EXPOSING how much youtube paid me in 1 month with 60k subs

I've always wondered how much YouTubers make especially channels that are still growing but are relatively small still like mine because you see these videos of content creators who have half a million to a million subscribers and they give these great numbers which is amazing to see however if you were to start a YouTube channel today how much could you realistically expect to make I will say that it is different for everybody but in this video I'm going to be sharing my specific journey and how much I'm making with 60,000 subscribers in one month now I started this Channel about 14 months ago exactly it took me just under 2 and 1/2 months to get fully monetized and that was thanks to this one specific video now at the time I had no idea that this specific video was going to do so well I just knew that I wanted to share my experiences of things that I had tried in the past and hopes to help encourage somebody else out there who was also trying all of these side hustles on YouTube now typically it doesn't just take a channel 2 months to get monetized I've seen channels that even mention one to two years before they're ever even monetized on on YouTube and I can also vouch for this because I have a child YouTube channel that I started back in 2021 and that channel did take an entire year to get monetized now I personally no longer have time to upload on that child Channel because I'm so busy in my everyday life however I'm still seeing a small profit every single month from that channel even though I haven't uploaded in a couple months as you all can see here although the one video did begin to attract a lot of viewers and subscribers the amount of money I was bringing in was still pretty small and it did take about 8 months to really gain traction on my channel and I remember brainstorming ideas for the channel where did I want this channel to go what kind of ideas would actually be helpful to people what kind of things do people actually want to watch and I remember going back to that video that I made in the beginning and and evaluating why is this video doing so well and I noticed that this video didn't have a lot of competition there weren't a lot of people out there actually doing all of these side hustles on YouTube and that's what gave me the idea to to continue that specific idea because I had tons of comments on that video saying wow nobody else is doing this nobody actually even tries these things that are talked about on YouTube nobody is making content like this and so that really gave me the push forward to start a series where I actually go out and try the side hustles that I see on YouTube so it was at that point that after I started uploading videos about how much money you can realistically make about different side hustles on YouTube that's when my channel really started to grow and views my earnings really started to increase at that point now really quickly for those who don't know in order to get monetized a person needs 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time and I personally have not missed one week of uploading since I started this channel even though at this point I've hidden some videos that weren't up to par I didn't like the quality I didn't like the sound so I've hidden those on my channel I've still uploaded over one video per week since I started 14 months ago and just to be clear that is a ton of work to put in espe especially for the amount of pay that I received during those first 8 months okay so once eligible for monetization how much did I make well as you can see from this chart during my first days of being monetized I was bringing in about $10 to $20 per day it varied according to views and then I would have days that I reached $35 a day which was really awesome to me but in general it did stay around this Mark until about the end of September of 2023 and at this point you can see that My Views are really starting to pick up and that means the amount of money that I was making was really beginning to pick up as well and then at one point I made $275 12 in one day during the month of October 2023 now I know and I have seen other channels in this Niche who are bringing in 10 times that in one day so for me $275 12 is is a ton that's great but just know that there are channels in this specific Niche who are making 10 times that in one day by uploading content content that is completely lying to you now for the last 3 months of 2023 that's when I really started seeing a big spike and increase of income finally after 8 months of uploading every single week and during these specific months I brought in in the month of October $3,395 35 in the month of November $4,975 66 and in the month of December $433 122 I'm going to finish up with how much I've made up to date and how much I made after I hit the 60,000 subscriber Mark but before I do if you're thinking about starting a YouTube channel but you feel overwhelmed don't know where to start in areas like video editing thumbnail design script writing or if you have a specific hobby that you're looking to monetize in the year 2024 skillshare has you covered with skillshare you can join one of the largest online learning communities and with my link you're going to get an entire month for free something I personally love about skillshare is that they have online learning paths which are great for those who are looking to get started but don't really know where to start so learning passs are sets of curated classes and activities that build on one another and once completed you should be able to move forward with confidence in whatever area it is that you're learning about so for example I took this specific learning path on opening up your own edsy shop if you haven't seen it already I did post a video about it I'm going to have it linked in the description box down below I have been able to produce a profit from my Etsy shop and this specific learning path here gave me exactly what I needed in order to open up my Etsy shop I'm also now learning about the specific ways to optimize your listings in Etsy in order to get seen more on Etsy and the learning path is geared towards beginners which is really great because most of us out here who are starting out are beginners now skillshare also offers a large variety of different categories in their learning paths and just in general some of these categories include things like photography graphic design music cooking business and marketing I would encourage you that if you feel discouraged this year and you're really looking to start bringing in some extra income 2024 is the year to invest in yourself the first 500 people to click my link down below will get an entire month for free with skillshare you can hop on see what they have to offer you can do so by clicking my link in the description box down below or the pin comment and thank you so much to skillshare for sponsoring this video now in the year of 2024 I didn't really know exactl

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