How To Make MONEY ( UP TO $1000 ) From Investing in The STOCK Market

hey guys what is up and welcome back to the channnel in this video I'm going to be sharing with you how you can actually make money from the stock market if you've been wanting to invest in the stock market but you're wondering how do I make money from the stock market what is actually the essence of investing in the stock market and what are like my gains why should I do it you know all of those questions and I think you should watch this video up until the very end because I am going to be sharing with you the two major ways you can make money from the stock market so if this is something you are interested in then sit back and and keep on [Music] watching hey love what is up my name is adish shami and I'm a YouTuber and a content creator based in IB Nigeria more often than not I talk about how to make money how to grow your money and how to invest your money so if these are the kind of videos you are interested in then you want to subscribe to me click on the Subscribe button down below and give this video a thumbs up if you find this video helpful at any point in time anyways like I said we're going to be talking about two ways you can make money from the stock market and this is generally the two major ways you can make money from the stock market the first way you can make money from the stock market is true capital appreciation now what this means is that the more the company grows the more your money grows if you invest in a company say you invest in Apple and you own 1,000 shares of apple apple is currently selling for I think 170 something naara right now if by the end of the year Apple stock price went up to like 200 200 it means you still have 1,000 shares of Apple but it would be valued at $200 each as compared to $170 something do each it means you've made about $30 on each share of Apple that you own so that is the first way you can make money from the stock market and like I always say most of these companies are in the business of making money so they are not going to be sitting down idle and watching their company SN they are always going to look for things that would boost their company as well they want people to keep investing because nobody is going to invest in a company that is sinking if you can see with your two eyes that it is sinking you're not going to invest in and one of the best ways you can actually you know know companies that would do well over time is to research uh for these kind of companies you want to research on different sectors you want to know okay so what what what what what are the companies that are out there you want to look at you know the tech um sector different sectors out there oil and gas you want to be sure that you do your own research before investing but as a rule of thumb one thing I like to do is that if I want to invest in anything in any company if I'm a beginner what I would typically do for a start is to look at what I have around me what do I naturally gravitate towards right so for example I have an Apple phone I have an Apple laptop I have the Apple airpods what else do I have again I think that is all but I know some people they have the Apple eye watch they have the airpod masks they have the iPad so what this means for an average person you as an average person as an average user is Apple should be like a reliable compy company and if you look at Apple Trends they've been here for over a long period of time I started using iPhones when they had the iPhone 8 and now we are currently on iPhone 15 so that is 7 years apart if I'm not mistaken so what it means is that you need to be sure that this company is going to be here for a long period of time they are not going to leave you aning dry outside okay yeah now the second way you can make money is through dividends and this is such a sweet sport I absolutely love love love love love receiving dividends IED dividends yesterday from GT Bank it was an interim dividend and I mean it's better than nothing I can use that money to buy a time on my phone okay so I'm just basically getting paid for investing in a company uh what mod of this company what they do is that they announce their dividend some of them pay annually some pay quarterly some pay like it just varies depending on the company that you invest in so if a company decides to pay $1 for a share that you own in your company if you own like 10 shares that means you'll be receiving $10 if you on like 100 shares you'll be receiving like $100 to me which I think is more of like a passive income obviously you need to get to some certain level you need to have grown your portfolio for a long period of time before you can actually leave off your dividends but for someone like you and I that is just starting a fresh that is just starting from scratch we don't have Rich parents we don't have Rich uncles we don't have Rich nobody okay we are trying to get rich for you know our children if that makes sense yeah you want to kind of like build that generational world because someone has to do it if you're unable to do it no pressure it could be your sister it could even be your child but you want to try as much as possible to take charge of your finances and be sure that you're are doing everything you can I was saying you must have done the whole investing you must have invested for a long period of time before you can actually leave off your dividends well of course except you decide to sell your shares that has gained in capital okay then that one make sense but if you want to leave off dividends because you won't always receive dividends you'll only receive dividends when a company declares um dividends and they will do that if they feel like okay we've made a lot of money let us let us share um some of our Revenue to people that trusted us and invested in our company okay so for dividend I actually really like them a little bit of this a little bit of that little drops of water makes the ocean so if you're receiving 100 na today 200 na tomorrow 500 na tomorrow everything kind of accumulates it build up and it becomes something over time so investing is not some sort of get rich quick scheme you need to take your time with it and those are the those are basically the two ways you can make money through investing if somebody is telling you that bring 100 na let me double it for you in two days no it is scam it doesn't work like that even you to that you want somebody to double your money in 2 days can't you think don't you think that if that person can actually double your money in 2 days why are they not replicating the same thing to make their self reach if I can double your 100 NAA in 2 days trust me I would put 1,000 NAA down split it into 10 double my 100 n in two days if I get 100 n I'll double the 200 N then double the 400 n then double the 800 Double Double D until I become the most richest person in the world so please please please please please ignore all of those people they are those get rich qu

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