How To Make Money From DAY 1 With Your YouTube Channel – Step-By-Step (US$8,000 In One Month)

I started posting on YouTube seriously and consistently a little over 2 years ago and I was committed to posting three videos every single week for 3 years whether I made money or not but even with three videos weekly it took months for me to start making money on YouTube which actually are the earnings that are generated from ads being displayed on your video video through the YouTube Partner program when I eventually achieve the monetization Milestone of a th000 subscribers and 4,000 public watch hours in a 365 day time frame that's when I started to earn ad revenue on YouTube but I still made peanuts for months and rock stars this does not have to be your reality but despite making little to no revenue for many months I was grateful for the experience and more so for the lessons as I took the time to research the strategies that I should be leveraging to make money on YouTube my Journey rock stars is what actually inspired me to record this video as I'm going to share with you how you can start a YouTube channel and make money from day one long before you get monetized and start earning in ad revenue on [Music] YouTube Welcome Back to the Rockstar Academy I appreciate you always clicking play whenever you see my videos pop up I'm grateful and I don't take it for granted and if you have subscribed and you are a rockar thank you for your support if you have taken your Rockstar game to another level and you have subscribed on patreon as a club member or a subscriber or even on YouTube as a member I also thank you for your support we have a lot to talk about so without further Ado let's jump right into the video now I believe every single person out there should have a YouTube channel and that's because YouTube in my opinion is arguably the best platform out there for growing an online business and I'm speaking from experience it is also a great side hustle that actually has the potential to replace your 9 to5 job when done right over time and listen if you are one of them who said oh but I have to show my face I have to use my voice I don't want my boss to know as I shared in this video here you have no more excuses because now you can actually create videos that are faceless that don't use your voice using AI in minutes and I'm going to pop the link in the description for that video so if that's your hesitation you can start creating videos that way now there's some good news because when I started this Journey on YouTube I needed 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in a 365 day period to start making money through YouTube sense now that has dropped to 500 subscribers and only 3,000 watch hours so you're going to start at an advantage which means you're going to be able to get approved for monetization much faster assuming you qualify but regardless of the adjustment that has been made in the goals to become monetized it's still a huge achievement that may seem daunting for many of you but the good news news which is why I did this video is that you no longer have to wait to start making money so here are some critical strategic but simple steps that you can take to start making money on YouTube from day one now the first thing you're going to need to do is to create a YouTube channel and I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this because one of our club members she's created a detailed tutorial that's IDE deal for beginners and I'm popping up the thumbnail here and I'm going to put the link for this video in the description so you can hop over there and it will show you step by step how to create or to enable a YouTube channel that you can use to start making money the first strategy is affiliate marketing and you're probably thinking right now but aeta you need to have a lot subscribers are following to make money through affiliate marketing not based on how I'm going to show you because I was able to make money on YouTube with less than 50 subscribers using this particular strategy and you can start making money with zero subscribers here's why take this channel as an example that I just launched which is a kids channel it has about nine subscribers but already it has more than 150 views on one video and to leverage affiliate marketing what you need are views not subscribers and even if you have 10 views and it's growing you have enough to do what I'm about to suggest now the first thing I did was to sign up to every single affiliate program out there that would accept me and I started with Amazon affiliate because you can sign up there and get accept accepted immediately and start using affiliate links in the description of your video I also signed up to respondent because they accepted me for their affiliate marketing program with little to no following swag books was another one Eid canva and Pioneer were also affiliate programs that I signed up for if you go back to my earliest videos that were posted on this channel when you scroll down in the description you're going to see Amazon affiliate links for the equipment I use to record like my camera you're going to see it for my microphone you're going to also see a link to my Amazon store and those were there from close to day one I also was posting respondent links links for swag books for you to sign up and use their platform to make money which would mean I would make money equid for you to create a website canva Pioneer and I started to put those links in my videos from close to day one as an example when I spoke about respondent as a platform that you can do survey or research and make money in the first video that I did on this topic I wasn't monetized on YouTube but respondent pays $19 us for each person who clicks on my link and create their respondent profile and complete a job that's valued at about $100 listen with only 10 people clicking on my link and creating a respondent profile and earning $100 each I would have made $190 a month in passive income long before I was monetized on YouTube for Amazon affiliate again I shared my video recording equipment and I benefited from the Amazon cookie because most persons as an example who clicked the link for my camera or even my microphone when they went on Amazon they were buying TVs and other items but because of the Amazon cookie that says every time someone clicks your link and gets to Amazon everything they buy for the next 24 hours as long as your link was the last one they click you're going to get the commission for all those purchases as well as you're going to get the commission for 90 days if they clicked your link and put the item in their shopping cart and buy it before the 90-day cut off that cookie paid me some decent money from Amazon for Pioneer which is an online banking platform I had signed up for their affiliate program and I earn $25 every time someone who clicked my link to create a Pioneer account earn $1,000 and also whenever I earn $11,000 so those $25 keep coming into this day because I was putting Pioneer in my video descrip

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