Make $5,375 a Month Selling Books on Amazon KDP ( No Skill Required ) Using Canva for Beginners

at the end of this video you will be able to design your own book from start to finish without the use of any Ai and this is a really great side also that could potentially generate a lot of money if you do it right I posted a video a couple of weeks ago where I talked about selling L content books on Amazon KDP and a couple of you guys were interested and wanted me to make an entire video about it which is why in this video I'm going to be sharing with you a step by-step process on how you can create and design your own L content book to start selling on Amazon for free I'll also show you how to design the entire book including the interior and the back cover in canva and also how to upload it to Amazon in order to get approved as soon as possible so if you're interested in that go ahead and smash that subscribe button also like this video so you can get notified when I drop similar videos related to this one right here all right so the first step is to do your research on Amazon for instance if you want to create a journal go to and type in journal for and as you can see there are different types of journals that you can create and the ones that people are currently searching for so what you want to do is to try to create one that is searchable like these ones right here let's say we want to make a journal for women right we click on this and it will give us tons of options that we can reference to and all you have to do from here is to filter it based on Best Sellers as you can see here is the best seller Journal book for women on Amazon so you click on it to open and basically read through the product description this journal apparently has a 4.8 star review and over 27,000 ratings which means it is a good product and people are buying as well as leaving good reviews about it it also has different different options so people can choose what color and what type they prefer now when you scroll down you'll see the product information the material type the dimension which is very important by the way the cover material the weight and most importantly the number of pages and we will write that down somewhere because that will be our template the next thing we want to do is to design our Journal using canva and remember we already have our product information written down somewhere which is very important because Amazon has different Journal specifications so let's say our Dimension is 7x 10 in number of page is 100 Pages our book idea is journal for women The Binding is paperback and the interior is black and white so now we'll go to which is absolutely free by the way and this is what it looks like so you want to come on here to click on custom size and we will input 7 by by 10 in which is the dimension of our Journal click on create a design and then it will open a blank page now that we have this blank page which is the size of the journal we are going to work with so you want to come to this design tab search for line journal and here you'll find different line options that you can work with let me open it up here when you search for line Jers here it will bring out different options for you and as you can see here um I think I like this one click customize this template the only problem is that as you can see here the dimension is different it is 8.5 * 11 in but we can always resize it and also that is if you have the pro version of Cana if you don't have the pro version you can go ahead with a free trial for 30 days and then after practicing for like say 5 days max if you decide to create one design every day because these designs are actually very easy to make you will have at least 20 different designs by the end of the month before you go back to the normal plan which I think makes sense so let's go back to this design and to resize it click on the magic switch and customize we'll change this to seven and this to 10 which is our perfect size and here eight will be resized automatically so basically here is what the interior of our Journal will look like but you also don't want to use someone else's template so try to tweak it a bit and then it becomes your own template so I'll go ahead to the element and typing say woman or a Praying Woman and it will give us different Graphics options as you can see so we want to click on one of these and I'm just going to put it um somewhere here or okay I think this works yeah there are also different options here you can scroll through and see the one that works for you this is also another one there is the one reading Bible but to be honest it's all dependent on what you're working with and what you're trying to achieve you can also go ahead to change this heading right here and let's say we want to use um my daily goal or put something inspiration let's say planning my life or okay whatever it is you want to put but I'm just going to leave this here and you want to position this and put it at the center yeah so this is basically what our interior is going to look like yeah I want to try to adjust this a little more um push it to the center yeah I'm going to take this one this one right here and write um plan with God okay which looks nice I think yeah so we have our interior and everything is all good and all set the next step from here is to duplicate this page and since we want to have 100 Pages we will have to duplicate it 100 times so duplicate duplicate duplicate duplicate duplicate until you really get tired okay and right now we have about 17 pages but you need to repeat the process until it gets to 100 because that is what we are working with when that is is done you want to click on share and you're going to need to save this switch to PDF print because obviously it's going to be printed you should also flatten it just to ensure it prints properly right change your color profile to professional printing click on download and then you are going to save it after saving this is what the preview of our page looks like okay so this is what we've been doing since morning and I think it looks good now with this done we are literally halfway through the next thing we want to do is to design the cover and then you want to go back to Google and search for Amazon Kindle cover calculator to get the dimensions we are going to use for our cover so click on it right there and then we're going to enter our book information so for body type paper bag interior black and white paper type um let's choose white paper page on Direction left to right measurement inches interior trim size 7 by 10 in page count we are going to enter 100 because that is the number of pages we did for our book now we click on calculate dimension and it's going to load and basically show us what our back cover template will look like then we'll go ahead to download the template right there allow and it's going to download so you want to open up the downloaded folder and it's going to show you three files like this one is PDF one is PNG a

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