How to Make A $150/Day Affiliate Marketing Blog – For BEGINNERS

if you're looking to start an affiliate marketing blog but you're brand new to blogging or affiliate marketing or even just making money online this will be a very stepbystep tutorial to help you get started now I'm going to do everything on my computer screen for you so you can see and follow along all the way till the end and if you do follow along until the end you'll have all the products you want to promote you'll have your Niche all chosen you'll have at least 6 months worth of articles that you want to write and you'll have the outlines and everything you need to write them I'm also going to show you all the tools that will really make this process a lot faster for you and since I'm assuming you're a beginner and you're not making a ton of money we're going to focus on the free or very very budget friendly tools that you can use to make this blog go faster now let's not waste any time let's start by talking about a niche now the way Google works is you can't really do well if you create a blog that talks about everything so if you're a big fan of food but you're also a fan of sports and you're also a fan of fashion you can't create a blog that does all of those you'll probably not do very well Google wants you to choose a category also called a niche and you need to stick with that now the way I always recommend doing it is getting very specific with your Niche and so you don't want to just say oh I'm a fan of making money online or I'm a fan of sports you want to go very very deep because it's going to be very hard as a new blogger to compete with other large blogs unless you go very Niche and what I mean by that is if we're doing sports for example we need to go narrow we need to say hey we're doing sports but we're picking one specific Sport and this blog is going to be all about that or let's say you're a fan like me of creative ways to make money you can say my blog about making money but I'm going very much more specific it's about making money online it's about one specific way of making money online for example affiliate marketing you'll find that in the very beginning if you focus on one tiny space inside of a broader space that you'll do much better so I'm going to show you on the screen here we'll leave a link to this down below and you can look this is 2531 little tiny micro niches on the internet where you can go on and see success much quicker so you'll see when you head over to that page you can scroll forever there is tons of different niches and you can see they've gone very in depth instead of of just a baby blog we've got baby development baby feeding baby gifts you can go very very Niche and you'll do a lot better if you focus like that in the beginning and you can expand after that now the next thing you're going to do just to make sure that your Niche works that your Niche actually has people looking for it and there's a lot of ways to make money in that Niche you're going to go to this tool called wordst again it's totally free let's go back to that baby example and we're going to type in the word baby that's you're going to type in your broad keyword okay the the main topic that you're going to talk about and we're going to click find my keywords and what you're looking for is at least 10 to 20 to 30,000 people searching for that broad keyword every single month inside of a Google Search now you can see here it's saying for the keyword baby we've got over a million people searching every month we've got diapers over 600,000 we've got all kinds of baby clothes 135,000 there's a lot of different spaces that we can take up inside the baby Niche and clearly there's a lot of potential in this Niche once you've chosen a niche that you feel comfortable with then you're going to move on to actually creating the blog and this is going to be a few steps to actually get everything set up and then we're going to show you how to actually start thinking of content and things like that the next thing you're going to need to do is you're going to need to sign up for a host and a host is just where our website is being stored online we can't store it on our computer cuz our computer is not always connected to the internet so we're going to need to pay someone to keep our website always online so it can always be accessed now the host I recommend and the host that's also sponsoring this video thankfully is and you can go to Spencer which we will leave a link down to below and it'll take you right here and you can see they're currently doing a deal and if you're watching this video right now you might see something similar or depending on when you watch you might see a different deal um but you're going to see it's going to give you a few different plans and you can see that the really big difference at least for me is going from one website to 100 websites with the Premium plan so if there's a chance you're going to create a couple different blogs obviously there's a much better deal on the Premium plan now after I click add to cart you'll see that the price you're being quoted is typically the yearly price or maybe even the 48th month price so if you're going to go month to month um the price does go up quite a bit but they're going to give you a large discount if you can commit to using it for at Le at least one year uh now whatever deal they're having you can also get an additional coupon code using just my name which is Spencer so if you type in Spencer it's going to throw in an additional 10% off of whatever the price is that it's showing you then you'll fill in your credit card information and you'll move on now as long as you chose one of the plans that was 12 months or over which was all the plans except for that first one you're going to see once you've created your account and moved through that account creation process that there's going to be a free domain that you can claim and so you're going to want to click claim domain if you're not familiar with what a domain is my domain is build right Apple's domain is Amazon say that's all a domain is this is your website now typically the first website that you want is not going to be available so you might have to spend a little time thinking through what you want your site to be called for example we've been on the baby space this entire time so if I said baby stuff. net we're going to go for do right and I click check availability it's probably taken so you'll spend 5 or 10 minutes finding something that's not taken but that you still like and are comfortable with and you can see after goofing around for a little bit I found the website the Babu if I was doing a baby blog and maybe I wanted to kind of focus it a little bit around me uh it'd be kind of a fun one to do so you'll see that I get it for free because we've already purchased a plan we'll click claim domain and we're going to run with that now you will need to fi

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