4 Ways To Make US$1,500 A Week With Pinterest Without Followers: Passive Income & Beginner Friendly

when it comes to making money online by leveraging social media the platforms that's going to come to your mind is Tik Tok and Instagram never Pinterest Pinterest is usually overlooked for the most part yet Pinterest has a staggering 478 million active monthly users and offers significant money-making opportunities did you know that a whopping 90% of Pinterest millions of visitors find that Pinterest influences their shopping choices 78% appreciate the brand content that's popping up in their feed when they're on Pinterest plus a good 66% end up buying something that they spotted on Pinterest and interestingly enough Pinterest drives 33% more Shoppers to websites when compared to platforms like Facebook these metrics in addition to the millions of visitors peered with the unpopularity of Pinterest as a platform that can make money for me and it should for you as well it presents a key Advantage as Pinterest which is punched with so much power with its low saturation when compared to other social media platform it's going to increase your probability to earn if you apply strategies that allow you to do so so in this video I will be sharing four proven strategies that allow people to make as much as $1,500 us every single week using [Music] Pinterest welcome back rock stars and thank you so much for clicking play when this video poptop now you are a rockstar because you have subscribed to this channel which is the Rockstar Academy and I want to take a moment as well to thank the patreon club members and the patreon subscribers or the YouTube members I really appreciate all your support let's jump right into this video Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to discover collect and even share images videos and other content types through collecting them and placing them on something known as a board now when I first heard this explanation I was utterly confused and I don't know if it's because I'm close to 50 and when I think about board I think about chart board C board bulletin board I'm not thinking about a digital board so it took me a while to conceptualize exactly what Pinterest is so let me break it down for those who are like me who are a little little bit on the slower side imagine Pinterest you remember those cardboard or even the bulletin board at your work place but imagine that you have that card board in your home or the bulletin board at work where you can pin literally pin on that cboard or paste with tape on that bulletin board pictures and anything that you like or want to remember this can be done with with your own creation like you can pin up there a family recipe or you can use an image of a house that you saw somewhere that you like and you don't want to forget in the case of Pinterest the cardboard or the bulletin board it's now digital and the internet is where you're going to find these pins which of course are the pictures now you can do videos because it's digital different ideas different inspirations just like how you would pin that recipe and that house photo you're going to pin those things from the internet on your digital board which is Pinterest and Pinterest functions as a visual search engine allowing users to search for specific terms and discover relatable pins and images that address whatever query they have additionally Pinterest offers social media features through home and follow following feeds where users can explore content that they like and follow other Pinterest users that said let's move to how we're going to make money without followers on Pinterest the thing about Pinterest is whether you have one follower 10 follower zero follower or 100 followers if you're posting content that is interesting enough you're going to get views these are the views for the pins that you have shared and because you don't have to create the pins from scratch you can repost other people's pins and put them on your board it makes it easier for you to get views without one creating content and two without any large or any following for that matter now to leverage Pinterest to make money I recommend you create a business account that way you can see the number of views plus other critical analytics that we're going to use to our advantage you will also be able to leverage ads on the platform if you have a desire to do so with a business profile the first thing we're going to do to get our theme page going is we're going to select a niche and I recommend you select one from The prominent categories to include health wealth or relationships you're going to also choose a sub Niche because you don't want to be out there in these saturated niche n so as an example under Health you can choose weight loss or Fitness or under wealth you can choose making money online as a sub Niche you're going to create a unique name for your Pinterest theme page and this is where we're going to go to our dear friend chat GPT and you can use the free version for what I'm about to share all you have to do is to type this prompt in chat GPT give me unique p interest theme page name ideas for this Niche and you're going to insert the niche and the sub Niche that you choose for this example we're going to go with health and weight loss as our sub Niche and I like this one I'm gravitating towards it which is healthy habits Haven pretty catchy and it uses alliteration H HH anyway let's set up our Pinterest business business account if you already have a Pinterest personal account you can actually convert it to a business account if you would like that way you're not starting from scratch but it doesn't hurt to start from scratch if you'd like because remember you don't need a lot of following to do what I'm about to share with you simply design a logo for your business account and again you can use chat GPT to do this but you're going to need the paid version if you have the paid version just use this prompt create a logo with bright colors and a modern design with graphics and then you describe your Niche here for my prompt I'm going to say with Graphics of healthy food options and symbols of weight loss with the text healthy habits Haven again you need to modify this prompt based on your Niche and your sub Niche now chat GPT is not at the place yet where it's going to get the spelling and so on right the first time but just regenerate a few times until you get it right and choose a logo that you like if you don't have the paid version of chat GPT you can use a canva or one of those platforms to create a logo now on my third generation in chat GPT of the logo I got this one here isn't this cool healthy habits Haven and you see the different represent a of Health like the tape measure and the fruits and the vegetables and so on I'm loving it you can also link your website if you have one or your blog if you have one on Pinterest when you're setting up your profile now you need to craft a concise bio because people tend to look at these things when they're deci

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