you don't need to jump between different di tools like Chad GPT and then M Journey you can generate the quotes design them and then even print them inside K how it works is very easy you first pick a niche for your quote and kle has here A whole library of topics for your quotes then you can set the mood and the length that you want for your quote and it could be a funny an inspirational smart or romantic quote and then Ki will generate for you 12 unique quotes to use for your merch product by the way in addition to Kitt print there is also this option to place your designs on a large variety of product mockups so you could use these mockups and show your products in a lifestyle photo like this for example to your audience on your website or if you're a Creator on YouTube you could add your merch products here for sale too if you want to learn how you can create and sell wall art prints using K Ai and potentially make up to $102,000 a month on Etsy then check my next video linked up there but not just yet if you found this video helpful give me a like subscribe and I'll see you in that next video

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