Get Paid Up To US$11,000 A Month With NO DEGREE In The MEDICAL Field With These 20 Jobs

finding a job that pays a us six figure income without a college degree is somewhat impossible finding one with amazing benefits is unusual finding this job in the medical industry is highly unlikely and finding this job in a career field that currently has hundreds of job openings many that I'm going to share later in this video is down right impossible in my opinion but you know what rock stars I have always felt that everything is impossible until it's done and I am pleased to announce that I have done the research and I have found these jobs and in this video I'm going to share at least 20 of them I'm going to share how you can apply and we're applicable I'm even going to tell you where to get qualified and and remember earlier I said you don't need a college degree for these jobs so rock stars if you appreciate the work and the research that I put into bringing you these videos I would really appreciate it right now if you would like the video thank you in advance and remember if you're not yet a part of the Rockstar family please go ahead and subscribe so that we can welcome you and for the rock stars that come here first every time when I drop a video and write first in the comments I see you and for the rock stars who keep coming back I appreciate you thanks for your support that said let's get right into the video now this job plays a crucial role in the healthcare industry by converting Health Care diagnosis procedures and medical service services and equipment into Universal medical alpha numeric codes and if you can guess before I tell you what this job is I want you to write I know in the comments let's play a little game rock stars now the entry level income for this job is anywhere from $20 to $30 per hour but like I said earlier there are positions that will pay you as much as $122,000 in a year and some of them I'm going to share later in the video the job is that of drum roll a medical coder how do you get started as a medical coder now there are some jobs out there that do require a college degree to be a medical coder I'm not going to talk about those today there's some out there that do require certification I'm going to talk about some of those and there are some out there that only require a high school diploma and a few that don't I'm going to talk about those as well so in essence there's something out there for everyone now there are several reputable websites and organizations where you can obtain coding certification some of the prominent ones as I'm popping up here on screen include the American Academy of professional coders or aapc and I'm going to outline hear what you'll be able to get through this certification you can find information about this particular program and their training from their actual website and as usual I'm going to pop up these websites on patreon I'm also going to pop them up on the Community page for YouTube members but rockstars if you're not subscribed I'm going to try to pop up the web pages here so that you can quickly capture the name and do a quick Google search and get to the application process if you're interested in getting certified now the great thing about a medical Cod is you can work remotely as well for some of the organizations but let's keep going with the certification another place where you can get certified is the American health information management association or the ah M and again I'm popping up the certifications that you can get get there on screen here now what exactly are you going to do as a medical coder medical coding involves translating patients diagnosis procedures and services into codes for billing purposes and coders play a crucial and pivotal role in the Healthcare billing process ensuring that accurate representation of the services that are rendered and proper reimbursement for those Services actually happen and typically these jobs are either in hospitals or clinics where they require coders for outpatient and impatient Services billing companies as well and these are the companies handling billing for multiple Health Care Providers Insurance companies they often hire medical coders to review claims and ensure accurate billing and as I said earlier you can actually work from home with experience and a good reputation in this industry many medical coders have the option to work remotely either for an employer like the hospital or the billing companies or the insurance companies or even the clinics or here's the best part you can actually freelance and do so in your own time and get jobs and there are digital Nomads that I know who are working globally freelance ing as medical coders and making amazing money now that you have a good understanding of the expectations let's know talk about the highest paying medical coding jobs out there right now and I'm going to share about 20 jobs and I'm going to have a link where you can literally click and when you click the link associated with the job you're going to see several jobs there that you can apply for and you're not going to need to pay to gain access to the application platform and this application platform when you get to it will take you to the company's platform for you to do the application so you're going to have it pretty easy with these links and I'm going to put the links on patreon I'm also going to pop them up on YouTube for members again if you're not subscribe I'm going to do my best to pop up the web pages here for each of them so you can screen capture the name accurately do a search and I'm thinking you should be able to get to the platform that I'm referring to and then apply from there now the first job on the list is that of a coding and reimbursement specialist and as per my notes here that job pays anywhere from $59,000 to $997,000 per year now the great thing about this particular position again it doesn't require a college degree based on recent job postings on platforms like Zip recruiter the coding and reimbursement specialist job market especially in the US is very active right now with several companies hiring and all they're asking for for the most part is a high school diploma or a GED or the equivalent certification is required and this is the CPS the ccs-r the RH it and the rhia and in some instances some experience is also required but rockstars keep in mind this is paying almost $100,000 a year so requiring a certificate and a little bit of experience is not too bad but there are many on this list that don't require that so let's keep going medical coding auditor and this salary ranges anywhere from 70,000 to $84,500 per year as a medical coding auditor you're going to check medical coding and billing information of course that's the accuracy of it you're going to check for suspicious activity and compliance with different Healthcare regulations like Hippa as an example next on the list is the hospital Cod and this salary ranges from 50,000 to 75,000 and all you need is a high school diplo

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