I Bought A DFY Dropshipping Store. Now It’s Making $_____/Month

a lot of people don't know this but Drop Shipping was actually one of the very first side hustles I ever attempted after first hearing the word side hustle I was just months out from reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad which had completely Rewritten the way that I thought about money and honestly life in general and someone ran this ad to me on Facebook about Amazon FBA Drop Shipping uh now if you're not familiar with that model you buy a bunch of stuff in bulk from China at a pretty steep discount and you send it over to Amazon and then Amazon will sell it to their customers at a profit now I'm pretty good at entering information into a computer so I decided to give it a shot and after doing tons of research I chose my very first product these egg yolk separators and ordered literally hundreds of them from China my results overall were let's just say less than impressive now since that complete train wreck failure I have never touched Drop Shipping again until a few months ago when something sparked my interest when someone reached out to me to tell me about a new dfy Drop Shipping business they were running and a few really specific things caught my attention one they weren't using the traditional model for sourcing products or for selling products what they were doing was so so much easier on both sides of the stick and I'm going to talk about that here in a minute and two the model they were showing me was so lucrative financially that it would completely pay itself off in six months and I would own a store making three to five thousand dollars a month in profit at that point now as you guys know I'm absolutely terrible on math especially when I'm on camera but I'm good enough to know that those numbers are worth a conversation so I hopped on a zoom call with them to get a better idea of what it is that they were doing so all these products you see over here are products that we're taking from Walmart Amazon eBay whatever the case is so we're taking like if it's a shower curtain right here right and we're listing it here we're obviously marking that up and then if we come and we look at orders let me come down to here you'll see you know people purchasing these products for a markup price normally again coming from Amazon Amazon Walmart or eBay and here's what these guys were doing instead of sourcing from China and selling on Amazon on their own Shopify store they were using a kind of new way to sell products online called Facebook shops now if you're not familiar with Facebook Marketplace it's kind of like this local buy and sell shop online where you can go and say hey I've got this old iPhone is anybody interested and and other people can say yes I'm interested we meet up we make the sale and we're done but a little while later they introduced something called Facebook shops and what Facebook shops is is kind of like Amazon but built on Facebook so if I head over to Facebook Marketplace and I say hey I'm looking for an action camera well I'm going to get a bunch of people locally selling action cameras but what I'm also going to get is I'm going to get Facebook shops I'm gonna get shops all over the country that also sell action cameras that are offering action cameras and I can choose to buy locally or I can choose to buy from one of these shops and in fact now when I go to search to buy something from Facebook Marketplace I can choose do I want to buy locally or do I want to just buy from one of these shops and you can see right here it looks very similar to Amazon it's a little bit let's say it's a lot a bit simpler but you create these little shops on Facebook and you can sell anything on your shop now what was cool here is when someone orders they're not sourcing it from China they're not really sourcing at all they're just having a team member purchase or source that product straight from Walmart Amazon or Ebay now I know that sounds easy and it sounded easy to me so I asked the same question that you're probably asking right now why don't I just go do this myself now that I know exists why go with you so we just developed an icore for you know you know almost like two years of doing it now so it's really just you know being able to get our expertise and getting these shops scaled up a lot quicker and then you know if you did it it could take you know anywhere from like three four five six months for you to learn like if you were trying to purchase any course or anything like that and you were just trying to go in and just you know trial an error and learn it yourself it's going to take a little while it can be done but it's definitely going to take you a little a long time and you're gonna have to you know stick with it and you're gonna fail multiple times so essentially like with anything right we have to choose the right products you have to make stuff Rank and then we have to have a team that fulfills all this and makes all this work and that's obviously hard to figure out these guys have been doing it for a few years and they can confidently say that they can make it work but honestly at that point I didn't really care about doing it myself because if I can put 10 to 15 000 into something that pays itself completely off in less than half a year and then generates four figures of profit every month after that while being completely managed by someone else who's not me I'm sold all right headed over to the bank right now don't worry I'm at a stop sign anyway this is the no turning back point so we're gonna go send the money it's a pretty good chunk of change and once I send the money uh this isn't the this isn't the free refunds kind of thing uh they're gonna get started and uh we'll see how it goes I'm excited a little longer than a few minutes later all right we're done you know it's been a while since I wired money but geez they print off a lot of paper when you wire money all right so I sent the money and there's really no turning back now but I learned a couple other things on my call with them this morning that were pretty cool so the first one is they set up the shop and then they send you a laptop with access to your shop that basically just has to sit open on your desk and remain online now that's your Facebook shop you own it they just need access to it so that they can be online now this is honestly like a dream to me since a laptop that literally sits there and prints money has been one of my goals for years they've also got this spreadsheet right here that keeps track of everything simply for you so you can just log in quickly see if you're making money at all what your profits are things like that now the way it works is it builds on itself so in month one you're gonna make a couple hundred dollars because they're just starting to get products going online but month two they're going to continue with all those successful products from the previous month then they're gonna go find new ones so that you're making more and then obviously mont

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