Top 14 profitable business ideas for 2024

hey guys welcome to Silicon Valley girl today we're going to talk about top business ideas in 2024 and I don't want to give you some obvious ideas that you can think about yourself like Drop Shipping on Amazon or starting an Airbnb that seems pretty obvious but I want to focus on the latest trends and new technologies that are expanding around the world the world is changing and your business idea has to stay relevant for the next few years and there is something I want you to remember before we go into this video you need to choose a market that is growing and that is big the thing is you put the same amount of effort into building a billion dooll company and building a several hundred, company I live in silcon Valley and I see so many entrepreneurs every day I talk to them every day and the ones who chose the right Market are building the billion dollar companies and the ones who chose the market that is shrinking they are losing in the long run and because of that I also base my research on how big the market is how fast it's growing I also decided to rank my business ideas we're going to start with the ones that are kind of harder to start because I'm going to talk about robotics I'm going to talk about Ai and VR and in the second part of this video I will talk about ideas that are kind of easy to start over a weekend so please watch this video up to the very end to make sure you've seen all of the ideas I've prepared for you and before we dive into idea number 14 I wanted to let you know guys that I have an email list where we'll share more about business ideas and making money online please subscribe the link will be down in the description and here we go my top business ideas for 2024 number 14 robotic housekeepers this is something that Elon Musk has already announced he stated that humans have to be ready to coexist with the eye and robots while the idea of robotic housekeepers is still in the research and development phase musk's Vision aligns with the potential for AI and Robotics to transform domestic activities I already see a like I can visualize a robot in my home watering flowers mopping the floors oh my God like this is something I love doing myself but not on a daily basis so it would be great to have that type of help the consumer robotics Market including household cleaning robots is experiencing significant growth the market is projected to reach a valuation of $76 billion by 2032 with cleaning robots expected to generate maximum revenue and contribute to stress reduction and Time Savings for customers so if you're excited about robotics look into this market number 13 monitoring gadgets and robots for the elderly I promise this is the last type of robot we're going to discuss but I just find it so interesting how the world is changing so first of all we have longer lifespan and there is a problem of an aging population and shortage of cure givers in the US and at the same time we have this growing robotics market right so according to the US Census Bureau the older population grew by almost 40% from 2010 to 2020 reaching 55 million which represents 16% of the total population and these seniors need care some of them need someone to watch over them even 24 hours a day it can be a very difficult and expensive task if humans are involved so Advanced gadgets and robots for monitoring and contact with seniors can be big help here I have a friend who actually started developing a startup where there was a camera tracking elderly movements and it could actually tell whether an elderly person fell or something irregular happened and it notified this person's relatives or you know caregivers but that was several years ago before the AI and I can see how this could be a huge idea now so unfortunately they gave up on that idea but I feel like if they started this year it could have a cool potential especially you know being acquired by a robotic company later on the use of AI in this context has potential to revolutionize Elderly Care by facil facilitating Independent Living while ensuring timely assistance and support when needed this Market has a valuation of 2.5 billion right now but it's projected that it's going to grow to $8 billion in 2033 remember how I told you always being the growing market and it's only going to grow number 12 there is another exciting Market that is being revolutionized by AI it's actually the study and discovery of new drugs the AI drug Discovery Market is experiencing significant growth with the global market size valued at 1 billion in 2022 and it's expected to grow at a 30% rate from 2024 to 2030 an interesting example of the use of AI in drug Discovery is the protein structure prediction tool Alpha fold researchers use it to identify hundreds of thousands of potential new psychedelic molecules which could help to develop new kinds of anti-depressants the potential for AI to revolutionize the drug Discovery process is evident and the growing Market size indicated a promising business model for companies operating in this space we already see how AI analyzes I don't know we already see how AI analyzes x-rays your test results and here we see an even deeper application of AI number 11 zero waste delivery services with the development of e-commerce activity and the growing population of online shopping Americans are collectively spending attention over 1 trillion on e-commerce purchases in a year the average American receives 3.5 packages per week in my case it's like three packages a day which translates to approximately 182 packages a year just imagine how much packaging is used just to deliver things and then thrown away and you probably seen this online where um you know Amazon sends you something really small but it has to be in this huge box uh full of plastic bags right it is not environmentally friendly but so far no radical solution to this problem has been found according to a report by precedent research the zero waste packaging Market size is predicted to reach around 4.6 billion by 20133 and its growth rate is around 9% this growth is driven by the increasing demand for sustainable packaging techniques and the expansion of consumer goods business there are also zero waste grocery stores there is a lot going on in the space so pay attention to it now moving on to idea number 10 VR content VR technology is advancing rapidly especially given the wave of hype with apple Vision Pro glasses right now and the VR content Niche is still a bit empty and when I was trying Apple Vision Pro we actually got a pair for ourselves but we couldn't return it the thing is one of the applications that I see is actually spatial video but we don't have this content yet so when you wear Apple Vision Pro you can see some demos but what if it's actual spatial video where you can you know kind of be in the same room with your kids we don't have that content yet I iPhone 15 can actually shoot that type of content so my prediction is there wi

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