Stupidly Easy $40,000/Month Amazon KDP Method for Beginners

this seller made over $45,000 and this seller made over $80,000 and in this step-by-step tutorial I want to show you a brand new app that most of these sellers are using but no one is talking about it I will also share with you how to actually get your first sale and then how to scale to $4,000 a month even as a complete beginner my name is Dave Nick and let's dive in now first of all if you go to Amazon and you search for these KDP products and you open up different ebooks and PDF guides that have been shared on Amazon you can see that people are us selling them for $5 to $15 and some of these sellers have thousands of sales so they sometimes made six figures in complete passive income because they can upload this PDF once and they can sell it again and again and again but 99% of the people that try Amazon KDP completely fail and never make a single dollar so we're going to change that today first things first to understand how this actually works when need to understand the process the process is you want to do proper research first that's the step number one you want to then write a book and you can't just go to chat GPT and generate an entire book from one prompt it's not going to work like that then you got to design your ebook you got to publish it and then promote it to actually start getting sales because the the in order to actually rank on Amazon you need to have some reviews first you need to have some sales you can't just go out there publish something and leave it like that because it's most likely not going to get any traction unless you have some audience already so what we are going to do is we going to boost our sales in the beginning so we can boost ourselves in the rankings and then start getting organic sales but first of all let us begin with the step number one for idea brainstorming and the project management itself you can use an app called edras Soft if you go to arrosoft decom you can see that you get access to diagramming brainstorming inside of the software itself which is pretty cool then you also can do project management I mostly use it for my YouTube automation channels and YouTube in general to man manage different projects that we are working on but you can also do it for the Amazon KDP business as well now you will have to download this software with one press of a button just click here and install it and you can try it out for completely free mostly for brainstorming and project management but there's also other tools that you can use once you install it you can just play around and find as many useful cases for your business with it now before we actually do proper research most people think that they can just open up some magic and AI tool like ebook maker. a and this AI tool will generate a book for them with one press of a button and they can just upload it to Amazon go to the beach take a cocktail and make thousands of dollars a day doing nothing but it obviously doesn't work like that most of these books that are generated with AI are complete BS and no one would really read them they're not quality at all and just think about it yourself would you sit down and buy an AI generated book and read that probably not so as fun as this sounds you can just press one button and generate a book that can sell thousands of times it usually doesn't work at all with that out of the way let's actually go and do some research now to find the right product to sell on Amazon what you can simply do is you can go to Amazon itself and you can utilize the search bar you can search for different keywords for example I can start searching for coloring books 4 and it's going to show me what is top selling on Amazon right now so we have coloring books for women and that's probably something that most of these people are searching for so I should probably sell that product and this can go with literally anything you can search for a book for and then it's going to show you what are the top searches on Amazon right now that's one of the options the second option is to use an AI tool like Celesta dcom but the problem with these AI tools I basically just found this on Google the problem with these AI tools is that they're not free they give you like one search for free as you can see I only have one search left for the free and then I actually got to pay for it and you can mostly do all of those things for free if you just go to Amazon so what I would do is I would need to copy the link do some listing and then click on get keywords and it's going to show me which keywords they're using so that I can basically copy that for my own listing again as you can see I have zero searches left now I used it here and then I got to pay for it and honestly I can mostly do all of this for free on Amazon now the next step is to actually write the book and if you don't want to sit down and write a book yourself probably takes weeks or even months and requires a lot of experience what you can do is you can go to chat jpt but you will need to use a free plugin if you go to the plugin store right over here so you got to scroll down click on plugin store click okay and then you can search for AI Quest and this particular plug-in that one once again you can install for free if you have Chad GPT 4 which costs about $20 a month if you have this AI tool you can now generate unique books and stories inside of chat GPT so as you can see I said unique story about a young boy who lived in the ancient Greek times and then it just tells me like all right let's start a story what's going to be the name of our superhero I said Mario and then it just asked me different questions what I want and then based on my response it's going to generate a full story so here we have a full mytical fantasy so what I could do is I could create like an ebook with as many of these different with as many of these different stories so I can say like 10 different mystical Greek ancient Greek stories whatever and I can just list out 10 different of the these stories that were generated with AI quests you can't just go to trity 3 and just ask it to generate a full ebook because obviously it's not going to work if you just press one button you actually have to put a little bit more time and effort into crafting a good book which is completely fine if it takes you an hour to create it you can unell it again and again for months or even years to come and also once you actually generate that book with C gpp you can go to oneclick and you can rewrite it and you can turn AI content into humanik content so you basically just paste your script here you click on make it human and it's going to rewrite it so that no one actually notices that it was generated by AI now the next step is to actually design the images that you're going to be using in your ebook to make it look a little bit more interesting so what you can do is you can go to tor. and you can generate unique images with one press of a button an

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