Once you VISUALIZE like THIS, REALITY SHIFTS in seconds (How To Visualize)

so once you learn how to visualize correctly reality is yours now I accidentally stumbled upon what visualization is how to use it to go ahead and achieve your goals how to use it to achieve success how to use it to go ahead and take that future reality that you want and to manifest it into the present all of this kind of like happened on accident because number one I'm not the smartest person in the world number two my parents were immigrants from the Philippines so it's almost like how did I kind of just break the code of what it felt like my future was supposed to be what you know the plan of society had me to do was to go to school get good grades get a job all that stuff how did I break that mold well when I was 13 years old I remember walking into my library in my middle school at the time and I was just constantly always just amazed at like the Guinness World Record books like I don't know if you guys remember those books when you were younger it's like these books that have like all of these you know records of people breaking it and I was just always amazed that there was just human beings that seemed like extraordinary that were able to go ahead and do these crazy crazy crazy things and it just like blew my mind and I remember as I was walking into the back of the library in this moment in this day there was this random rainboy book right next to the Guinness World Record book and for some reason it just like caught my mind and I picked it up and opened it and it was it said the Einstein factor and I don't know what came about me in that moment in time but I'm like you know what I'm going to go ahead and check this out I remember reading it and opening it and looking at all the exercise in it and it was like so weird it was like oh you could use this to achieve success oh you could use this to study which is what I wanted cuz I was like I need to get a good grade on my math class I need to get a good grade on my history class cuz I'm Asian and my parents they wouldn't feed me if I wouldn't have you know an A+ on all of my grades so what I use visualization first before success before wealth before you know getting into the body and the relationships that I wanted was literally like something as simple as studying for an exam there was like exercises where it's was like okay as I would read you know my history book I had to visualize myself looking from from literally behind me as if it was like another person looking over my shoulders reading the pages on the book while I was reading the book so imagine I'm reading the book but while I was reading the book I had to literally visualize myself behind me overlooking my shoulders and then just like reading the book right and I can't tell you how many times like I would be in an exam and I would like not know the answer to a question and I would just go back to oh I remember when I was visualizing standing behind myself looking over my shoulder and reading the pages of the book and oh there's the answer right or there was another visualization exercise where it's like I needed to visualize myself on an on a little paper plane that I would literally make and then I would throw the paper plane but I'm also on the paper plane and right as the doors to my class closes I would just fly right in and no one else would be able to see this like paper plane and I would literally just fly over the exams of all of my friends that were smarter than me and to just kind of like peer and see like the answers that they were were actually looking at on this like imaginary paper plane and I would literally do that in the middle of the exam I would like visualize like a me on the plane looking at all the answers and then I would go ahead and just like write the answers that I thought I saw in my imagination and then lo and behold it's like my exams were better and then I just started getting smarter and people are like how are you able to get good grades when it seems like you're not trying that hard and that's when I accidentally stumbled upon the power of visualization on the study aspect of things but little did I know that I could actually use visual ization to just transform every aspect of my life I'm talking about success wealth relationships Health Fitness feeling good in your body confidence cuz I didn't have any of that I literally didn't have any of that so number one I used it to get smarter cuz I'm not the smartest person in the world but I use visualization and those techniques and exercises to get smarter the second time that I used it for was wealth and more specifically my confidence because without any confidence and the willingness to dare to go ahead and go after your goals wealth doesn't really necessarily happen like it's hard to go ahead and Achieve wealth if you're scared it's hard to go ahead and Achieve wealth if you're fear and you're you're just driven by fear so how did I overcome that so I remember I was like 18 or 19 at the time I was like in this network marketing company and like for those who don't know what network marketing companies are it's literally like your friends hate you your family hates you people think you're crazy they're like why are you joining this thing people think you're just brainwashed right because like you're reading all these books and I was reading all these books and trying to sell this opportunity to my friends and my family and this is even before like I went into the online space and one of the leaders in the company like shipped me out to Portugal for some reason they were like oh you need to build a team here and I'll pay for your ticket and I was like this is crazy I visualized you know traveling around the world but I didn't think I was going to be able to do this now and oh wow you're paying for it so I don't have to pay for it and it like that was another visualization story as it is right but here I was you know literally in a place that I've never TR traveled like alone by myself ever before and while I was in Portugal the business was just crumbling and dying and I was like losing money and I was like oh man I'm literally stuck in Portugal I don't know what to do and I don't know what like urged me to go ahead and go back to my visualization exercises but I remember like youtubing you know just like visualization meditation I remember Googling it's this thing called like Quantum leaping or like the Silva method where essentially you just like visualize you know your future self and then hugging your future self and then embodying all the emotions and feelings that the future self would feel but bringing it into the present moment and I remember I was like sleeping on the floor cuz uh the friends that I met in Portugal like they just moved in a new place and literally it was like it was like five of us in one room sleeping on the floor and I remember they thought I was crazy cuz I would just like meditate for 20 minutes and in the morning just like not doing any

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