10 YOUTUBE SHORTS HACKS | Unlocking Rapid Growth For Your Channel with Proven Tips & Tricks

these are the top 10 YouTube shorts tips that I've discovered by posting to YouTube shorts for the past 6 months this video is not a YouTube shorts tutorial so we'll save that for another 10 and if you stay till the end there'll be a bonus tip that'll guarantee that you'll know everything you need to know about YouTube shorts we all know the basic YouTube shorts tips they need to be vertical videos 60 seconds or less it helps to have a niche and post consistently but what about other tips and strategies that you can use when you're posting your shorts videos so that they could see more success and more results tip number one start with throwing spaghetti at the wall if you have short form content on your Instagram or Tik Tok start repurposing that to YouTube shorts and schedule it out to post every single day for the next 30 days this is what I did when I first started posting to shorts because really this is going to get your foot in the door you'll really be able to test to see what videos work well for you and your Niche and specifically what videos does YouTube shorts like to remove watermarks from your Tik Tok videos you're going to go to snap tick. apppp and to remove watermarks from your Instagram rails videos you're going to go to snap insta doapp and then you could go back study your analytics for those videos test to see what was the drop off point which videos had the most watch time and start to recreate the things that were working well tip number two when writing your YouTube shorts title the first 30 to 40 characters are the most important why is it the most important not because of an algorithm thing but because of the viewer's perspective on desktop when scrolling through the homepage on YouTube the viewer only sees about the first 30 characters of your YouTube title versus on the mobile app when the user is scrolling on their homepage they will probably only see the first 40 characters of your title so really the first 30 to 40 characters is going to help you capture your scrollers attention and get them to click through to your video tip number three put your call to action in the pinned comments of your video so this is something that I learned the hard way I'm somebody that I do have a few call to actions in my videos if you don't know what a call to action is it is basically when you tell somebody the next step for how to engage with you you could say double tap this video comment below something that you want to see next or comment any questions you have you could also say go to the link down below and download this freebie take my free training so that's a call to action my mistake was I was putting call to action links in the description but we're kind of monkeys trained by Tik Tok and when we're watching short firm videos naturally the audience will go to the comments to scroll through the comments so when you put your call to action in the pinned comments of your YouTube shorts that's going to be one of the first things that somebody sees whereas if you put it in your description it's actually really hard to get to that place and really inconvenient for the nowadays trained user so I'm watching YouTube short it comes up I click on it naturally I want to go to the comments because that's where the fun is that's where we could engage with other people so your pinned comment is there if somebody wanted to go to the description they would have to go out of their way click the three dots view description and then the description will show up so putting all the goodness into your pinned comment is the best way to go if you're somebody who is new to the YouTube platform or just starting to take YouTube a little bit seriously you want to be a full-time Creator here on this platform then I have a free gift for you I created the ultimate YouTube starter workbook this is more than 20 pages of goodness it teaches you how to set up your account properly on YouTube it comes with an equipment checklist it also teaches you how to pick your Niche pick content pillars even doing video topic research and there's a whole section on SEO training how to find keywords and all the things that you definitely want to know when starting and growing a YouTube channel so if that's something that sounds super helpful for you be sure to download the free workbook down below it is my ultimate YouTube starter workbook yes completely for free and I'll be sure to put it in the PIN to comment below tip number four something that worked really well for me when I threw my spaghetti at the wall was using emojis in my titles so anytime I had an emoji that started the title it was like a money tongue Emoji you know what I mean or like the mindblowing Emoji anytime I had an emoji at the beginning of my title those videos had better click-through rates and better view times or watches than my other videos so I thought that was something that was really interesting was incorporating emojis to almost storytelling with the title of course if it has nothing to do with your video or nothing to do with the title then I wouldn't recommend doing this or overusing it but because I had videos that were like three tips for making money as a content creator I would start with the money sign or I had a video that that was five hacks that'll blow your mind obviously I'm going to put the mind-blowing Emoji in the beginning so if you could storytellin in the title of your shorts videos that could be something that could help your click-through rate I also want to mention this kind of ties into tip number one and the current tip we're talking about when I was throwing spaghetti at the wall something that I noticed when studying my analytics was like my best performing videos were my casual videos that I randomly picked up my phone and started recording on they were not my professional videos like this my professional videos like this actually were on the bottom level of the performance they just did not perform very well so if you think like you need to have a fancy setup to have successful shorts you are mistaken my top best performing shorts were ones that I did on my phone out and about in my house like they weren't even this fancy schmancy thing so I just wanted to leave you with that don't let lack of equipment or feeling like you don't have the right things stop you from creating shorts just start tip number five desktop is key okay hear me out I know there are mixed opinions out there of success for people who have like oh no I created my short on my phone and I posted it and it performs so well versus people saying like oh I uploaded it on my desktop and it performed well for me when I studied my analytics I uploaded everything through desktop so I don't really have much comparison for I uploaded on my phone versus desktop what I mean is whether you're using your phone or you're uploading a video from your computer to YouTube finish the posting through your desktop so we'll open up our YouTub

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