BRAND NEW US$895 A Day Business Idea To Make Money Online From Home In 2024: TikTok Shop

[Music] are you still surfing social media platforms for fun while you're in traffic or on a lunch break or every single opportunity you get to do so if you are rock stars it's time to convert your social media clicks Into Cash to switch from browsing to banking to turn your social media surfing into Surplus and your likes into Loop okay enough of that but in this video I will share success stories that confirm it is indeed possible to make $895 in a day using this relatively new method on a gamechanging platform that most of us are on surfing every single day across the globe [Music] I want you to imagine a place where entertainment meets consumerism where the line between browsing and buying is blurred and where products don't just get seen but they also get sold here is an example of exactly what I'm talking about now this video was posted on the my smile Tik Tok page and the owner of my Smiles which is actually a brand that's gained popularity by transforming Smiles into sales by selling oral care products on Tik Tok and elsewhere they use this method that I'm about to share with you to convert social media clicks into $1 million us cash per month and rock stars they're not the only ones this guy here made $50,000 in his first first month using this method and he's averaging about $895 a day I will actually link this particular video in the description so that you can hear his experience firsthand and get some tips on how you can do this as well and there are testimonials out there of people with only 87 followers that are making upwards of $60,000 after only 3 months of using this method and if others are doing it rock stars then you know it's possible but here's the thing it's not for everyone it's for the leaders Among Us who will take the bull by the horn and get this done it's not for those Among Us who are waiting for people to confirm if it works and I see those comments sometimes let me know if this works before I try it or is this working for you you have to realize that those persons who are actually making decent money from what I'm sharing or what other content creators are sharing on YouTube and other platforms they're not in the comments responding to your doubts and your fears absolutely not they are busy making money they're going to watch the videos and sometimes they'll even comment like this comment here but they definitely don't have the time to reply to persons who are saying is this working for you or let me know if anyone tried this where are people going to find the time to do that when they're serious about making money because they're leaders they're not waiting for everybody to figure things out because in that case they would be followers and followers tend to end up doing things too late and miss the opportunity in its entirety so if you're a leader keep listening because this method which is brand new by the way for the most part it's been a few months but it is for you now the cat is out of the bag because the method that I'll be talking about is in a digital Marketplace leveraging Tick Tock shops and in this tutorial which is kind of like a free course I'm going to explain to you what exactly is The Tick Tock shop why you should have a shop I'm going to share how to get started and how to leverage this opportunity whether you have Z upfront to spend or if you have a few dollars to invest I'm also going to share marketing tips and success stories where you will be able to pull nuggets of wisdom from those people's experiences to incorporate it into your launch or execution strategy and don't worry this is beginner friendly and you don't need to be highly technical nor do you need a large following on a form like Tik Tok to make money remember I told you earlier someone had less than 100 subscribers and was making up to $60,000 so that said let's jump right into it now what exactly is a Tik Tock shop Tik Tock has ventured into the e-commerce realm with their shops and these shops allows individuals or businesses to set up their virtual store on the actual platform and sell product directly in Tik Tok imagine that you're sitting there and scrolling through and watching your favorite dance or tutorial video and this particular video pops up I almost got fired for this so I'm a big multitasker and I bought the spite n kit for my smile and I thought I could get away with using it at the office but my boss literally walked in as of us filming this and asked what's going on I ended up wearing it for 30 minutes while answering emails and maybe a little online shopping but we'll keep that between us and when I tell you the results were insane let's just say that for all the coffee that you have been drinking you could do with some whiter teeth and I don't drink coffee but I too could do with some whiter teeth you would then click the link in the bio of this post and write there in TI Tock without you leaving you're going to land on the seller's Tik Tock shop where you can can actually make the purchase related to the video that you just watched that way when you have a Tik Tock shop you are just a few steps away from owning the product and there's absolutely no need to leave the app or to be redirected to another website which I know many persons find frustrating now why should you start a tick tock shop the first one is the integrated shopping experience that I Just sh shared users on the platform can discover and buy products without interrupting their social media experience this means that you're reducing friction from the actual purchasing process and potentially increase conversion when it comes to the number of sales that you're getting another reason is you can actually get a viral video that's selling a product products can go viral through content creation challenges and natural sharability of reg regular Tik Tok videos leading to more sales because you have an audience already on Tik Tok the probability of it popping up and going viral is much greater when compared to a platform where you have to invest in paid ads another reason for starting a tick tock shop is collaboration through the create a Marketplace businesses can collaborate with Tik Tok influencers who can actually help to promote the products to a broader and a more engaged audience and when you hear these influencers like the one you saw earlier it doesn't sound like they're trying to sell you something it actually sounds like a friend recommending that you try something which is exactly what you want to do to get into the buyer psyche you can also do live selling where sellers can host live streams to Showcase their products in real time you can interact with your viewers and that I've seen to be extremely effective when it comes to answering questions providing good customer service and it definitely boosts sales and Customer Loyalty with Tik Tock shops you can also leverage the Tik Tock algorithm to Target users with shop ads and that way your product is finding per

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