7 Ways to Make Make A Lot of Money As a Beginner Podcaster

Joe Rogan just signed a new multi-year partnership deal with Spotify which is said to be worth up to 250 million dollars and even beginner podcasters are making hundreds or even thousands of dollars per episode so in this video I really want to show you how anyone can start a podcast in 2024 even if you are a beginner and how much it costs to get started but also how much you can realistically make using spotify YouTube or apple but before we do that let's talk about why is everyone starting a podcast because across the board from high-profile influencers like Ali abdal and Valeria leety to much loved jenz celebrities like Emma Chamberlain and Bobby althof and the Dello sisters and Hannah burner to the Kelsey Brothers more and more voices are turning to podcasting so is this a coincidence well clearly no and here's why podcast CS provide a platform with relatively few restrictions which essentially gives creators the freedom to explore topics first of all in depth and second without the constraints of all the other media platforms and which we are very much aware that they have this means that podcasts offer a way for influencers to not only diversify their content but also to reach audiences in a more intimate and engaging format which obviously in turn increases the strength of their personal brand and obviously ultimately leads to increased monetization opportunities and today we will explore seven ways that known podcasters are making money and how you can do that too but it does not stop here Google Trends shows an increased appetite for podcasters over the last few years and aside from the well-known platforms like Spotify and apple YouTube is coming very strong after this trend because in a recent letter from the CEO of YouTube Neil Mohan the company announced that they are going to focus on bringing all of the content people want to see and people love like commentary from creators such as uh destroying and the Kelsey Brothers through their new heights show to the YouTube platform so clearly podcasts are here to stay so let's talk about what you actually need realistically to get started and how much does it cost sure if you want to get very sophisticated then you can easily spend a few thousand probably but you can also get started with just your phone maybe a podcast microphone if you want to get fancy and Riverside which are kindly sponsoring today's video I record nearly all of my interviews and calls on Riverside nowadays and whoever is looking to start a podcast in 2024 should definitely consider Riverside it's so amazing and I genuinely recommend it to everyone I work with who is looking to start a forcast first of all it's really simple for the guest to use because all they need to do is Click into a link that you sent them that's it they're good to go and now both you and your guests can also use your mobile phone camera which means no extra investment and also you don't need to send them any equipment to make sure that they have good quality recording for you to use in your podcast most importantly it records both video and audio in much much better quality than anything that I have found and that I have used out there the reason that they do that is because Riverside records locally for each person and then while you're recording it is uploading a full quality file to the cloud so you do not depend on the quality of the internet which let's be honest is a huge benefit for this type of podcasts or recorded interviews that you have with your guests because you do not depend on the quality of their internet connection trust me I've seen lots of situations happen and also probably even more importantly than anything I've mentioned it just makes your workflow so easy trust me it's basically that easy that most likely you will not need to hire a team to help you because you can take care of most of the things on your own look at this it has separate talk tracks for each person which makes editing so much easier and then after recording is done you just need to export the highquality files into separate tracks and you can work with them either directly in Riverside's editor or in the editor of your choice speaking of editors with their text based editor you can search the transcript and move parts around to make things flow so much better because I've also seen lots of podcasts where the guest goes on tangents and then it's really hard to bring them back so you're able to make those changes directly with your text editor in Riverside and also one of their newer features which I absolutely love is their silent remover feature honestly it's a total Game Changer because it essentially automatically cuts out those awkward silences let's say which makes your conversations flow seamlessly also in case during the interview during your podcast you shared any content or media on your screen during that interview it is also going to be included in your recording and all you need to do is download the file and upload it to whichever podcast platform you have chosen to use I mean it does not get easier than that and if you want to promote your podcast with shortform content then Riverside also has you covered because now it is is super easy within Riverside to create that short form content using their AI features and it also includes captions for you I mean really it truly speeds up the editing process it makes it super fast super easy and super costeffective as well when you get started and maybe you don't want to throw a lot of money into hiring a full-fledged team to help you make it successful because I'm not only talking about editing and creating short form content but you also get your show notes directly in Riverside so you can take those and then promote your podcast or either through a blog post or any other kind of social media content you can get started with Riverside for free but if you really want high quality video output for YouTube if you're considering YouTube as one of the platforms for your podcast which I definitely recommend and I'm going to talk about that in more detail when we get to the monetization then I recommend that you look into one of their paid subscription models huge huge thanks to Riverside for supporting our Channel if you'd like to give Riverside a try I can give you a discount so check out creators. riverside. fm/ superhumans lifee and make sure to use our coupon code superhumans for 15% off all the details are going to be linked in the description down below thank you Riverside again now let's get to the seven ways that you can monetize your podcast once you get started realistically all right so the first way that you can get started monetizing your podcast from the very beginning in many cases is through affiliate marketing and I think one of the best examples that I can give you here is Lex Freedman he has a podcast that has grown tremendously over the last couple of years and he makes really good use of affiliate marketin

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