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have you ever felt like a failure after scrolling on social media and seeing somebody that is significantly younger than you achieve so much than you that you ever maybe did in your whole life they have everything you have ever wanted success money respect and power they live in your dream house they drive your dream car they are collaborating with brands that you can't even afford with your fully monthly income he was just a baby in diapers when he started correcting other people's grammar at the age of six years old i became named one of the youngest self-made millionaires in the u.s now i'm 15 and i have three companies i don't want to fit into a box i don't want to be a genre you can get any inspiration from anything to write a song to make a shirt to like come up with a video at the beginning it was all about admiring them and taking them as an inspiration and being motivated by seeing them you start to follow them on social media you start to check their content and you follow them maybe in daily basis and since they motivate you in a very good way you start to work harder and harder so that you can be maybe like them in one day but after a while you start to realize that results won't show up maybe there's some small results but when you compare to them there is nothing like their success you start to compare your achievements to theirs and you see the significant difference between you and them you might feel start to feel jealous or you might start to feel like a failure or you might even start to feel like very left behind in life i'm sorry to tell you but if you have this mindset right now you're likely to fail i'm going to explain in this video why and how to change this mindset this video is probably going to be the most important video that i ever uploaded on this platform so i literally beg you to watch this video until the end the society put us a pressure to be constantly successful we have to know what to do with our life even if we are significantly young we have to know what to do and who to contact and the exact action plan and all that stuff but when talking realistically about this circumstance it's completely normal for you to not to know what to do next everybody has moments in their life that they feel lost and left behind maybe not even moments though maybe decades or something and that's completely normal when talking about the pressure that society puts us to be constantly successful let's start from here what is success how do we define success what is the meaning of being successful in most of the cases being successful means that you achieving your dreams goals having the money being respected from the people who are around you and being maybe good for the society and enjoying your life to fully potential when we start to compare ourselves to people who are successful we are likely to overlook two things unfair advantages and the iceberg illusion let's talk about unfair advantages i'm gonna take a lot of quotes from my all-time favorite book unfair advantages so if you haven't read the book yet i beg you to stop this video and order that book and read it immediately because that book is gonna change your life and your mindset like it did to mine okay promise so a little question before starting to talk about it do you believe that life is fair stop this video and please comment i'm going to tell you my opinion and life is unfair life is unfair af and i'm not the only one who thinks in this way i'm a young white educated male i got really really lucky and life isn't fair those are the words of evan spigen the billionaire co-founder of snapchat so basically evan spiegel grew up in a multi-million dollar house in los angeles his parents were very successful and famous lawyers who were dealing with very big and global countries in dealing with their issues and he got the best education in this world and his mentor was co-founder of youtube scott cook he had the best education his parents were also educated they had money they were multi-millionaires he had the networking he was healthy and he had every single opportunity in his life and he used these unfair advantages and he became successful in life after hearing his background you might think that of course he's going to be successful i don't have these unfair advantages i can never ever be like him and that is not true actually there is a way for everyone to be successful you might still thinking that life is so unfair and it's gonna never change yes that's true life is always gonna be unfair we should always increase the amount of the fairness in the society but when we think about the humans and the human condition and biases that we have life is probably will never ever be fair so how can we be successful in this such an unfair world please don't tell me that you still believe that hard work is only way to achieve success because it's not and it's time to change your mind on that success is not simply awarded to the hardest workers it is awarded to those who develop and use their unfair advantages this is a quote from the unfair advantages book by unfair advantage we do not mean an unethical or illegal advantage an unfair advantage is competitive upper hand and your set of unfair advantages that is unique to you and sometimes it's not one that is earned or worked for so let's take a very simple example from social media from influencers maybe being pretty is a significant unfair advantage that you can use it does not necessarily mean that if you don't fit into current beauty standards you cannot be successful as an influencer or something but if you're pretty if you're considered to be pretty it's more likely for you to succeed because you have that unfair advantage it seems like being told as a basketball player of course there are short basketball players that are very successful but if you are tall you have that unfair advantage in that in that area you know life isn't fair but if you use the unfairness of the life as an excuse to have a victim mindset to stop yourself from striving to achieve your goals to make your dreams a reality then you're only shooting yourself in the food if you want to be successful in our lives we have to find our unfair advantages and we have to work the system instead so how can we exactly do that actually in the unfair advantage book they're explaining the miles framework so these are the unfair advantages that you can use in your life so m is money money is the capital you have or that you can easily raise i is intelligence and insight intelligence and insight includes book smarts social and emotional intelligence as well as creativity l is location and luck but i would also add looks and because in today's world and in like some businesses it's really important to have good looks location and luck is all about being in the right place at the right time and the e is education and expertise education and expertise is both your formal schooling and also

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