these are five of my favorite transitions transitions let's try again these are five of my favorite transitions for Instagram reals and Tik Tok because they are simply just so easy to do what's up it's Millie welcome back to my channel where I post videos every Wednesday teaching you the latest strategies and Trends on social media to help you grow your brand starting with this video is shout outs I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all of your amazing love and support so if you want to shout out in one of my future videos be sure to screenshot yourself watching this and tag me over on Instagram stories or leave a comment below and subscribe to my Channel all right jumping into the Tut tutal shall we so the first one we're going to do let me actually make this easy and get a sweater yeah okay we're going to use this sweater for each transition first transition we're going to do is the tap this one is super duper easy so what you're going to do you're going to record your little thing and you're going to tap the camera to cover up the entire camera and move your hand head hand head hand hand the biggest mistake I see people make with all transitions is they go so slow so they're like like you don't have to go slow we're going to edit it so you could just be like whatever you know what I mean that was weird so we're going to be like oh my gosh something something tap okay you see how it was just like one more time tap okay and keeping the camera here we're going to stop and when we reveal I'm going to have a sweater on surprise surprise okay this is how we're going to do it all pretend it looks really good now we're going to record our second half and we're just going to do the same thing but now our movement is going to happen afterward we tap so we're going to be like ha yeah so tap ooh wow transition cool now let's edit it together we are going to do a new project we are going look at my face she's fun okay we're going to open up the first two so I do tap so let's say I start it here we're going to split it to get rid of the beginning part I talk I tap and I'm going to find you can use two fingers to zoom in and get more specific find exactly where the hand covers the entirety of the camera so right here split and delete so now we're going to start this next clip at the hand covering boom split and delete so if we go like this Boop haa I'm so weird so we start that split same thing start it where your hand is covered play looks like this switch my clothes pretty cool before going into the second transition I want to give you a friendly reminder to subscribe to my channel because it's free and I really do try my best to provide consistent content that is valuable to you that you will always learn from and all the things so don't forget to hit that subscribe button hello beautiful people editing Millie over here and I wanted to take a quick second to thank this video sponsor which is cap cut and that's the editing app that I'm using to to edit all of these transitions throughout the rest of the video you're going to see four more transitions that I do and you're going to see how literally easy it is to make Transitions and of course I can do a more intermediate transition tutorial and then an advanced transition tutorial but because I'm showing the Simplicity of how easy it is to do transitions I don't want to diminish the other amazing features that cap cut has available on their app I use cap cut every single day to edit all of my videos from Instagram reals stories collaborations Tik Tok all the things at the bottom you can see a few of the tools that they have available to you and when you select on a clip that you want to edit they literally have so many options for you to do just a few of my favorites on the far left you see mute audio clip that will mute the audio for all of the videos that you have uploaded into that timeline you could also speed up and slow down Clips with the speed option you have overlays so you can layer photos on top of your videos or even videos on top of videos you have effects which you could do video effects similar to effects that you would see on Tik Tok or on Instagram and since we're talking about transitions they also have a bunch of really cool transitions that you could do in app these transitions vary from every single transition style you would need so Basics like fading in fading out slides swipes cool spins and more advanced transitions it literally gets so insane so even though I am emphasizing the Simplicity of how easy it can be to create transitions for reals and for Tik toks I also want you to know the capabilities and everything else that you could do honestly your options are endless in cap cut if you want to try out cap cut I will link them down in my video description below be sure to give them a try and let's move on to the next transition next transition is going to be the swipe very similar to the tap but this time we're going to like swipe our hand over the camera so record we're going to do this we start with our movement the dominant one five tapes for blah blah blah blah swipe okay so our hand is going this way and then we stop it change outfits change location maybe you put your makeup on or whatever these buttons they're going to get annoying and then the dominant Action Now is going to happen after you swipe so we're going to start with the swipe we're going to go ding finished it up right da da da da now let's edit it together so I'm going to move yep say it starts here delete swipe and the swipe we're going to try to cover as much of the camera as possible let's do there again we can zoom in if we want to get more specific I'm going to do it before it covers my face because the transition is happening after we swipe so if I leave my face in this outfit after the swipe it might not look as good so I'm doing it right before my hand swipes over the camera delete and now we're going to swipe this one has a good frame where I'm like covering my face so we're going to actually start it with it covered delete and see what that looks like blah blaho yeah you see that you see that that's great so the trick is like to keep the movement going the next one is literally my favorite transition to do because it's so cool and it looks really hard but it's really not it's really easy it's like the arm swipe one so you're going to swipe your arms in front of the camera Bo Boop put your hands together like this so that your elbows kind of cover up the entire frame when you move Bo boom so you're going to get close to the camera not that close but close like that okay so you're going to swipe and that's going to be it we're going to go like this and then we're going to go okay boom you're just moving you move through the transition stop sweater on finish up the transition you're going to do the same exact movement moving through the transition you don't want to stop going to go here then we're going to go okay now let's edi

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