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there are so many ways to make money online and because of this it's difficult to find legitimate opportunities because the task to do so is sometimes daunting so I'm here today to help take the guest work out of this process for you rock stars after rigorously testing whether personally or having persons that I coach test a vast number of survey sites on the internet in this video I have curated a list of the 10 best survey sites that are out there today and by doing this research and sharing this list it's going to ensure that for your efforts as you're sharing your opinion and doing these surveys or research studies that it's both rewarding because you're going to get paid for the work that you're going to do and also effective at the end of the day that said here are the 10 best verified paid survey websites that actually pay you and the best part is most of them in this list they're available across the globe and I'll give you the formula and the strategy to make your first $500 for each of these 10 survey platforms on our list today [Music] rockstars thank you for clicking I'm grateful I know you had other options here on YouTube but you chose to click play I don't take that for granted and if you are already a rockar because you hit subscribe thank you for your support and if you are a rockstar Club member or a rockar subscribed on patreon or YouTube I'm grateful now in case you're wondering why paid surveys I think it's pretty simple paid surveys are an accessible way for almost anyone to earn some extra money these websites offer a platform where your voice can be heard by companies while they're compensating you for your time it's like The Best of Both Worlds you get paid for your opinion it's crucial however as you're doing surveys to manage your expectations realistically because paid surveys for the most part won't replace your full-time income but it can be a convenient way as a side hustle for you to earn a bit of extra cash and listen in these difficult Economic Times extra cash is always welcomed right that said the key to success lies in selecting the right survey websites as many of them will take up your time and pay very little or not pay at all and that's what this video is about now my selection criteria in choosing these as the best websites was pretty rigorous and like I said it was either based on my personal experience because I've used quite a few of these platforms or the experiences from persons that I spoke to directly who have used these platforms as well these survey sites were also picked based on how easy it is to use them which means they're all beginner friendly cuz I wanted to make sure of that based on the payment options I wanted to make sure you had a variety of ways to earn such as cash whether it's through direct transfers PayPal Pioneer gift cards or even cryptocurrency for some of them although that's kind of not a thing right now for the moment and the best part is they're accessible from various countries across the globe now the first survey website on our list today is survey time and this survey site is unique because it pays you immediately after you have completed the survey and it's accessible across the globe for the most part the surveys that you'll be presented with include consumer goods surveys technology Healthcare and lifestyle and it's designed to match a participant with surveys instantly after your profile is completed and this approach emphasizes the Simplicity and the speed in which this particular survey platform approach market research the payment method is via Paypal gift cards cryptocurrency obviously depending on the country and you'll be able to make a dollar per survey and like I said earlier the payments happen immediately after you complete the survey now a dollar doesn't sound like a lot of money rockstars but remember we're not trying to be financially free from survey doing or completing surveys this is some extra money that we're making to get started you visit their website you complete an introductory survey and after receiving survey offers that match your profile you'll be able to start doing so and earning to make your first $500 US on this particular survey site you need to of course participate in surveys consistently and this is daily is what's recommended and I think that goes without saying right given that the survey payout is a dollar per survey you need to aim for multiple surveys daily so that you can accum accumulate your earnings over time it may take you about 4 to 6 months to make your first $500 obviously this depends on how available surveys are and also when you complete that profile what your qualification or expertise are because if you're qualified or an expert in a unique field as an example you're going to get matched with a lot more surveys or research studies which means that your probability to earn is going to increase significantly but even if it takes you 4 to 6 months to make your first $500 on average it works out to $100 per month is it worth the time and effort rockstars you're going to have to decide on that I'm here to present you with an option to make a little bit of extra money on the side to pay a bill or two or to get something that you have your eyes set on but don't have have a budget for the website link to get started will be shared on patreon I'll also share it on the page for YouTube members so that you can get access to the clickable links there and I'll put a link in the description of this video that will take you to the clickable links on patreon if you are a subscriber there but if you are not subscribed to any of those platforms I'm going to pop up the websites here as I'm talking about them so that you can get the right spelling and do a quick Google search and get started with your application process now the second survey platform on our list today is yugov and this is a globally recognized research company with strong presence in media and public policy it gathers opinions from around the world including public affairs and also valuable insights in that regard yugov is actually known know for its relevance in media citations offering surveys that are based or around current topics so you'll be able to do opinion polls and surveys on public affairs politics products Brands and more and these surveys that you'll be expected to complete for yugov it will actually help the company to contribute data to news articles and public discourse with yugov you can get paid via bank transfer PayPal or gift cards and of course what you make is contingent on the difficulty of the survey and the complexity and the length because they don't have a specified rate per survey to get started you register on their website you verify your email and you'll start getting access to surveys that are tailored to your interest and also your demographics now keep in in mind that depending on where you live while this platform is available across the globe a surve

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