I Found The Perfect ChatGPT Prompt Formula To Make Money Online!

[Music] in the dark depths of silicon Shire in the shadow of server mountains a legend was forged a formula birthed from the heart of the motherboard powerful and mysterious as the ancient RS of yor in the fiery chasms of data land the great Engineers of old crafted a single algorithm a formula an AI prompt to rule all others to guide them to harness their power and bring them into the light of prosperity one AI prompt formula to rule them all one formula to find them one formula to bring them all in and make them money today Noble viewers we shall embark on an Epic Quest so arm thyself with logic and code for the path is treacherous and the challenge is many but fear not for together with wisdom and perseverance we shall find the treasure that awaits let the journey for the perfect AI prompt formula commence my precious all right lady ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show today what we are going to do is talk about prompt engineering and a prompt that is going to help you make money yes this is something that is unlike anything you've ever seen before what we're going to do is talk about things that actually get money and how to get AI to help you with it now this is super important because what we are going to do today is we are going to talk about RP this is super important and apparently we need a different color on the light here so let's see if we can get a different color here that is making this look funny there we go that should fix it all right that is better what we're going to do today is we're going to talk about RP which is reverse prompt engineering okay reverse prompt engineering is where we are going to go through and we are going to find things that are working find things that are making money and reverse engineer them this is super important because ai's been around almost a year now I remember my first video on AI um was back in December of last year and it took off like crazy and people were wondering what is this AI stuff all about and up until now we've seen a lot of people talk about creating different articles and writing things and scripts and stuff like that which is good AI is definitely helpful for that but what we want to talk about today is how do you start with a blank page and actually get it to create something that is going to help you this is super important because what we're going to do is we're going to look at prompt engineering and how it works now when we go through we have to look at the elements of a prompt we have to look at different hacks that we can use and what AI is good at now there's certain things that people use AI for that it's not necessarily that great at but there's a few things that people use AI for and I think they're using it not as good as it could be used for and it it is something that it is really good at that can help you and what we're talking about here is analysis we're talking about putting two things together side by side and getting an output that we can use to further our quest for making money right so when we look at this over here let's go over to the the board again when we look at this over here what we're going to do is we're going to look at giving AI examples having AI compare things correlations now this is Big A lot of people don't talk about correlations but this is one of the things that has made me a lot of money in my business we're going to use AI to learn and we're going to use AI to brainstorm now there was a commenter that was going crazy a couple days ago talking about how I didn't know what I was talking about and you can't really train AI unless you're the creator of AI well I want to clear this up because maybe some other people are feeling like that and they don't understand what I mean and what I mean is we're not training AI from the ground up I'm not teaching AI to wake up as the guy did with Frankenstein right we're not doing that what we're doing is we're taking a Frankenstein that already exists and saying hey you know what buddy here's what we want you to do and what we're going to do is we are going to use the train training within okay very important it's much like if you were to go to like a therapist or you were going to go teach something to someone one time in that session there are things that you are going to share and things that the other person is going to learn that are going to fit within that situation now did I give the therapy person the English language do they know everything about me are they trained to live and breathe in my shoes no can they help me within the four corners of the situation and the answer is absolutely yes and what we're going to do is we're going to talk about how to train the AI and that's why I build this training as this is the last prompt you're ever going to need because this is something that can adapt and help you make money in a super simple way that nobody ever thought possible now let's dive in and show you a rudimentary example of how this works so that you can kind of see what's going on now let's say that I was going to go through and I was going to say well you know if I was going to go to Google and look at the keyword GoDaddy appraisal I could see that my site ranks number 23 and there are other sites obviously 22 of them that rank higher than me okay now one of the good things that AI is good at and don't worry we are going to build on this so if this seems very rudimentary and simple with me follow along we are building to a crescendo of being able to understand this in a way that you never thought possible so when we look at this this is a basic example we have GoDaddy godaddy domain evaluation Niche Pursuits cor and on and on we go so we can see that there are some things that are ranking above me now one of the things we can do with AI if you want to get traffic is we can actually go to the sites right like I go to this site I rightclick hit view source I get the source code okay the source code I download as a txt file now somewhere around a couple weeks ago I think it was was the fact um they came out with they came out with uh the ability to upload a txt file okay so we're going to use the txt file here now I could go in here and I can analyze two things so I could say something like and this is where we are going to get into the prompting okay this is super super important follow along what I'm going to do is say Let's do an SEO traffic ranking Workshop I am going to send you two files the niche what is it Niche Pursuits Pursuits one let's see let's type it in here Pursuits one ranks number three on Google and the second one affiliate marketing dude ranks 23 please analyze these and tell me what I can do based on the first page to increase my rankings okay super important so what we're going to do is we're going to look at this and say okay let's do a a workshop here okay so now it's got this and all I did was go over here and right click and hit save as all right and we're going to go through and we

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