The ABSOLUTE BEST Passive Income Idea For Women TODAY

hi and welcome or welcome back to the channel if you're new here hello I'm Vanessa and on this channel I help women make more money and today we're doing exactly that in today's video I'm going to be sharing five passive income ideas for women but if you miss everything else in this video make sure you don't miss number three if you would like me to bring more passive income videos specifically then go ahead and hit the like button because it tells me that you like videos like this one so without further Ado let's get into the video number one this had to be number one because it's related to one thing that a lot of us women love doing well I can speak for myself and my girlfriends but shopping I love to shop a lot of my friends love to shop too and so a couple of companies were thoughtful enough to create programs that allow you get cash back every time you shop it's not the highest paying passive income idea on this list but I'm starting with it because it's very easy it aligns with us and it happens without you giving much thought to it and all you have to do to get started with this is sign up for a cashback platform there's so many out there if you want me to recommend any let me know in the comment section but when you sign up to receive cash back whenever you shop you get money in your bank account number two is to create and sell spreadsheets yes I said spreadsheets like Google Sheets like Excel spreadsheets related to things that people often search on Google so at the beginning of this year one of the things that I did was that I looked for a budget right I wanted a budget tracker because I didn't want to create one from scratch by myself so I went on to Google and typed budget spreadsheets and a bunch of spreadsheets popped up from Etsy and from some people's personal websites and when I looked at the number of people who had purchased the spreadsheet from this person that I bought from I was like okay I'm definitely telling the girls about this one because it must have taken her about two three hours maximum to make that spreadsheet and after putting it up on a website like Etsy that already has a Marketplace all she has to do is live her life like do whatever it is she wants to do with her time and she'll just keep getting money into her bank account passively over and over and over again from something that she only did once number three come close you know I have a lot of ideas obviously the ones that take my team and I hours to do research on and the ones that just pop up out of my brain because I have a creative brain now listen I found a way to monetize My Endless stream of ideas and let me know if you can relate to this but I'm the person who would come up with an idea come up with a business name make an Instagram page for it by the domain name and hope that someday I would flesh out the business idea let me know in the comment section if that's you too girl if that's you you are not alone but here's the thing one day I realized that I was buying all the these domains that cost like ten dollars twelve dollars thinking that someday I would start that business but then I thought to myself if I'm spending all this money buying domains I might as well make money doing it and so I did some research and found something called domain investing yes so instead of just buying endless domain names I decided to try out domain flipping and the first time I put a domain name on auction I made 70 dollars for a domain that I bought for three dollars do the math and you know I don't get keep so I reached out to The Domain company that I often buy from so if you are interested in this passive income idea then you want to go with hostinger first of all it's super affordable and for the price the price of quality ratio is unmatched and also I'm no Tech person but I really appreciate the fact that their servers are really fast and to make it even more worth it if you decide to turn any of your domain name ideas into a business us hosting our works really well with WordPress and they've even taken things a step further to make it super easy to create websites using AI so it's basically a win-win-win situation if you want to do domain flipping for passive income you can do that if you want to start a full-blown business with the website you can do that and that's why I knew I had to plug hostinger in this point so thanks hostinger for sponsoring this video so all you're going to do is go on to you can do the one month you can do 12 months I personally like to do 48 months because that's four whole years of owning the domain and everything I don't have to keep renewing and we have a code launched to wealth and you can get it at a discount so that's awesome so just apply the code um right there and then after that you just create your account your email address for your details in and click on claim domain right and and then you can just create any domain it's good to just because you don't want your website to be sketchy so we can just pick anything like let's go with I help baby sleep better um and then check availability let's see if it's available oh it is and once you click set up it will take you to where you can start building out your blog your website very easily okay I'm gonna go with hosting our Builder with AI because literally in just seconds and a few clicks you have a whole website so the brand name would let's go with Vanessa creates here's the cool thing all you have to do is describe what your website is about it could be anything it could be photography right now I'm just going to do a photography website for women and it will literally spit out a whole website that appeals to the people you want to appeal to that's about the subject you want it to be about like watch this boom so thanks hostinger for sponsoring this portion of the video number four girl if you had asked me two years ago if there was anything like this I would have said no because I didn't even know what it was but there's a thing called pair to pair lending so you know when people want to start businesses sometimes they go to Banks to ask for loans to start their businesses however for different reasons and for different situations some people are not able to get loans from Banks right so they turn to something called parent lending where they go on to trusted platforms to ask for loans and then other individuals who have some extra money can give loans to these people in exchange for interests right so that's where the passive income piece comes in but not all peer-to-pair platforms are made equally so here are three that I did some research on Lending Club which is a peer-to-pair lending platform that's affiliated with Google Kiva which allows you to give loans to farm farmers and business owners in different parts of the world and so far I'm sure you're already familiar with Sofi as an online Financial platform so those are the three that I'm comfortable shari

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