How To Turn US$100 Into US$1 Million With Dropshipping: Dropshipping Tutorial For Beginners

they say Drop Shipping is saturated hell no it's definitely not saturated last time you were on a channel your business was doing around a million doar a month and last month how much did your business generate in sales we generated $3 million in sales last month can you actually show the viewers maybe some of these results this is my Shopify dashboard for the year 12 million in a year so we are doing the Drop Shipping model which pretty much means that whenever someone orders from us a supply overseas ships the product to our customer Margarita who you just saw in Jordan's video is actually a refugee who started Drop Shipping in 2018 the key to making millions with Drop Shipping is to one identify the right Niche and product two to find the best Drop Shipping product suppliers three to automate your Drop Shipping business four to different differentiate your offering five to determine how much you want to start with from an investment perspective six and importantly to use the analytics and the data to scale and maximize your profits and last to Market especially from an emotional perspective sounds like a lot doesn't it but you know what you are in luck because in this video I will share a stepbystep step tutorial on how you can build a successful Drop Shipping business that considers all these factors that I just mentioned now rock stars Drop Shipping is not for everyone especially some of you in the comments who say Odetta nothing that you share is working because of course their failure has to be someone else's fault but I don't mind you blaming me for your failure because I have a broad back but remember you never become who you want to be if you keep blaming everybody else for who you are that said instead of blaming others for your failure ask yourself what if I am doing something wrong considering all the things that I'm sharing whether it's making money on YouTube with specific websites or apps is actually working successfully for other people if they weren't working successfully those companies and those websites wouldn't exist so you failing at it is not an indication that it doesn't work it could be that it's not the right side hustle business or opportunity for you and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that remember everything is not for everyone and the fact that you fail at something doesn't mean it doesn't work failure is just a part of life the key however is to not stop trying until you are proud because by changing your mindset to stop blaming Odetta for your failure you may end up changing your destiny that said Drop Shipping rock stars it's not for everyone but if you believe it is something that you can do successfully this video will teach you everything you need to know in just eight steps to scale your Drop Shipping business from am measely $100 to as much as a million [Music] us welcome back to the Rockstar Academy and if you're not yet a rock star please go ahead and fix that by subscribing and I'm looking forward to welcoming you now what is Drop Shipping and I could give you a textbook definition but you know what we're not in school so here is a practical example I want you to imagine that you have an online store that sells a unique Skillet or frying pan Which I like to refer to as the lazy people Skillet that you see me using here in our kitchen now with an online business instead of filling up your garage with boxes of Skillet in your inventory and trying to figure out how to deliver these Skillets to your customers when they actually place an order on your website with Drop Shipping You partner with suppliers who already have the skillets in stock and when your customer as an example sees your Skillet being advertised and they decide oh my God how have I been living without this Skillet and they click the buy now button on your online store the order information shoots straight over to the Drop Shipping supplier automagically and then the supplier handles all the packing the shipping the logistics the customer service and send the skillet to your customer's doorstep now to make money with Drop Shipping when a customer orders this skillet from your website let's say you are selling it for $35 which is the selling price and your buying price which is what you're getting the skillet from the Drop Shipping supplier for and as you can see here on Alibaba the price for this Skillet is about $422 let's just round it up to $5 for easy mathematics and in most cases the customer will pay the delivery cost or you can bundle it into the price and make your price a little bit higher but this process C of you selling your product for $35 and the buyer charging you $5 for that product also happens automatically and electronically online with Drop Shipping then your profit of $30 which is the selling price of $35 less the price that the Drop Shipping supplier is charging you for the skillet of $5 is what you get to keep per sale so if you're a as an example to sell 10 Skillets per day with your Drop Shipping business with a profit of $30 you'll be earning $300 per day and of course over 30 days that translates to about $9,000 per month in profit now don't forget to factor in some additional costs such as website hosting the transaction fees and the marketing expenses and the marketing expenses in a Drop Shipping business will be higher than most other businesses so let's say from your $9,000 that's about $2,000 per month your net profit will be $7,000 per month and that's how you make money from A Drop Shipping business what is key however is that since you're not dealing with things like inventory Logistics shippings and returns you can focus more on tweaking your ads optimizing your website and delivering top not customer service it offers a pretty cool way for any one of us to dive into entrepreneurship without a ton of upfront investment and to do so in a semi- passive way because after you have set up your store and you have identified and concretized your deal with this supplier people are going to order products and get them and you're going to get your profit while you sleep while you vacation and while you work making it semi- passive so that said let's jump into the stepbystep process to setting up your Drop Shipping business step one is to choose your Niche you need to select a specific product category and to do so you need to do market research to evaluate market demand competition and potential profitability as it pertains to specific niches that said I've done the work for you rockstars here are the top 10 Drop Shipping niches and I won't be able to cover this in grave details because I want to keep the video at a certain length but I'm going to be writing a Blog that I'll post on my website Odetta rocket a few days after this video and in that blog you'll be able to get a lot more details than I'll be able to share here on this video if I'm talking about clickable links which I'll share a few later on I'll share those on

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