New ChatGPT 4o AGI Updates Will Create Millionaires And Billionaires Overnight!

chat GPT 4 the updates that were just released nobody's talking about however they have the potential to make you a lot of money in fact some of the AI updates that we've been hearing about recently have the potential to make lots of people Millionaires and even billionaires when used correctly and while I don't think I'm ever going to be a billionaire and most people watching this won't maybe I can teach you some things to put some extra money in your pocket or even start a full-on business whether you're looking to do a side hustle or a business or a startup or get involved in blogging or use AI to help you make money this video is for you these updates are game changers and you can use these to make money online unlike ever before over the last 25 years I've been making money online in many different niches with blogs and affiliate income and having my own software tools and all kinds of things and I've made millions of dollars online but I've never seen something as easy and straightforward as what you're about to see today this AI news update is huge if you want to make money online and what we're going to do today is talk about the hidden money tools that nobody else is talking to that are included in chat GPT 40 Google Gemini and some other tools as well now I got to tell you this video is twofold it has two purposes number one is to educate you on things that are coming out in the near future in just a couple of days months maybe a couple of years we're going to see some major changes with AI AGI chat GPT 5 and all kinds of crazy things and I want you to be prepared over the last 18 months AI has gone crazy and I've been able to personally make hundreds of thousands of dollars because I was prepared for what was coming out and I wasn't even a pro I just kind of floundered around and used things I already knew I wish back then I had a video like this which is why I'm making it because I want you to be prepared so that you can make money with what's about to come this stuff is going to be game-changing lifechanging and for those who are paying attention can put tons of money in your pocket and the second purpose of this video is to show you some tools that are right now embedded in chat GPT 40 that can help you make money right now yes ladies and gentlemen I'm going to cover some tools and strategies that can work right now you can use them right now with a $20 chat GPT subscription or if you don't have $20 you could probably do it with the free one although it is limited but don't worry I'll show you how all that works in just a minute all you got to do is smash a like button and subscribe because if you're looking to make money with AI I promise to tell you the truth and give you all the updates as soon as I get them so let's go ahead and dive into the notable differences that came out with Google Gemini and chat GPT for Omni first of all we see text image and audio what we're seeing in this one is a little bit of changing around videos we'll get into that in a minute where it'll handle video files differently be able to interpret them and look at aemotion and look at both the video images and the audio and kind of put them together and understand it this is pretty big it's not quite there yet this is one of the things we're going to keep on the back burner for later one of the things we're to look at today is character consistency and object generation what this is going to do is it's going to go through and do a character consistency so if I create like a giraffe superhero right like this you can see that no matter what I tell it to do it is more or less keeping the same giraffe in the same way so if I say now have him in the desert it's going to go through and create the same giraffe in the desert with the same super superhero outfit and we can see right here it's doing a fantastic job now this might be simple and you might think oh wow that's cute whatever but there is a hidden money property being able to do this I'll get to that in just a minute one of the next things we see here is voice interaction when we get to voice interaction we have natural improved language understanding that's in Google Gemini chat GPT for Omni kind of knocked it out of the park with this one and they actually have realtime translation expressive speech synthesis and all kinds of crazy things what that means is I can take my phone I can speak into it it's going to understand any language I speak like that it'll understand what I'm saying and it'll do the command so instead of typing something I talk to it and now it's going to say well you know you sound angry Your Voice Sounds labored were you working out have you taken your vitamins today or something like that now this is important for us to make money in a couple different things not so much me talking into my phone as fun and cute as that is there are actually ways to make money with this right now the way it is more about that in just a minute next up we have content creation and editing Google gem has better text and image generation and chat GPT Omni 4 has advanced editing including video so this is big the first thing we want to look at is the ab ility to understand and create pictures with letters we have seen in the past that AI tools they fumbled all around when it came to letters and they wouldn't spell things right and infographics were basically useless now we're at like 90% meaning I can almost create an infographic in chat GPT 40 without any extra touchup and not only that but if I was to take an image from the internet right like this paste sit right in here and ask it about that image it's going to go through and give me information on that image in real time super fast no editing no extra stuff bada bing bada boom it's going to work we can also ask it to create a new infographic since that one's a little older it can go find the data make the infographic and boom in minutes we have something that we can use on our websites now this is one of my favorite new additions for reasons I'm not going to go into just yet stay tuned this is a money tip you won't want to miss but for right now we can kind of see okay it handles images and the text on the images and understands what's going on which is great that's super powerful in and of itself next up we see there has been changes to accessibility for hearing and visual and different things like that we also have extensive API support where we can go through and get full API access Advanced content manipulation and more now this is important it's not a huge step up yet that I've seen but they are adding to it this next one is a game Cher and that is the automated posting and scheduling now Google Gemini has not talked about that yet although Google does have this capability in its API agents or AI agents rather where they go through and there's like this whole program for businesses to use which is a little bit highbrow for most of us people for those of us who just

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