Facebook is locking people out of their accounts…

I started Facebook we have made a lot of mistakes in running the company and it was my mistake and I'm sorry it was July 24th at 909 PM when I got this email from Facebook now since I was watching a fireworks show and I definitely was not adding strange looking email addresses to my Facebook account I clicked that this was not me unfortunately I clearly didn't click it fast enough because two minutes later I got this email letting me know that my main email address had been removed from my Facebook account now I don't know if you've heard but Facebook actually has a lot of AI security features built into the platform I don't know how these features didn't catch a brand new email address from Hong Kong getting added to my Facebook account and then removing my old email address all within two minutes and not flag that but what do I know luckily for me I was able to do a little research and find out that I could go to facebook.com hacked and I could get everything taken care of right there I followed the steps I sent in the mug shot of myself and by the next day I was able to get my Facebook account back now wouldn't that be awesome if the story ended here uh no no my journey through Facebook's terrifying new world of AI security was only just beginning the next morning I discovered that as part of that hack an old ad account had also been hacked these hard-working hackers had added a new user to the ad account with the same name as mine but a clearly wrong email address even worse Facebook had allowed that new user to take complete control of the Facebook ad account and instead turn me into a basic user the basic after spending three hours trying to find a way to get a hold of Facebook support and not finding one I found out they'd also hack the page associated with that ad account and when I tried to get that page back I was told kindly by Facebook's AI that I don't have any eligible pages to get back you want to get back a hacked Facebook page you better hope you're eligible and since I didn't have any eligible Pages Facebook was not going to let me talk to any support reps it's pretty much impossible I let the page slide momentarily because the big issue at hand was that my ad account with my credit card attached was now being run by someone else and if I tried to see what they were doing with my ad account I was given this message right here and when I tried to edit the new admin user I was given this message right here now I don't know why it's calling me a new admin in this business since apparently I'm basic and I'm also the oldest admin in this business but it looks like no such luck yes it looks like Spencer Mecum number one with his internet King no email account was now in complete control of my Facebook business manager thinking it wasn't a huge problem I went in to go remove my payment methods and I was given this message by Facebook now I found that to be a little bit strange because I do have credit cards attached to this account I just don't know which ones and what do you know despite being told I didn't have any payment methods attached to that business manager account the next morning I woke up to this charge and in fact they tried to charge that so many times on my card that chase finally flagged it and stopped allowing the charges I go check again and again I'm given the message from Facebook you don't have any added methods now at this point you're probably thinking oh he spent money surely there's support for someone who spent fifteen hundred dollars with Facebook ads and since I can't get a hold of Facebook support at all at this point the only option I have is to completely cancel this credit card that I use for about 30 different softwares in my business but these hackers are smart apparently there's another hidden credit card somewhere on my Facebook account that I don't know about and even Facebook doesn't know about and so the next morning I wake up to another message this one from my Capital One credit card letting me know that a 750 charge has come through Facebook which looks like another canceled credit card and another 30 phone calls to let everybody know that I need to update my card and even better when I try to log into Facebook this time I'm braced with this message letting me know that I don't even have access to my Facebook account so I dutifully wait the five hours that I'm told to wait and I instantly post on Facebook asking for help with the issue I got a lot of comments but this is the only one that really stood out I know how to get you support because it's the only way I could as well you've got to pay to get verified this person was completely right that is stupid but that's what I do since I understand that time is money I don't want to waste all my time on this I pay the 12 I get verified now I should have access to support and in fact I am greeted by this message when I Now log into my Facebook dashboard but first i'm gonna need to wait five more hours because my recent activity exceeded the limit for what's allowed once I get back in I'm here on the business help support page and you can see right here a lot of really unhelpful links that just gives you some very basic data but luckily for me there's a button up here that tells me that I can get support unfortunately for me that button is actually just a glorified refresh button was this information helpful no after cooking around for another 20 or 30 minutes I discovered this page right here where there's a messenger button I can click to speak to a rep and let them know my ad account has been hacked and I need help quickly I'm told that a rep will arrive shortly but it seems I'm just stuck in a loop with another bot now what do you know eventually boa joins and I for the first time am able to speak to a real live Facebook support rep yes all of you wondering they do exist somewhere in the world sadly the only thing boa could tell me to do was go to this page and click that get support refresh button at this point I'm convinced that there's two departments at Facebook one there's the bad idea department and this department spends all their time coming up with the worst possible ideas to make their users as mad as possible and department number two is the poor execution department where they spend all of their time taking those already terrible ideas and see how they can execute them as poorly as possible for maximum pain at this point you're probably thinking that it couldn't get any worse but let's wait and see no way now that all my credit cards were canceled my Facebook account was back I decided to ignore the issue the only issue I was having now was that about every two to three days I would try to log in and I would see a message like this one right here sometimes it was one hour sometimes it was five sometimes it was an entire day other times I log in and see messages like this one right here or I'd check my email and I'd see messages like this one right here th

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