GET PAID $24 PER VIDEO To Watch TikTok! (Make Money Online 2024)

ever wondered how you could earn some extra cash just by watching Tik Tok videos well in today's video I've got an incredible method to show you all you need is your laptop internet and a few minutes of your time so the first step is heading over to Tik Tok and using the search bar to find a specific website once you're there simply paste your link then switch over to Google and search for a particular something see how people are already making 5 six even $24 I'll guide you through this exact method and guess what you can potentially earn between 5 to $24 per video imagine making $120 in just a day with this simple approach stick around as I walk you through each step and introduce a powerful website that makes all this possible and remember zero investment zero experience needed before we dive in make sure to like subscribe and comment below for the YouTube algorithm now let's jump right into it all right guys to earn money by watching different Tik Tok videos you've got three simple steps to follow first head over to Tik Tok and search for trending stuff that's super popular look for videos with loads of views some even have millions these viral videos often center around specific things like car crashes which tend to catch a lot of attention so search for these kinds of trending videos on Tik Tok now if you're not sure what's hot on Tik Tok don't worry jump onto Google and search for the most popular Trends on Tik Tok you'll find websites giving you ideas about what's getting everyone's attention for instance you might discover dances quick cooking Clips dark comedy realistic drawings or other easy to watch content once you're on Tik Tok these videos can keep you glued to your phone for hours you know how it goes when you open that app I've been testing this method for a few days and while I don't have solid results yet I know from past experience that videos about things like car crashes tend to do really well so keep an eye out for those kinds of trending videos the idea is to find what's super popular and captivating on Tik Tok and spend some time watching those videos that's all it takes to potentially make money just by watching Tik Tok so here's what you're looking for something you'd enjoy watching and that already has a bunch of views take for example this video right here it works well for others let me guide you through using a similar video to show you how this method Works pick a video with a catchy thumbnail scrolling just for a bit it has over 6.2 million views on Tik Tok and I've even seen it on Instagram so it's a hit what you want to do is open this video and you can even pause it no need to watch it on Tik Tok now check out this section on the right and look for the line that displays the link to the Tik Tok video that's the key to making this method work so keep an eye out for engaging videos with lots of views and you'll be all set to try out this money-making method so here's what you do next copy the link of the Tik Tok video because we're going to repost it somewhere else to make money by simply watching and sharing this video you can earn a good amount copy this link and head over to this website I'll share with you at the end of the video I want those who watch from start to finish to use this method so it doesn't become too common too quickly once you're on the website sign up using your Google account when you're in your dashboard just paste the link like so now pick a unique name for it let's say something related to the video click on shorten and you'll get a custom link to the Tik Tok video I'll keep it partially blurred for now to reveal the website name later copy this link every time someone clicks on it to watch the video you earn a small amount of money since these videos are viewed by millions you can make a good sum for just one video if you know the right way to get lots of clicks to your shortened link with the video embedded so it's a simple way to turn watching and sharing tikt videos into some extra cash here's a simple way to start head over to Google and search for Pinterest once you're on Pinterest forget about your existing account if you have one instead sign up for a brand new account I highly suggest creating a new account solely focused on the type of videos you'll be sharing from Tik Tok for instance if you're into Tik Tok videos about car crashes make a Pinterest account dedicated to showing those types of videos similarly if you're into short recipe videos from Tik Tok create a Pinterest account specifically for those recipes by doing this for multiple videos each day you'll soon gather a big group of followers who will watch your videos and for each person watching you'll earn some money I've been trying this out myself but it's early days so I don't have results yet but I'm going to guide you through this method using my trusty old Pinterest account without revealing too much about my new account accounts or how they're doing so far this way you'll know how to set it up on your own Pinterest account what you need to do is hit create then start making a new PIN all you do is post something from the video head back to Tik Tok find the video you used I picked this one open it up pause it and take a simple screenshot nothing fancy then quickly jump on to canva search for Tik Tok video and choose the blank template paste your screenshot onto the template stretch it out and here comes the trick position the the playhead to just a second or two right click and split the page the second part even though it's a still image will act as a video now head to elements and search for a red arrow pick one that suits you if you're using canva for free choose from the free templates I'll use this one and position it to point at the bottom left corner stretch it across the image next add a text box above the arrow and write watch full video here that's all there is to it once that's done I'll hit the share button on canva and download the design as an MP4 video just ensure you've selected that option then click download after downloading the video it's time to return to Pinterest now you'll post this downloaded video as a pin on your Pinterest account that's all you need to do on canva and Pinterest to get your video ready to share after that what you'll want to do is come up with a catchy title the key is to make it enticing something that people will want to click on then in the description make sure to give credit to the original Creator on Tik Tok copy and paste their Tik Tok username adding the sign before their name can also help direct traffic to their Tik Tok account this way you stay out of trouble and even assist in directing more viewers to the original Tik Tok post that's an important part to remember while sharing this pin on Pinterest then in the description add something like human verification may be required please complete the capture to continue to the video this step is crucial and I'll explain why shortly no

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