6 FREE APPS To Earn Crypto – Earn Cryptocurrency Without Investment

hey guys in this video I will share with you six apps that will pay you free cryptocurrency some of these apps have already paid me free crypto for doing Simple task and of course some of them paid me for nothing so if you want to find out more information about them do stick with me until the end of this video as I'll be taking you through these different crypto earning apps and show you what to expect if you new here welcome to the channel my name is Queen mag Mani I share information on how to make money online and that's what you can expect to learn more of in this Channel consider joining our family on the road to 200,000 subscribers by subscribing as well also give this video a thumbs up if you find it available thank you so much in advance let's get on with today's video all right guys so the first app is actually going to pay you purely in cryptocurrency they're going to pay you passively and what I mean is you simply install this app you browse the internet and it's going to collect your browsing data share it maybe with marketers or companies without actually sharing your profile information such as your address your name and personal information like that so they just want to find out how they can Target you with advertising at least that's what I think they're all about but this is a passive earning app I have been paid several times with this moneymaking app and I'm going to show you guys some examples of payments that I got so you know what to expect and how much you can possibly earn for free by browsing the internet with this app running in the background so you'll see when you come to the screen that they say due to high demand peer to profit which is the name of the app is temporarily out of service so this temporarily simply says to me that it's not permanently out they're probably be building up maybe to allow more people to earn money with this platform so it is one to look out for and for the fact that I've been aing until a few weeks back when I checked and found out that it is temporarily I think it is still worth checking out you know for that time that they will open the platform here are some of example payments that I received you will see even in August I did cash out as cryptocurrency this amount of money over here here's another example of the amount that I received $21 us you will see here that it is from peer to profit all these amounts that you can see over here are from the platform here I cashed out $15 US from this platform guys so I have received several payment and before now they were actually paying via other cash payments so I've received a lot of payments from this platform just for browsing the internet the second one is going to pay you for doing different tasks such as playing games for taking online surveys and other tasks that you will find in the platform and maybe even based on your location they have an application for both Android and iOS so you can simply download them that and do different T to earn money it's called PA pay I'll put here on my screen some of the payments that I received and you will see also on the screen here that I'm close to cashing out another one from this platform because it is legit and here you'll get paid in different cryptocurrency systems such as Bitcoin and all that you can see here on the screen but if you prefer cash you can actually cash out to PayPal with this platform it's an awesome one they have different task and activities that go on even weekly competitions where you can win up to $25 us within the platform now the third platform is going to pay you for doing online surveys they pay you via Bitcoin as soon as you reach $5 us I think it's 5,000 points they have an app for Android and iOS which you can download and you know perform different service from many of Halls that they have in their platform it's really amazing because they've got lot of survey opportunities and yes guys I know I know a lot of you comment and say all this for a a small amount of money it's not for everybody I understand that so if you want to earn good money you're not into surveys don't complain click this video over here and there you'll find different task it's going to take a lot of your time it's going to require you to work hard but it's going to help you earn sustainable income but for those of you who like me work with any side hustle this is another opportunity I do have payment proofs from this one I'll try and plug some of them on the screen so that you can get to see that this platform does pay next on the list is a Bitcoin miner that's going to help you earn free Bitcoin for mining it so how it works is you sign up to the platform you start mining Bitcoin you start mining cryptocurrency different kinds of crypto cryptocurrency that you can convert your earnings into so once you have it you trade within the platform now the amount that you're going to withdraw from the platform are the profits from your trading so you mine this cryptocurrency so that you can have uh Capital to invest into trading in the platform and that's the amount that you can cash out but if you mind a lot of money let's just say $500 you can cash it out if you deposit I think a minimum of $20 so I mean their comparison it makes sense that they also want to make money but this is a free platform where I have mined and still Min cryptocurrency in it's called storm gain you'll find it here on storm gain.com I also leave you guys links for all the websites that I'll be sharing with you here today in my description box down below so do check it out to get started simply select get started over here start the sign up process it's very easy it's very quick and yeah guys it's also available worldwide with an app for both Android and iOS now the next one is only available for Windows or Windows PC users but it's very effective I actually know someone in my household who is mind using this platform and has and over 2,000 that they've cashed out similar to storm gain it is a crypto mining platform that you simply download into your PC you run in the background and it mines cryptocurrency for you it is the one that I'm looking at here on my screen as you can see they already have a download button for you if you have a Windows PC download um you put your PC to work easy setup optimal profit zero Mining and withdrawal fees more than $180,000 users use this platform it is completely legit for Mining cryptocurrency and here are the different kinds of coins that you can mine here you can mine Bitcoin ethereum Monero zcash and all these ones that you can see here on my screen so now we on to the last one which is a get P paay to moneymaking app that's going to pay you in cryptocurrency for doing different task many task here watching videos clicking on ads performing online surveys testing out different apps and websites and depending on your location there could be more opportunities for you to end cryptocurrency with this platform it'

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