I Found The Fastest Way to Make Money with Faceless AI Videos (24 HOURS)

so you can see right here this is a new channel it's a faceless video and you can see it's crushing it we're under 3 days in and we're already at 430 views we've got 6 hours of watch time and the real best part about this video is it's already starting to make me money because I'm not using the traditional way of monetizing a faceless video so you can start making money in 24 hours with what I'm going to show you and of course we're going to sprinkle in a little bit of AI to make this fast and easy for us but we're going to use our hand touch on just a few things to really make these things shine and to obviously make more money so we're going to go over the whole method here and Dive Right In now step one is going to be finding content ideas and there's two different ways that we're actually going to come up with content ideas for this method both of these methods use YouTube but one of them will use YouTube channels and one of them will use YouTube's search bar so first we're going to go to the search bar right here we're going to type in top and then we're going to type in for and then we're going to actually put a space after that P and we're going to start going through letters so if I type in a you can see it's going to start giving me all these different things tons of different options talk car games for Android top Cricut games for Android and so we're going to go down all of the different letters and what we're looking for here is things that people will purchase for example as I'm in the D's right here I can see that top dress for girl and top dividend stocks for 2023 are two things that people are looking to actually spend money hitting up the L's you can see I get the same thing top laptops for 2023 top laptops for gaming these are all things where people are spending money then I'm going to take the same method and use it for three other kinds of Search terms so instead we're going to swap out that for best and then we're going to do the exact same thing going through a b c and go through all those letters and find more things people are looking to spend money with and finally we're going to do the same thing but we're going to do top 10 and top five so I'll say top 10 right here and then I'll do again a space b space c and go down again and I'll do the same thing with five so you're going to do all four of those and you're going to come up with a ton of different content ideas now the second way that we're going to go about this is we're going to actually use channels that are already using the strategy that we're talking about here and we're just going to find their best content and do something similar so the way we find those channels or is we type in best products or something similar to that right here and you'll find a bunch of channels that do exactly what we're talking about here right so there is a channel called best products it turns out I didn't even know that but you can see right here it's got 200,000 subscribers and when we go to their videos right here they're just pumping out videos across all kinds of different niches for people that are looking to buy stuff what we're going to do is we're going to go to their videos and we're actually going to sort by the most popular and you can see right here this one has 5.8 million views 3.6 million 3 million and kind of just goes down from there so you're going to come up with 5 to 10 different channels that do this exact same thing and you're going to put them on a list and what you're going to do is you're going to just start making similar content to what their top videos are especially the older ones so you can see right here this one did really well but it was 3 years ago so there's a good shot that maybe you could do well with a similar video now five best cookwares right five best gas cooktops five best induction cooktops tons and tons and tons of ideas especially when you look at this Channel and realize that they've put out almost 1,600 videos now you'll find that you're looking that some of these are physical products and some of these are digital products that people are are doing the top videos for it doesn't really matter you can do just fine doing both and even doing both on one single Channel now if you've been in the game for a while you might know what we're doing here but all we're doing is we're creating faceless videos and we're combining affiliate marketing to mon monetize them instead of the traditional YouTube ads way so you can see here's another Channel doing this well it's called compared reviews and you can see they've got all these different videos and if you click on the video there's a couple things to know if you are looking for a robot vacuum that can tackle laminate floors easily then you should consider the room of six so first off you probably noted It's actually an AI voice it's not a bad AI voice but it's definitely an AI voice the second thing you may have noted is that a lot of these pictures and videos are coming directly from Amazon purchase pages and the third thing you might have noticed is right here in the link in the description they have a link to each of the five Robot vacuum cleaners for laminate floors that they're doing so what's happening is someone is going to the YouTube search bar that has a laminate floor and they're looking for a robot vacuum and they type in the best robot vacuums for laminate floors now there's a good chance this video is not going to be able to rank for the best robot vacuums because that's a pretty big keyword and it's a tough one but they're getting a little deeper the best robot vacuum four laminate floors and they were able to do quite well you can see they got 600 views and what happens is somebody goes and they watches they watch this video and they pick one of the five vacuum cleaners and then they go down here and they click one of those five links to go purchase and when they click they go to an Amazon page and this channel gets paid for sending them to that Amazon page if they choose to make a purchase now just a year or two ago this was really hard to make videos like this it took a lot of time but now that we can combine Ai and a few other things this can be very very cheap it can take very very little time and you can still make actually decent high quality videos so once we've come up with video ideas the next step is scripting and this can be done with tools like chat GPT but if you've ever used chat GPT for script writing you'll find that it does a lot of funny things and sometimes it doesn't come up with what you want and in fact most of the time it doesn't come up with you want so there's a few unique things that we need to say to chat GPT so it spits out exactly we want every time with no editing so first we need to tell it to write a script for a YouTube video and then give it the title now we need to tell it to be specific and to choose things that are on Amazon and be extremely detailed and thorough

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