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so I've just found a brand new loophole that you can use to make thousands of dollars every single week by just simply searching on Google as you can see for my screen right now this exact strategy I'm going to show you has generated me well over $12,000 us within the past month and what's great about this is that you don't need any investment to make this work yes this is 100% free you don't need any previous experience you don't need any upfront investment you don't need any previous skills and you can get started with this today and just to make this clear before we dive into this tutorial this is not going to be one of those scammy survey websites that promise you to pay you for each task that you do but instead takes you around in Loop holes and never pays you out no this is going to be a real video that's going to show you step by step how to build a real sustainable online business that can drastically improve the quality of your life so now with all of that being said let's go ahead and get started here today okay so to get started here for step number one what you need to do right now is head over to Google and then just simply type in Google Docs from here you'll even even need to do two things one you can just click straight onto the first link and it's going to take you over to a blank Google Document which we're going to need for this video however if you do not have a Google account you need to go ahead and sign up for an account right now it only takes 2 minutes it's 100% free once you have that set up you'll be able to access Google Docs and just simply and then from here all you need to do is just open a blank document following this what you need to do from this point is head over to this website that you can see on the screen right now which is TAMU so that's over at once you're here all you need to do is just scroll down all the way to the bottom of the screen until you see Affiliates or influencer program that's then going to take you over to this page right here where you'll be able to unlock different ways to make money online with this affiliate program and if we look even closer right here you can see for yourself share and earn up to 100,000 per month using this affiliate program that's right there's individuals on here that are earning well over $100,000 per month promoting a variety of different products that are on the T plat platform that might sound very insane to a lot of you guys but I've only been promoting on this platform for 30 days and I've already made $20,000 so imagine if I was to take this seriously you know put a lot of effort into this maybe potentially run ads I could double if not triple the amount that I'm making on here now if you haven't heard of TAMU before it's essentially an online marketplace where you can buy a variety of different product this could be stuff like home decore clothing accessories gadgets and much much more it's very similar to the likes of Amazon and Alibaba but this is just a new Fresh company that's just emerging on the market the biggest difference that they have from their competitors which is a great thing for us is that they pay out way more commissions you would notice if you've ever tried to promote products on Amazon the most you can make is maybe 2 to 3% if you're lucky you might make 8% or 10% but this is literally cents and pennies to how much you're going to be getting paid on the TAMU platform today if I draw your attention to the left hand side of the screen right here you can see that regular everyday people just like me and you are are actively taking out money so you can see right here PayPal people are making money you know on Tik Tok and stuff like that promoting this exact program that I'm showing you right here so if you want to get started right here and become another affiliate to get paid from this program all you have to do is Click right here where it says sign up and then simply just sign up to become an affiliate of the T Mo program and once you're done with that you successfully completed step number one of this video and you're ready to move into step number two which is going to be one of the most crucial parts of this entire video this next step is really going to make or break this strategy for you and determine if you make money with this or not so make sure you stay tuned and smash that like button if you haven't already because I'm providing you guys with so much value here now carrying on to step number two of this video in order for us to make money with the T affiliate program we need to put some sort of content out there on the internet to attract the right type of audience now I know majority of you guys that are watching this video right now most likely don't want to show your face online so the type of content that we're going to be creating today in order to attract the Right audience is going to be blog posts or articles this is going to be the easiest and most effective way to get people over onto the Tam platform and purchase products without doing much work at all and this is simply because we're going to be utilizing the power of AI so from here all you guys need to do is just go to your address bar type in chat. and it's going to take you over to the chat gpta aai box that you're going to be able to use to create an unlimited amount of blogs to different products on TAMU that is going to make you money here today don't worry this is completely free and to make it even easier for you guys I've created a script that you can follow step by step so you don't need to know anything about AI you don't need to have done this in the past before all you have to do today is just simply copy and paste exactly what I'm going to show you and you're going to be totally fine and I promise you you will make money as long as you do exactly what I show you here today so the first task here is to this copy and paste this exact prompt that I've entered into chat GPT so you can pause the video here if you're following along with me and then simply just type in exactly what I've typed in so as you can see for yourself I've instructed the bot to create a blog post for me within a specific Niche or industry so you're going to need to change this section right here depending on what category of product that you select on the T platform so if I go back to the section right here you can see you know we're in the holiday season right now I think we're a few days out from Christmas by the time you're watching this it should be around like boxing day or maybe a day after so but what you want to do right here so the select a category you can go for appliances men shoes music instruments women clothing Electronics whatever it may be you just select a random topic right here and then you paste it back over into chat GPT for this example I've selected electronics and from here all I'm going to do is just simply send a message to chat GPT so it can proceed to generat

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