Top 7 Skills To Earn MONEY FOREVER: Get Them FREE From Ivy League Universities – US$10K A Month

in this beautiful world where we live where rules are constantly being Rewritten the pursuit of skills that promise not just survival but Prosperity has become more in demand than ever imagine possessing a set of skills so powerful that they could virtually print money for you now imagine acquiring these golden skills without spending a dime straight from the Ivory Towers of ivy league universities throughout my own journey I have leveraged these skills that I'm about to share with you on several occasions and in one particular example it resulted in me earning $110,000 every single month and in more recent times more than $2,000 in a a day that said in this video I will reveal the top seven skills that will make you rock stars money forever and on top of that I'm going to tell you exactly where you can acquire these skills at ivy league universities free and once you have mastered these skills that I'm about to share with you you will become a valuable asset wherever you go and in essence you will be [Music] unstoppable so you pressed play again and for that I'm grateful thank you so much for your support let's jump right into this video now the first skill that we're going to talk about it's one that many people underestimate but it's also one that don't does not come naturally to most and it is how to negotiate or the power of negotiation effective negotiation skills will actually help you to secure better deals higher salaries if you're employed and better contracts if you're in that type of negotiation by mastering negotiation you can ensure that you are not just compensated fairly as I'm going to share in this example but it will definitely result in you earning more over time now this became my reality somewhere between ages 21 and 22 when I was working for a US Fortune 500 company and I was about to be promoted to a management role now the person who occupied this role was a Caucasian and it was an expatriate meaning someone from outside of Jamaica cuz while it was a US Fortune 500 there was a branch of it in Jamaica that I would be responsible for plus different branches across the globe to include Ghana the USA Mexico India the Philippines and so on but I was physically located here and what typically happened was they would bring in expatriates because it was a US clientele and I don't think there was a lot of trust in locals being able to manage a US clientele so management positions in this company the majority of them were occupied by expatriates now The Expatriate who occupied this role he earned $4,500 in take-home pay every single month he got a rental or housing allowance check for about $33,000 every single month he also got a company car and the maintenance and petrol for that car which when you work it out it's about $11,000 per month month and several other benefits to include bonuses of about $1,500 per month health insurance and so on that we're not even going to quantify here today now I was being offered this position as a little Jamaican girl from Contry born into humble beginnings but who decided to do well in college after dropping out the first time and Excel and come into this company at the bottom and work my way up to this position so guess what happened the director who was also an expatriate decided to offer me a Jamaican dollar salary not the US that The Expatriate was getting and also a salary that was so low in comparison although it was a huge raise for me but it was as if he was expecting me to do 1/8 of the job because the salary was about 1/8 of what the person who occupied the role who was getting a promotion would be getting now I could have chosen two routes to take one it was about 10 times what I was making so I could have been happy and said wow I'm getting a big increase or two which is the latter and what I did was I looked at this role I evaluated what was required and if somebody was making this salary I felt like I was deserving of it as well not because because I'm much younger or I'm not an expatriate or I'm woman and all the things that people get hung up over that I don't pay attention to because if I want it I don't care about age race and anything I'm going to go after it and it's not that I'm discrediting those things because they're real but instead of focusing on everything that's stopping me from getting what I want I instead choose to focus on what I need to do to achieve the impossible and that's what I did so I decided to interview for a position at the Ritz Carlton that was opening at the time got accepted as an assistant director and it was going to pay me about what they were offering me and I submitted my resignation because I decided that I was willing to walk away if I wasn't going to be compensated fairly and listen I tell this whole story in my book no regrets just lessons which is actually a memoir about my life so if you want to learn more the link is in the description where you can get more on this story so let me cut it short the bottom line is when I submitted my resignation the staff got wind of it and because I had been instrumental in improving the engagement level in the workplace they said if I left they were going to strike or start some sort of industrial action now I didn't feel good about that because you never want that to be the situation but also the manager realizing that I'd forged this strong relationship with a client didn't want to have to go to the client and explain that I was leaving and they also I believe saw that I could add value to this organization so they came back and they did a counter offer it wasn't the car the apartment and the money so I said no and I started to pack up because it had gotten to the point where my notification for resignation had expired I was packing up to leave one day because that was my last day and his assistant this is the director's assistant ran after me down the stairs and asked me to come back up and at that time he handed me the company car key and he gave me an employment contract that had every single thing that this manager was making now I knew what he was making because years ago for that same company I had worked in accounting and I had to process payroll transactions it was his salary that expatriate salary why I decided to go back to college buckle down for 3 years and graduate valid Victorian student of the year most outstanding I mean every Accolade that could have been given I got it and I came back for this job but still had to start at the bottom work my way up so I was not going to settle for less than that salary that I had seen about 4 years earlier and here's the funny thing when I got everything obviously I didn't want to live in the place where they're paying $3,000 per month for my rental when you come from humble beginnings you can take that same money pay rent for $500 and use the rest to build a house which is exactly what I did I also didn't have a driver's license when I got that car key sometime around ag

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