My Pinterest Affiliate Marketing UPDATE & GUIDE

a month and a half ago I gave Pinterest plus affiliate marketing a try and since then I've gotten tons of questions but two of the main questions that I've gotten is why did you initially get banned and do I need a landing page so the short answer to these two questions is I got banned because I needed a landing page and the thought of a landing page initially freaked me out because I thought I'm not really a writer I'm not the best at writing extensive blogs but since then I've discovered an amazing resource that's ultimately going to cut down time it's going to help with this entire thing and in this video I'm going to share that resource with you I'm also going to be going over my current pinest analytics how much money I've made I'm going to be walking you through the entire process step by [Music] step so the amazing tool that I found to be incredibly helpful with this step that I'm going to be going over with you guys today is a tool called SEO writing. a this tool produced this entire ire blog post for me with just one click it took about 3 to 5 minutes for it to complete the blog post and as you can see if you take a look it has generated beautiful images for the blog post it has generated YouTube videos that correspond with my specific blog post title it has produced specific products that can be found on Amazon and it's Incorporated that into the blog post so that I can go back to Amazon and just immediately add my affiliate links right into to this blog post and this tool also gives you the ability to schedule post onto your blog so this toll is absolutely perfect I'm so excited to share it with you guys so without further Ado let's get into it okay so step one is going to be going over to SEO writing. a and signing up with an account as you can see in order to sign up with this website you just need to input your email address and then provide a password and sign up it's going to auto automatically sign you into a free account and you're going to have access to look at this tool to check it out to see what it has to offer on the dashboard when you're signed in you're going to see right here what I was discussing it's called oneclick blog post this is going to be the main thing that you're going to be using in order to create those quick blog posts for you to put your affiliate links inside of and so you're also going to be able to connect this directly to the Second Step which is creating that blog so I'm just going to click on oneclick blog post and then once you're into it you can see the main key word is going to be what you want your blog to be about so whatever you create about your Pinterest board the main focus the main Niche whatever you're wanting your blog post to be about you're just going to put your keywords in there so for this I'm going to go ahead and input Christmas gifts for boys and then I'm going to let it generate a title that's going to be SEO optimized for Pinterest so whenever I just click generate a title it's going to put it in here automatically top rated Christmas gifts for boys fun and unique ideas so there you have that SEO based title for your blog post so if you just scroll down a little bit the language you're going to select the language that you want it in you're going to have tone of voice so I have selected friendly I like that but they also have professional informational transactional inspirational if you decide to go in that type of Niche so you can choose your tone of voice that you want your blog to sound like for me I've just been putting friendly and then you're going to select point of view you can select first person first person plural second person third person so a couple of them I've tried I have put second person like you yours as you're speaking to somebody else but for this I'm just going to put first person singular and then you're going to put your target count so I've been putting United States and then over here on the right you can select your article size so they've got extra small small medium and large and it's going to depend on the amount of words that you want in it I've been selecting medium it's the one that I showed you in the beginning that long nice beautiful post that's a medium size and then you can also add an additional details as you can see it gives sample writing about Roofing specify three services should be descri described roof installation roof repair roof inspection and then include a phone number and a price so if you're using this for some type of advertisement you can input specific information like that and this is where you would put it after that and you scroll down it says media hub this is going to be including how many images you want how many YouTube videos that you want added in that are relevant to your topic and you're going to be able to select all of that so for images I'm going to put put yes I do want images the number of images I'm going to put five and the image style it even lets you choose that I'm just going to put photo but if you scroll down here you can see the different images that you can choose from they do have different styles I'm just going to put photo the image size you can also select I've just selected the basic 16 by9 and then the YouTube videos yes I do want YouTube videos and for the videos I'm going to select three but they have it all the way up until 20 that's amazing I'm going to select three and then alternate image and video so you can select their first videos then images first images then videos alternate video and image and then alternate image and video which is what I've selected so SEO is important and this tool is specifically geared towards optimizing the SEO so this is going to be based on your Niche this is going to be based on exactly the key wordss that you're looking to input so for me whenever I was putting Christmas gifts for boys I know I'm thinking of those keywords those searched words on Pinterest so best Christmas gifts for boys you know those are the type of things that you're going to put in here so I'm just going to go ahead and put in that again even though I did add it into the title I'm going to put it in here cuz it will add it into the body of the article and then you're going to just add as many as you want in here in this box and then after that you select structure you want a conclusion yes do you want tables that will kind of break down specific information I've selected yes H3 yes lists yes I want all of this it really produces that amazing article that I showed you I've selected yes for italics however you can select no quotes yes key takeaways yes facts it'll even input facts bold yes I've selected yes on all that I just left that alone so you're going to want to select yes on the connect to web because this is going to give you the most upto-date information inside of your blog and then Source links that's up to you I'm selecting yes it will even provide the specific Source links in your blog post

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