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you see this little button right here clicking that button could make you insanely rich and yeah I have solid proof and you may have noticed a lot of news recently about Google Gemini Advanced and the Google Gemini AI after putting this thing through the ringer for many many hours last night I can conclude without a doubt that this is a game Cher in your ability to make money online and first I have a little question for you does Google actually create content I mean Google is a multi- hundred billion a year business but what is it that they actually do they're not creating a whole bunch of content I would say that's probably less than 1% of their entire business they're not out there creating a bunch of products or anything like that the vast majority of their empire comes from doing one thing really really well it's not the creation of content or information it's the categorizing restructuring and making the information easy to access so wouldn't it be safe to say that if Google can make hundreds of billions of dollars categorizing and making information easy to use and find then we should be able to do the same thing and pocket tons of money and in this video I'm going to show you exact ly how it works start to finish I'm not here to sell you some course or get ad revenue or anything like that in fact the amount of money I'm going to make from you watching this video is like 3 cents at best so get ready because this is going to be real world information that's going to help you make money online using the new Google Gemini advanced in a super simple way yes this is something anyone can do without a bunch of experience without a bunch of money and dare I say in some cases without even having a website so if you struggled with SEO and blogging and faceless videos posting things on social media and all the other stuff the gurus tell you to try pay close attention to this entire video because what I'm about to show you can and will make you money when used properly guaranteed and all you got to do is follow along and we're actually to put this to the test if you watch this video and you think this is good information that can help you make money go ahead and type amazing strategy as a comment below however if you think I'm talking out of my well then you can go ahead and put a comment and tell everyone before they watch this video how terrible it is sound fair enough okay we're about to get started but first let's consult with the experts as you've probably known there is nearer a smarter Human Than someone who comments on a video so what I decided to do is take a look at my last video where I showed you how MSN Bing co-pilot could make you tons of money and in the two weeks since I created that video using that strategy and information has made me over $40,000 for my business so I know for a fact that this stuff works but let's see what other people are saying co-pilot Pro ain't making me a millionaire sitting on my couch well I'm sorry Daryl but copilot doesn't sit on your couch it's actually embedded in your windows beware of any get-rich quick promises involving magical AI systems people well this really isn't much of a getrich quick kind of deal what we're doing is quite simply what Google is doing we are categorizing information structuring it differently with the use of AI and using that to put money in our pockets it's actually very simple co-pilot Pro nice try buddy but I ain't falling for no get-rich quick schemes again this is a method not a scheme very important that you look at the distinction or what Jose had to say money doesn't grow on trees and AI systems aren't Magic Money Trees well I beg to differ money in fact does grow on trees in the form of fruit plants and vegetables which can be sold and converted into money and if you don't get this concept you're going to have a hard time making money online because the fact of the matter is money is just a unit of measurement so if I can use the Google Gemini AI to categorize information and get paid for Shar in that well I think this business model is as legit as they come so let's dive in the computer and I'm going to show you some shockingly simple ways to use Google Gemini AI in ways never thought possible before yes ladies and gentlemen this will give you a complete plan outline and paint by number system to make money online it's actually super simple smash like button let's dive in and get started all right so this is the new Google Gemini Advanced now this version will cost about $20 a month but I think they give you like a month free or something like that you can also use the free version right here it's just not as powerful the $20 version is going to help us make a lot more money because it is much more creative intuitive it thinks different and it can give different outputs based on what we give it so it's going to really help help us in this categorizing of information and understanding exactly what's going on as you can see here I actually had it go through and do an outline based on a complete video we did over here for the Simple Sites intro video it's like an hourong video it did all the notes and the outline and pretty much everything and it stayed on point in a really easy way but that's not what we're going to use to make money this is just to show you a video that we'll talk about towards the end and where you can get it and learn more about this strategy so that you could go out there and use it to make money so we can see here it'll generate an image help write code walk through solving a problem CSS and different things like that so a lot of coding a lot of thinking and a lot of interpreting of data and lot more robust than chat gbt is right now I think this is going to be a real GameChanger now what we're going to use this for to make money is primarily the creative engine a lot of people when they try to make money online they strug struggle with coming up with ideas of what they're going to do or they can't stay on task or they just don't know how to structure everything in an overarching way to actually get the money and that's what we're going to talk about here where we can literally go out there and find a product say on ClickBank offervault or any type of affiliate marketing product that we can promote and make money for example right here we have live chat jobs we have e formula get paid to use Facebook or we could even go through and find different things like maybe accounting and see what kind of accounting things there are here's something that puts money in your bank account manifestation social media advertising hypnosis and on and on we go lots of different things where we can get paid now what we're going to do is we're going to try to find something that's kind of going to stump the AI and see if it can overcome it and give us a marketing plan and create everything thing in that marketing plan so that we can get paid let's go over here and try something like softwar

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