5 AI Apps to Make Money Online From Your Phone (2024)

I found five brand new AI apps that anyone can use to complete different tasks with AI technology and make money online from their phone from anywhere in the world and the best part about these apps is that they're absolutely free and anyone can use them and some of the apps that I will share with you in this video have made me hundreds of thousands of dollars so stay tuned for that AI app number one that you can use to make money online from your phone is wonder aif wonder AI app will allow you to turn photos into art or turn text into art as you can see you can turn words into art so you can type in for example George Washington eating a hamburger and it will generate AI will generate a completely unique image for you and you can generate all of this art from simple prompts now the way you can make money from this is you can sell these as stickers on a platform like Redbubble so redbubble.com is a website where you can upload these designs like stickers or you can upload your own designs to t-shirts mics and pillows and when someone buys your products with those design on them you will make money without actually owning any of those products yourself you simply just have to create these designs and you can get them created with this AI tool called the Wonder AI the next AI tool the next AI app that you can use to make money online from your phone is click and short it's already clickandshort.com this AI tool will allow you to generate viral short form content in seconds all you got to do is find a long form video and then you can create an account and you can just paste a link to that long-term video on YouTube and they will generate hundreds of different YouTube reports for you which you can then use to promote some CPA offers like for example you can go to that mob app this AI app gives you all of these different CPA offers where when someone enters their email address for a chance to win something like for example a 750 cash app giveaway then you're going to pay you five dollars per email collected and that's how I personally made over four thousand dollars with this app literally just for my phone only the next AI app that you can use to make money online from your phone is called pixel cut AI photo editor this AI editor will remove background from different products and images it will add it to those photos for you as you can see you can even remove a person from a photo from one price of a button you can have hundreds of different templates for different products and professionally edit videos with AI from your phone with one press of a button and you can obviously charge for this type of service and Fiverr and other freelancing platforms and you can make hundreds of dollars like for example this person has gotten over a thousand different sales for just removing a background from different images and they're selling at five the starting point is just five dollars this person made tens of thousands of dollars selling this one particular service in Fiverr and all of this can literally be done from your phone with pixel cut AI photo app the next way to make money from your phone using these AI apps is to find different voice acting apps where you can just enter text and they will generate human-like voiceovers who are you one of those ads is voiceover AI text-to-speech AI app where you can pretty much just paste your script paste your text in a box on your phone and that will generate unique voiceovers it will sound like humans and you can charge for voice acting services and voices.com or fiverr.com upwork.com freelancer.com people per hour.com people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars per month for voice acting services and you can get it all done for you from your phone using different voice acting apps so you can pretty much just search for text to voiceovers and you can find a bunch of those apps and you can make money online from your phone in a very lazy way the next AI app that you can use to make money online is called the phone sites and phone sites allows you to build landing pages websites apps and software from your phone only with no previous experience and with no Tech skills so you don't need to be a professional coder or whatsoever you can do it from your phone because you have a bunch of different templates and it is curated only for people that want to do this from their phones you can literally in your spare time from your phone will the website or an app that you can sell either as a service or sell as a piece of content on different websites such as flippa.com where empireflippers.com or even just sell it as a service in fiber another freelancing platforms it's very useful I'm also going to leave a link to it in the description box down below and you can do it all from your phone for almost completely free now if you want to see exactly how I personally build a business with AI and what I consider to be be the best way to actually make money with AI and it has never been revealed publicly before make sure to go to onlinebusinessacademy.com or click on some of the links that are in the description box down below there I will relay strategy that once again has never been revealed publicly and I will never share it publicly it's only going to be available for the first 100 people that go to online business academy.com or click on some of the links that are in the description box down below it's a complete step-by-step training program that showcases some of the latest AI tools and how to use them to build an online business and make money online with no previous experience and from anywhere in the world and everything is explained in a step-by-step manner I'm literally walking you through the entire process and showing you exactly how to actually do it yourself anyways I hope you got some value out of this video if you did make sure to drop a like and I will see you next time

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