Best Passive Income Ideas In 2024 (For Beginners)

so in this video reviewing the best passive income ideas of this year and how complete beginners making 100 to 700 a day with no experience more that after the intro [Music] so when I first got started making money online and creating passive for myself I didn't really care about making millions of dollars right I just really thought if I could just win back my time and replace my nine to five job and continue to earn the money that I was making at my job or maybe even a little bit more even just like six figures without actually having to trade my time for money then I could actually go ahead and live my life you know because I literally saw my mom and dad work eight nine ten fifteen sixteen hours a day I saw what it was like when they did not have any money to either pay for my student loans or my college or my school or meet my sister school or their mortgage or all of the debt that was like imposed on us I saw the stress that they had in their eyes when they couldn't actually make the money to go and pay that off so they would have to trade more time for their money and I knew earlier on when I was first getting started that I did not want to go ahead and trade my time for money I believe life is so short I do not want to go ahead and waste the best years of my life getting chummy and chubby with my boss and working a nine-to-five job and that's why I was obsessed I mean obsessed with finding people that were creating passive income finding people that had the lights that I wanted which was why I'm like really passionate about this concept of passive income because you know the other day I just got on a call on a podcast with you know one of my mentors that creates really crazy amounts of passive income I mean with for example affiliate marketing one type of business model that creates really good passive income he created 15 million dollars in profit now he didn't have his own employees he didn't have a big team he didn't have to do all of this crazy mumbo jumbo stuff he didn't even have to spend a single Dollar on ad but he was able to go out and pull in all this passive income because of the concepts like for example affiliate marketing where you could literally go ahead and sell other people's products or you could go ahead and find Affiliates go ahead and promote your product it's such an interesting concept to create passive income and it's something that I started thinking a lot after our conversation because one thing that I tend to do is just like over complicate things like how many guys when you want to make passive income or for example make money online you just want to go ahead and over complicate things or you think that you have to do something different or you think you have to go ahead and reinvent the wheel but here was this guy that I was literally talking to that made 50 50 million dollars uh in profit with passive income that did not have all the complexities like most passive income ideas had right so what were like the big lessons what are the big takeaways if you haven't seen that entire podcast which we'll put like in the link in the description well what I have found when it comes to passive income is it really goes into like the two most leverageable income skill sets that is very easy to learn and once you learn it it could literally bring in passive income for you so you can do exactly what you want like for me it was to travel right now I'm traveling right now so it's really really cool because I'm creating passive income from some of these streams without me actually having to put more time and effort in while I get to live my life while I get a new boxing well I gotta go ahead and you know meet really cool people so what is the first one the first one is understanding SEO search engine optimization now why is this one of the best passive inclined years too little to get started with well really think about it like real estate okay uh when people think of passive income they're like oh real estate let me go ahead and get a house but just think about all the downsides of getting into that passive income idea right so in order for that to work what do you actually need well you need a physical property okay well if you need a physical property how are you going to buy the physical property if you don't have several six figures in your bank account oh I have to go ahead and put money down so maybe 10 20 30 40 50 Grand and then I have to get the rest from the bank in terms of a mortgage so now I got this mortgage I put money down and now every single month I have to pay the the bank about like two thousand dollars right a month right two thousand dollars a month that I have to go ahead and work for right so my mom my dad when they got a mortgage for the house they have to go ahead and pay the bank two thousand dollars a month for the mortgage right now where the passive income comes from is when an entrepreneur grabs the mortgage and instead of them living in that property in which they they got they literally find somebody to rent it but instead they charge them two thousand five hundred dollars so even though they got a mortgage and they're in debt someone else comes in and takes over and literally lives there pays them two thousand five hundred dollars then they take two thousand dollars of that two thousand five hundred and then they go ahead and send it to the bank but just like that you're still profiting that extra 500 indifference so even though your debt you're profiting 500 so think about it you're literally doing all of that to get the loan to put 20 grand down 30 grand down 50 Grand down to find a tenant to manage that tenant for 500 a month in passive income right now what's SEO think about everything that I just said in the Physical Realm but online okay so same way how you know that property could be on an address where that address could be you know a good neighborhood a good schooling a good place for to raise a family their addresses on the internet where if you could literally build a house on that address the types of people that go and visit that address on the internet can literally make you money for example here's exactly what I'm talking about I remember when I was like uh just getting started in my SEO journey and I accidentally rank for this thing like jump rope transformation right so I literally created this video video right and I created this content I made a Blog a Pinterest post and you know a YouTube video about it and I just accidentally ranked for the word jump rope transformation and before I knew it that one video got nearly 1 million views so think about that one million views one million eyeballs going to a piece of content a piece of digital real estate ranking for a search engine that people were searching for so if I had nearly 1 million eyeballs guess where I could put them in front of I could sell them uh like digital products to you know lose weight I don't even have to create my own digital

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