How to Sell on Etsy in 3 Simple Steps (2024 Etsy Shop for Beginners COMPLETE GUIDE)

have you been wanting to make money by selling products online but feel unsure of where to start Etsy is an amazing platform to sell on but I get it starting from square one can be a lot that's why in this video I'm breaking down how to sell an Etsy successfully into three easy to follow steps you can consider this your Etsy shop for beginners tutorial if you will I'm going to share with you exactly what worked for me to grow a top 1% Etsy shop so that you can do it too and make sure you watch till the end cuz I'm sharing a little secret that I've been keeping I definitely think get something you're going to want to hear all right let's jump in all right step number one here is to conceptualize your product we're coming up with the idea for what our ideal product would be that we would sell on Etsy but before we can even think about that we have to know what we actually can and can't sell on Etsy because Etsy only allows certain categories of products so on Etsy you can sell number one handmade which means that you're either the maker or the designer of the product number two digital products number three print on demand products number four vintage products which is technically any item that's 20 years old or older and you can also sell craft supplies as long as it's something that's intended to be used to create another finished item one thing you definitely can't do on Etsy is to just Source already made goods from another manufacturer and just resell without changing or doing anything to it to make it your own the only exception to that is in the craft Supply category you are allowed to just resell craft supplies but everything else has to either be handmade digital print on demand or vintage now you might ask about Services can can you actually sell a service on Etsy and most of the time the answer is no with one exception here the only service that you are allowed to sell on Etsy is something that results in a physical tangible product so if it's something that you're selling that is a service that you're providing but the end result involves something like a downloadable PDF or some kind of physical tangible item then you can sell that service on Etsy but all other services if it doesn't result in that are not allowed to be sold on Etsy okay so now that we know what we can sell let's talk about what your ideal product might be maybe you already know what you want to offer but if you don't my rule of them is to think about the product that you're interested in that best meets three different specific criteria and these three are proficiency passion and profitability so when we're talking about proficiency and talking about your skills what do you know how to do what do others ask you how to do is there something that you already have skills or knowhow in or could easily learn pretty quickly passion is talking about your interest right you don't want to create and sell something that you're going to get tired of super quickly you want to be interested and passionate about it so what's an idea that lights you up inside what's an idea that gives you that spark of inspiration and then profitability is talking about is there market demand for it it has to be something that you love but it also has to be something that's in demand because it does no good to create something that you love if no one's out there searching for it wanting to buy it so there has to be profitability there has to be market demand and you'll know if there is or isn't market demand by doing some market research which we'll talk more about in just a minute so if you're trying to narrow down your list of potential products that you could sell think about which one best fits all three of those categories of passion profitability and proficiency now when we're talking about market demand specifically and doing some market research you want to look at both small and big companies that are already out there to see what's already out there in the Market within the specific Niche or category type that you're thinking of what companies are out there what sellers are already providing this and do some competitor and product analysis you want to look to see is there anything currently trending in this Niche are certain Styles really popular right now do I see any certain Trend elements like specific patterns or color schemes or font types repeated over and over again in the best sellers within this Niche what kind of price points am I seeing out there are these competitors offering free shipping there's so much that you can learn when you're studying your competitors and those who are already in the niche doing it well and then beyond that you want to ask yourself what could I do a little bit differently to add a unique selling point so that mine stands out compared to what's already on the market this can also be called a value proposition what value am I bringing to the table that could set this product in listing apart make it stand out and make it even that much more appealing and more of an irresistible offer for my Target customer so it's totally okay to get ideas and inspiration from what's already out there and actually seeing others doing well in this Niche and other competitors out there actually is a really good thing because that proves that there is demand no one would be selling it if there weren't people searching for it and looking for it right so it's actually a good sign when you see other people selling the same item but you want to think to yourself what can I do to level this up put my own unique Spin and twist on it and give it that unique selling point that's going to make it better than all the rest all right we're about to move on to step number two here but before we do I want to let you know I have a free gift for you that I think is going to be super valuable super helpful for you in your business journey and that is my free Etsy quick start guide It's a whole comprehensive guide that's going to give you all of the different steps that you need to take to get started with your profitable Etsy shop so if you feel like you don't really know where to start what you need to do to get going then definitely click that link in the description box below to grab that free guide you can download it right after you watch this video and that's just going to walk you through step by step to make sure that you're covering all your bases and getting everything done that you need to remembering everything that needs to be set up and giving you some extra Pro tips in the process to really make sure that your Etsy Shop takes off from day one all right moving on to step number two here and this is to create and list your product so once you've decided on your idea you've done the market research you know it's in demand you know this is a great product idea the next step is to actually create it and get it listed for sale so a couple things you need to think through here when you're getting ready

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